Sunday, January 16, 2011

T-Virus: Beginnings (a resident evil fanfiction)

This story is something I wrote when I was fifteen after I played my first Resident Evil game on the nintendo 64.  It's been edited but it has still been a long time since I looked at it.  It'll probably be cheesy but in the end I think it sticks pretty closely to the feel of original video games.  I hope you enjoy this little piece of my past.  Comments, reviews, and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Narrator: This story begins at the end of a Stop Racism session, it’s around ten ’o’ clock at night and the meeting’s about to end.  Ahmed, Justin, Cindy, and Travis are sitting in the desks listening to the guidance counselor they’re talking.

Ahmed:(walks back in from a bathroom trip strange look on his face) What’s wrong with your guys bathroom here?

Justin: What do you mean?(looks at him confused)

Ahmed: I don’t know it smells like rotten meat in there or something.  I couldn’t even go in I just had to come back.

Justin: Funny I’ve never even noticed that before, maybe something died in the vents.

Ahmed: It was pretty horrid.

Cindy: (leans forward in her desk) What’re you boys talking about?

Justin: Hi Cindy, he was just telling me about the bathroom. (smiles)

Cindy: Oh yeah.

Counselor: You guys wanna take Ahmed down to the gym we will be there in a minute.  We’re going to get into those graphs I talked about earlier then we are going to call it a night.

Travis: Alright, sounds good.

Setting: Travis, Cindy, and Justin take Ahmed to the gym and wait for the counselor.

Travis: Here we are.

Cindy: Ahmed did you say there was something wrong with our bathroom?

Ahmed: It smelled like rotten meat or something.

(elapsed time 10 minutes)

Travis: Where is he, they should have gotten here by now, shouldn’t they? (looks at the others)

Justin: Yeah lets go look for him and see what’s taking so long. (they step out of the gym)

Noise: Muuhh.

Ahmed: What was that?

Justin: I don’t know let’s go see. (they walk in the direction of the noise)

Travis: You guys I’m not too sure about this, shouldn’t we go look for the counselor. (something reaches for Justin)

Cindy: (pushes him out of the way) Oh my god what’s that?!

Floor 1
(The four of them back away to see a figure of a large man lurching toward them making strange gurgling noises.)

Justin: Let’s get outta here, run! (they dash to the front entrance bangs on the door) What the, it’s locked (looks out the window) the counselor’s car is gone.

Cindy: Let’s go to the office we’ll use the phone to call for help.
(they run to the office passed three more of the lurching figures they walk into the office)

Ahmed:(breathing heavily) You guys if I didn’t know any better . . . I’d say those things were zombies.

Travis: That’s impossible (picks up phone) it’s dead.

Cindy: What? Oh no.

Justin: What’s going on here anyway?

Ahmed: I don’t know it seems awfully staged man. Let’s check the guidance counselors files, where’s his office.

Travis: It’s over here follow me. (leads them to a small room) This is it.
Ahmed:(walks over to his desk) I’ll look here. (searches the drawer) Look at this. (pulls out a gun) A nine millimeter, he was prepared for this.

Justin: Let me see that. (takes the gun) I’ll use this.

Ahmed: Go for it, there’s two more here. (sits the guns on the desk)

Cindy: Give me one. (takes one off the desk)

Travis: I don’t want one.

Ahmed: Travis why don’t you carry these files for us, you read these and tell us if and what he knew about these things. (passes him the folders)

Travis: Sure that’s something I’m good at. (takes them happily)

Cindy: We should try and get rid of these things.

Ahmed: I don’t think there is enough ammo here for that.  We should try and find a way out.

Travis: (glancing through files) You guys it says here that we were picked for this, it doesn’t say why, it doesn’t even say what these things are.  However it does say that there is several ammo caches hidden throughout the school for the guns.

Justin: Let’s get outta here.

Cindy: We should check the teachers lounge to see if there are any survivors, and what about the classrooms?

Ahmed: Yeah your right let’s get going.

Setting: The four of them go to the first classroom on the first of four floors.  They walk in, it smells of rotting meat, there is a zombie standing next to the window.

Ahmed:(whispers) Look familiar?

Cindy: It looks like Mr. Andrews.

Zombie: Muhhh. (turns it head)

Justin: Just don’t get too close, Travis check the cabinets for anything that might be important to the situation, or anything that might help us.

Travis: But . . .

Ahmed: I’ll go with you.

Travis: Thanks Ahmed. (they head over toward it)

Cindy: I’ll go ahead and check the drawers for that ammo.

Justin: Alright, I’ll take care of ugly over here. (hold
gun with both hands)

Cindy: Make every shot count.

Zombie:(lurches forward) Muuhh.

Justin:(raises the gun fires) What the, it didn’t drop, I know I hit it. (fires again blood sprays) Fine be difficult then. (fires 2 more it falls) Finally. (walks over to it kneels down) Cindy you’re right it is Mr. Andrews.

Ahmed: Cindy did you find anything?

Cindy: No there’s nothing here that would be of any use to us, you?

Travis: Nothing.

Justin: Let’s go.
(they leave the room and go to the other room)

Travis: Is there anything here?

Justin: I don’t smell anything yet.

Cindy: I’ll check Ms. Janeway’s computer, there might something useful on it. (they walk over to the computer)

Ahmed: Well?

Cindy:(turns on the computer) Alright let’s see what’s on here. (she types something)

Justin: Hey what’s that? (points to a small camera icon)

Cindy: I don’t know I have never seen that icon before.

Ahmed: Check it out.

(she clicks on the icon and a list comes up)

Travis: What’s that?

Cindy: It’s a room list, I think this might be a security camera outlet.

Justin:(takes the mouse) Let’s take a look around. (checks a few rooms seeing nothing but zombies clicks two more the first something jumps passed the screen)

Ahmed: Wait, go back what was that?

Justin: Alright. (clicks back a room) What?

Ahmed: Wait for it. (something comes into view) there see it?

Cindy: Ew gross it looks like its inside out or something.

Travis: You can see its brain.

Justin: That’s only five rooms down the hall.

Ahmed: I don’t think we should go in there.

Justin: We have to.

Travis: Why?

Cindy: There might be something useful in there.

Ahmed: Let’s go check the other rooms first.

Travis: I’ll stay here and look into the other rooms.

Cindy: Travis are you sure that’s a good idea?

Travis: I’ll keep the door locked and there are no windows here.

Cindy: Ok its up to, Ahmed, Justin let’s get to those other rooms.

Setting: Travis stays behind in the computer lab, while the others check out the next few rooms.  They walk into the next room, there is a zombie hunched over a body and they can hear a loud crunching noise, there’s blood all over the floor.

Justin: Aw man that’s disgusting. (whispers)

Ahmed: Shh keep it down; let’s try to stay unnoticed for as long as possible.

Justin: Alright spread out and see what you can find. (they move slowly into the room)

Cindy:(checks some of the drawers) Hey a radio, its one of the ones the police use.

Ahmed: Is there only one. (looks at her)

Cindy: Yeah, I will take it with me just in case we find the other one somewhere. (stuffs it in her pockets) Justin did you find anything?

Justin: Just this note, it’s addressed to something called Umbrella.

Zombie: (stands up) Muuuhhh. (it stumbles and grabs Ahmed)

Ahmed: Ah get off me! (struggles to get it off him)

Cindy: Ahmed, oh no! (pulls it off him, its arm falls off and sticks to Ahmed and the zombie falls)

Zombie: Uuh. (crawls toward him)

Ahmed:(points gun) Die you monster. (hits it in the head it stops moving) That was too close, thanks Cindy.

Cindy: Are you ok, it almost bit you.

Ahmed:(rubs the zombies arm off) Yeah I’m ok.

Justin: How did you kill it so easy?

Ahmed: I shot it in the head that might have helped. (they leave the room and go to the next one)

Justin: Good there’s nothing here.

Cindy: This is the first floors filing room.

Ahmed: We’ll be here awhile looking through these files.

Cindy: We might as well get started.

(The three of them begin rooting throughout the shelves and drawers; they find several notes and memos regarding the Umbrella Corporation)

Ahmed: We should take these notes back to Travis and he can read through them while we search the other rooms.

Justin: Look what I found. (hold up an extra clip)

Cindy: Good now lets get back to the com lab.

In The Com. Lab

Travis: Now let’s see what’s in behind camera number seventy-two.  Ew gross that’s guys hungry, next. (clicks the mouse) What the hell’s that thing?  Thank god it’s in the gym we won’t be there for a while.
(knock knock knock)

Cindy: Travis let us in!

Travis: Hold on (gets up unlocks the door) Come on in. (they open the door) What happened?

Ahmed: Well I was attacked, and then we found some stuff for you to read, other than that nothing.

Travis: Are you alright?

Ahmed: Yeah I’m fine. (sits the papers on a desk)

Justin: Travis did you find anything on camera?

Travis: Yes look at this. (they walk over to the computer)

Ahmed: What is that thing? (

Cindy: It looks almost human, it’s gotta human face on it.

Justin: It’s not a zombie, it can walk without almost falling, he looks to be about seven or eight feet tall. Where’s it at?

Cindy: That’s in the gym.

Travis: Let’s hope he stays there.

Ahmed: I doubt that he will, look at the size of him.  Even if he can’t open doors, there isn’t much that would stop him from just knocking one down.

Justin: I hope we find another radio soon.  That way we can leave one here and you can tell us what to expect in the next room.

Travis: Did you guys get to the room with the licker in it yet?

Ahmed: Licker?

Travis: Just a nickname I made up for those things that are inside out.

Justin: Why?

Travis: They have huge tongues.

Cindy: Any way, if you see that thing coming toward us, try to warn us some how ok.

Travis: Alright.  You said you had some files for me look through.

Justin:(passes him the papers from the desk) Here, Trav what’s the Umbrella Corporation?

Travis: It’s a pharmaceuticals company.

Justin: Ok.

Ahmed: We’ll get going now.  What’s in room four?

Travis: Hold on. (sits the papers down and look on the computer) Nothing it’s a utility room mainly its where the furnace is.

Cindy: Good, we’d better loot it anyway.

Justin: Right let’s go. (the three of them head to the fourth room and look around)

Ahmed:(searches a drawer) Hey cool, I found a key ring.

Cindy: Keep that in case we find a locked door.

Justin: Here’s a flashlight, (stuffs it in his pocket) I’ll hold onto this.

Ahmed: Well I guess that’s it, let’s go see the licker, we’ve gotta kill this thing, and watch we don’t get hurt by it. (the three of them walk out into the hall and walk up into the door) Well, who goes first?

Cindy: We all go at the same time.

Justin: Alright then, on the count of three, I’ll go kick down the door, hold up your guns and be ready to use it.

Cindy: Alright. (grips her gun)

Ahmed: Ok. (puts both hands on his gun)

Justin: Ready (they shakes their heads) Alright, (steps up to the door and puts his hand on the on the door knob) One two three go. (pushes the door open and they jump in the room with there guns covering every corner of the room seeing nothing)

Cindy: What the, where is it?

Justin: Wait listen.

Creature: (not in sight) Hisss.

Ahmed: It’s above us! (the three jump in separate directions and start shooting)

Justin: Shoot it!!! (firing the gun)

Licker:(falls from the ceiling and jumps up on all fours) Screeeech! (jumps at Justin unexpectedly)

Cindy: Justin look out. (shoots it in mid air it stops)

Justin: Thanks Cindy.

Ahmed: Don’t stop shooting, why won’t this thing die?! (shoots repeatedly)

Licker: Hiss! (swipes at Ahmed’s legs)

Ahmed: (screams in pain) Ah!

Cindy: Justin get Ahmed, I’ll cover you. (shoots it one last time)

Licker:(flips over on its back and shakes violently) Reeech!

Cindy: Whew, (wipes her forehead walks over to Ahmed)

Ahmed:(holding back tears) I don’t know. (tries to stand) Ouch I can’t get up.

Cindy: (bends to help him) I’ll take him to the com lab.

Ahmed:(puts his hand up) No don’t touch me. (tears his pants into strips) I’m coming with you guys. (bandages his legs struggles to his feet) Ouch, lets go.

Justin: Are you sure man you don’t look so good?

Ahmed: I said I’m fine.

Cindy: Let’s take a look around. (walks over and searches a few drawers)

Justin: Cindy I found that other radio, its nice to see we didn’t go through this for nothing at least.

Ahmed: At least. (leans against the wall)

Cindy: I don’t think there is anything else in here, lets just take the other radio back to Travis so we can stay in touch.

Justin: Good idea. (head for the door)

Ahmed: Alright, ow. (walks with limp)

Justin: (walks over to him) I’ll help you out.

Back At The Lab

Travis:(flips a page in a folder he is looking at) This Umbrella Company is pretty strange, human experiments, factory contamination.  This company seems to have a long history in bio chemical experiments and bio-organic weapons but it doesn’t say what caused any of it.(knock knock knock gets up unlocks the door) Come on in. (they step in) What happened?

Ahmed: That thing got me.

Justin: We found the other radio so we can keep in touch with each other. (helps Ahmed over to a chair)

Ahmed: Thanks.  We’d better check our ammo. (takes out his gun and slides out the clip) I’ve got fourteen left. (slides it in)

Justin: I’ve still got twelve.

Cindy: I’m at fifteen.

Justin: So what did you find out Travis?

Travis: That this Umbrella Corporation is behind this they have quite a history in this field.

Cindy: Like what?

Travis: Well in 1985 they were caught using human bodies as test subjects, they turned them into bio organic weapons.

Ahmed: Did they say what caused it?

Travis: Not in any of the notes that you gave me, but they covered there asses with it quite well I think these reports came from some kind of dead facility from somewhere.

Ahmed: Well, lets go check out room six.  We won’t be bak here for a while, Travis are you gonna be ok here.

Travis: Yeah I’ll just tell you if I need help using the radio.  Are you sure you wanna go, you might not be so lucky next time you guys get attacked.

Ahmed: No pain, no gain.  I think I am starting to adapt to it though. (stands up and walks to the door) Well?

Justin: We better get a move on. (walks over to Ahmed)

Cindy: I’ll take the radio, Trav keep yours on at all times and watch us on the camera.

Travis: Will do.
(the leave the room and go down the hall standing just outside of the sixth room)

Justin: (into radio) How’s it look?

Travis: There’s like six maybe seven zombies in there, so it doesn’t look good.

Ahmed: Holy.

Cindy: Seven?

Justin: Is it a fairly big room or . . .(looks around)

Travis: No not really, its about the size of the history class room.

Cindy: That’s small, where are they positioned at?

Travis: There’s one right behind the door, the others are scattered throughout the room.  Get the first one and be as quiet as possible, you should be able to knock it over with the door.

Justin: Alright thanks bud, talk to you in awhile. (pass the radio back to Cindy)

Ahmed: Let’s go. (pushes the door open knocks the zombie over he lays there)
(they split up the room and search un noticed)

Cindy: (bumps one of them) Oh no.

Zombies:(all at once) Muuh. Graa. Unh.

Cindy: You guys let’s get outta here.

Justin: Wait, (searching a cabinet hastefully) hold on just a few more seconds.

Zombie1:(loudly stumbles for Justin) Muuhh

Ahmed: Justin we have to leave now! (shoots the zombie it falls)

Zombie1:(falls) Unnhh

Ahmed: Justin come on!

Cindy: What are you looking for?! (zombie on the floor grabs her leg) Ah!

Zombie2: Muungh!

Cindy:(struggles to get free) Get away from me! (kicks its head and it breaks off and roles) Oh my god! (runs to the door)

Justin:(takes out a sheet of paper) Yes I found it, run for it! (they run out the door)

Ahmed: Justin what is that and why was it worth almost getting killed over?!

Justin: It’s the guidance counselors personal file.  It could have some valuable information inside.

Travis:(radio beeps) I hate to rain on your parade guys, but our big friend just busted out of the gym.

Justin: (takes radio from Cindy’s side) Where is he headed?

Travis: Hold on a sec (pause) it’s walking down the hall.

Ahmed: Do you think it heard us?

Justin: Hopefully not that’s on the same floor as us.

Ahmed: What if he can smell us?

Cindy: Let’s just keep moving. (they walk down the hall and turn a right there is a large door on the left)

Ahmed: What’s in here?

Cindy: That’s the cafeteria.

Ahmed: Wanna get something to eat?

Justin: Are you serious?

Ahmed: Yeah man I’m hungry, and we need to keep our strength up don’t we?

Justin: Alright. (holds up the radio) Travis what’s in the cafeteria?

Travis: Dogs, Dobermans to be specific, but they’re not normal they’re huge.

Ahmed: That means they are a lot stronger than normal.

Cindy: How many is there?

Travis: There is only two and they are at the back of the room.

Justin: Thanks Trav. (puts radio on his side) Lets go. (opens the door they walk in)

Dog1: Grr BARK BARK!!! (runs at them)

Cindy: Look out! (fire at it)

Dog1: Yelp! (falls gets back up) Grrrr! (runs at them again)

Dog2: Grrr! (runs at them)

Justin: Nighty night pooch! (fires dog 1 drops yelping)

Ahmed: I hope I hit it! (fires)

Dog2:(falls) Yelp.

Ahmed:(runs to it before it gets up) Take this! (shoots it twice yelps stops moving) Now, (smiles at Justin and Cindy) let’s eat. (jumps over the counter and gets a pop from the machine) Man I’m thirsty. (opens it drinks from it) Aw man, that really hits the spot.

Justin:(walks up to the counter) Pass me a piece of pizza out of the oven.

Ahmed:(grabs a piece from the oven for each of them) Here. (passes it to him)

Justin: Thanks.

Ahmed: Cindy do you want anything?

Cindy: Yeah grab me a chocolate twist pudding, its right next to the Pepsi in the fridge over there.

Ahmed:(passes it to her) Here we shouldn’t eat too much, I don’t wanna get side stitch while we are battling off zombies.

Justin: You’re right.

Cindy: Ahmed how are your legs feeling anyway?

Ahmed: It’s still bleeding, I think I need some new cloths.

Cindy: Hold on a sec. (walks over to the counter and jumps over it ducks down) You could use these. (stands up hold up some aprons)

Ahmed: Yeah ok. (walks over to the bench the others follow)

Justin:(sits next to him) Put your legs up on my lap.

Ahmed: Ok. Its funny how a situation like this can make people really good friends so quickly. (puts his legs up)

Cindy: Ain’t it the truth?  (undoes the bandage)

Justin: Man that looks worse than before.

Cindy: Here. (gives the apron to Justin)

Justin: (tears apron into strips) This should do it. (wraps Ahmed’s wound) There that should do it.

Ahmed: Thanks. (lets down his legs) We should be going now shouldn’t we.

Cindy: Yeah really we’ve still got lots to do. (they stand and walk into the hall a zombie stumbles out of the shop room) Let’s check there.

Ahmed: What’s in it?

Cindy: It’s the shop room.

Zombie: Muh!

Justin: What’s his problem?

Cindy: I’m gonna give him one. (raises her gun) Aim for the right of the chest. (fires three it drops) Let’s go. (they walk the hall and walk into the open room, there is four zombies scattered in the room, they start to stagger around) Uh oh.

Ahmed: Don’t worry, they won’t get us if we move quickly.

Justin: (walks over to the desk) Hey an army knife.(picks it up) Better take it just in case we run out of ammo.

Ahmed: There must be a tool around here we could use for a spare weapon.

Cindy: There might be something left in here (pulls on a cabinet door) it’s locked.

Ahmed: Try these, they might work. (passes her the key ring)

Cindy: Thanks. (starts trying the keys)

Justin: You guys better hurry look. (points to the zombies getting slowly closer)

Ahmed: Cindy hurry up. (looking at the zombies)

Cindy: I’m trying. (the key finally works) Got it. (opens the cabinet) Jack pot those notes didn’t say anything about this. (takes out a Remington) Look at this.

Justin: Holy cow a shotgun, is there anything else there?

Ahmed: An extra hand gun clip, and some shot gun ammo that’s it.

Justin: Grab it and lets get outta here.

(Cindy and Ahmed grab the equipment and the three of them take off down the hall they come to some stairs leading up.)

Floor 2

Justin:(holds up radio) Travis are you still there?

Travis: Yeah I’m here.

Cindy: Is there anything at the top of these stairs?

Travis: You guys are going to the next floor?

Justin: Yeah why?

Travis: Then come and get me I’m not staying here with that thing.

Justin: Well ok we’re coming to get you sit tight.

In the Lab

Travis: Where is that disk, I know I left it here somewhere. (searching a drawer)  Oh, here it is. (finds it in the bottom he walks over to the computer) Alright now (puts disk in computer) let’s see if I can work this thing. (types some passwords) One of these has to work. (the screen changes) Yes, now . . . (there is a loud crash and something comes through the wall) Holy cow what’s that?! (the dust clears and it is the creature that was in the gym, its 8 feet tall dressed in black with a human shape and face, it walks toward him) Oh my god! (backs up) I suppose you aren’t here for a cup of tea huh? (hold up radio) Justin are you almost here?

Justin: Yeah why?

Travis: Cus our big friend just stopped by, uh oh, hurry! (it swings and misses him hitting the wall leaving a hole runs from it) God I’m lucky this thing isn’t intelligent, I’ve got to finish uploading from the computer. (runs over to it starts typing quickly) Alright that should just about do it.

Computer: Ding.

Travis: Finally. (takes the disk out of the computer) Time to go. (runs to the door and goes into the hall)

Ahmed:(from down the hall) Travis are you alright?!

Justin: Where’s it at? (they run down the hall)

Travis: It’s still in there. (it busts through the wall behind him)

Cindy: Travis run!(he runs over to them)

Justin: Should we try to kill it now?

Ahmed:(they back off as it steps toward them slowly) It’s probably not a good idea what if we run out of ammo?

Justin: You’re right let’s get outta here!
(they jet down the hall way and up the stairs that they came across earlier)

Cindy: I think we lost him he wasn’t moving very fast.

Ahmed:(notices the disk) Travis what’s on that disk?

Travis: It’s the security camera program, it’ll let me use the security cameras from any computer on the school net work.

Justin: Clever. (they walk over to the first door)

Cindy: Well here we are, Travis are you going to come in with us?

Travis: Yes I’m not staying out here alone.

Ahmed:(turns the knob) It’s locked.

Justin: I’ll try that key ring that you found.

Ahmed: How did you get that?

Justin: I got it from Cindy earlier. (checks the keys, the second one works) Well here goes. (push the door open)

Voice: Help me . . .

Narrator: They walk in to see a young man leaning against the wall with a gun in his hand, his white shirt is smeared with blood, his arms are covered with wounds.

Justin: Aw man (they walk over to him and kneel down)

Cindy: Oh no.

Ahmed: What happened?

Travis: Are you ok?

Man: I was attacked by the zombies, are you the only other survivors?

Cindy: So far yes. How long have you been here?

Man: Maybe an hour.

Justin: What’s going on here anyway?

Man: It’s the Umbrella Corporation, this is the new testing area, they must have paid off the school board.

Travis: What are they testing?

Man: They are testing their biological weapons, no good scum, I can’t believe they’d actually put children in this situation.

Cindy: I’m seventeen I’m not exactly a child.

Man: Maybe so (points to Ahmed) but I’m betting he’s not.

Ahmed: I just turned fifteen.

Man: Uh, that’s a shame none of you should see any of this yet.

Cindy: Shh save your strength don’t talk.

Man: It’s over for me, go help the others.

Ahmed: But . . .

Man:(puts the gun in Ahmed’s face) Just go!

Justin: Alright we’ll go.  But we’re coming back for you. (they stand up and go into the hall)

Travis: So now what?

Ahmed: We keep going, like he said to.

Justin: There’s going to be something in the next room.

Travis: How do you know?

Justin: We couldn’t be so lucky.

Cindy: Well let’s get in there and get it over with. (walks over to the door) Ready?

Ahmed: (nods) Yeah.

Justin: Yup. (nods)

Travis: As ready as I’ll ever be. (Cindy opens the door)

Zombie: Muhh . . .

Ahmed: Where the heck is it?

Cindy: I don’t know it’s not in here.

Justin: Let’s just search the room already. (they walk in)

Travis: There’s no zombie here.

Ahmed: I wonder what’s in here. (searches a filing cabinet) What’s this? (takes out a paper) T-Virus report status.

Travis: Let me see it. (takes paper starts to read) The research on the T-Virus is going according to plan.  This new perfected, mutagenic toxin out performs anything we’ve ever created.  It infects the entire body transforming the applicant, it makes the body resemble the living dead.

Justin: So that’s what’s causing this?

Zombie: Muuhh.

Ahmed: Where is that thing?

Justin:(looks up) They are in the ventilation ducts.

Travis: We should be going now.

Ahmed: Yeah that ventilation hole cover isn’t going to hold much longer. (walks over to the door) Let’s go.

Justin: Alright good idea. (the four of them go out into the hall)

Travis: I think this room is the second floor computer room.

Justin: Are you sure?

Travis: Not entirely.

Cindy: What do you mean, not entirely?

Travis: Well it’s either this one or the next one.

Justin: Let’s just go in, shoot zombies, look for some information and if it’s the computer lab good if it’s not then we will find it later. (walks a few steps and about five feet in front of him a licker falls through the ceiling boards, falls backwards) Holy Jesus!

Ahmed: Justin look out!

Cindy: Oh no!

Travis: Oh my god!

Ahmed: Cindy give me the shot gun.

Licker: Hiss, raa. (stands on all fours)

Cindy: (throws the gun) Here.

Ahmed: (catches it) Thanks Cindy. Justin, Travis move! (points the gun at the licker)

Justin:(jumps out of the way) Shoot it!

Ahmed:(the gun goes off and the licker falls dead and he falls backwards from kick back) Ah . . . did I kill it?

Cindy: Yes I think so.

Travis:(helps Ahmed to his feet) Are you ok, that threw you pretty far.

Ahmed: (falls down eyes are watering) Stomach hurts, hard to breathe. (holds his stomach) Ugh.

Cindy: I know it hurts but try not to think about it, just think about how nice it’s going to be once we get out of here. (lifts him to his feet) Can you stand?

Ahmed: Yeah, I can now, thanks Cindy. (wipes his eyes they step into the next room)

Justin: Oh boy I don’t think we should be in here you guys.
(the room is the second floor economics room, it is totally covered in giant spider webs, the power is out and there is a large silhouette of a spider in the corner) What was that?

Cindy: Turn on the flashlight.
(Justin takes out the light and turns it on)

Ahmed: What was that? (something moves across the wall)

Justin: Cindy get the rifle ready. (finally spots it, a giant spider) Look out. (they scatter drawing their guns) Shoot it! (fires four rounds green fluid sprays from it)

Cindy: Ew gross! (fires the rifle)
(the bullet hits the abdomen of the spider and it explodes green goo splatters on everyone)

Travis: Aw yuck (shakes his hands off wipes his shirt)

Ahmed: Now that was disgusting. (shakes off slightly)

Cindy: Ew yuck, anybody got a towel or something?

Justin: Is everyone alright?

Ahmed: Just a little shaken.

Justin: What about you Cindy?

Cindy: I hate spiders, I’ll be fine when I get this stuff off my face, let’s go to the bathroom.

Ahmed: No, there’s something in there. (takes off his shirt) I’ll just use my shirt thanks. (wipes off his face)

Cindy: Woo take it off baby!

Justin: Shh keep it down.

Cindy: Yeah sorry.

Ahmed: Real mature Cindy. (putting his shirt back on)

Cindy: I’m just trying to lighten the mood.

Justin: Actually Ahmed, that’s a good idea. (takes off his shirt wipes his face) Man we are gonna stink after this. (puts it back on)

Cindy: I guess I’ll just use my coat. (uses her coat to wipe off her face)

Travis: Let’s get outta here already. (walks over and opens the door) Come on. (walks out, the others follow there is a trail of blood leading down the hall)

Cindy: Where’s the licker at?

Ahmed: I know I thought I killed it.

Justin: Ammo check guys. (takes out his gun)

Ahmed:(slides clip out of his gun) I’ve still got ten.

Cindy: I’ve got eleven. (checks clip)

Justin: Eight for me. (checks it)

Ahmed: Cindy, what about the shot gun?

Cindy: I don’t know how to open it.

Ahmed: (reaches to her) I’ll check it.

Cindy: Here. (passes it to him)

Ahmed: (opens the barrel) There is still five left in it. (closes it passes it back to her) Here you go.

Justin: How do you know so much about guns Ahmed?

Ahmed: Well it’s my fathers habit, he’s taught me a ton of stuff about a lot of different guns.

Cindy: Travis you said that this should be the computer room? (walks over to the door)

Travis: Yeah.
(Cindy opens the door they walk in)

Ahmed: Travis you were right.

Justin: Hey there was another door.

Cindy: Travis, you install the program while we check where that door goes.

Travis: Alright, I will. (sits at computer)

Justin: We’ll be back in a minute.

Travis: Ok see you soon.

Ahmed: (walks over to the door) Come on you guys. (they walk into the door and walk down a corridor, they walk out another door and find themselves in the room they found the man in, he’s sitting in the corner, they walk over to him)

Justin: How’re you feeling? (no response) Hey buddy are you still with us? (steps closer the man stands up and his skin turns to a sickly grey he staggers toward Justin)

Cindy: Oh no, he must’ve been infected with the virus.

Justin: (raises his gun) We owe him this much. (fires four rounds at him) Would you go down already! (fires twice more he falls)

Ahmed: Man poor guy.

Cindy: (walks to the corner he sat in) He had a gun where did it go?

Justin:(points to it) There it is.

Cindy: We need the ammo. (picks it up takes out the clip and leaves the gun)

Ahmed: Let’s get back now. (they get back to the com lab)

Justin: Are you done with that program yet Travis?

Travis:(typing) Almost.

Justin: Good when you finally get done tell us on the radio.

Travis: I will don’t worry.

Justin: See you later. (the three of them go out into the hall)

Cindy: The next room’s the teachers lounge.

Ahmed: Good let’s go, my dad should be here, he said he was gonna wait for me here. (runs over to the door) Let’s go. (opens the door)
(they walk into the teachers lounge and see that ther is blood splattered on the walls and the furniture and there is claw marks in bedded in the door also the window’s broken)

Cindy: Seems like there was quite a struggle in here.

Ahmed: Oh no, I hope my dad is all right. (they what sounds like a licker from the other room) Dad! (runs in the other room gun drawn)

Cindy: Ahmed!

Justin: Wait! (they hear several gun shots and another screech) Come on! (they run into the room)
(they run in and there is a licker dead on the floor and Ahmed’s father is sitting on the floor his shirt is soaked with blood there is a scratch on the side of his face and he is breathing heavily, Ahmed is kneeling by him)

Ahmed: Dad are you ok?

Dad: I don’t know I’ve been struggling with that thing for about a half hour.

Ahmed: You should get rid of that shirt.

Cindy: There’s a jacket in the closet I’ll get it for you. (leaves the room)

Ahmed: Thanks Cindy.

Dad: Ahmed you handled yourself pretty well back there, you knew right where to hit that thing.

Ahmed: Thanks Dad. (hugs him)

Cindy:(comes back with the coat in hand) Here Ahmed. (passes it to him)

Ahmed:(takes the coat) Dad.

Dad:(takes off his shirt) Ahmed who’re they?

Ahmed: Justin and Cindy, they were in the conference with me.

Dad:(puts the jacket on and extends his hand) Pleased to meet you, I’m Donovan.

Cindy: Pleased to meet you too. (shakes his hand)

Justin:(shakes his hand) Yeah me too.

Donovan: So you guys have been helping Ahmed?

Justin: Yeah.

Cindy: Uh huh.

Donovan: I’d like to thank you for taking care of him.

Cindy: Well it hasn’t exactly been one sided he has been taking care of us too so . . . (smiles)

Donovan: Even so if anything ever happened to him I don’t know what I would do.

Ahmed: Dad. (embarrassed)

Justin: You’re welcome.

Ahmed: We should take you to the computer lab.

Donovan: What’s back there?

Ahmed: That’s been sort of our stronghold here.  Travis is back there working the security cameras?

Cindy: Donovan what happened to you side?

Donovan: That things tongue, they’re huge, it stuck it right through my side.

Ahmed:(stands up) Justin help me get him to the com lab. (helping his father up)

Justin:(walks over) Put your arm over my shoulder.

Donovan:(putting his arm over Justin’s shoulder) Thank you Justin.
(they walk into the hall and down to the computer lab Travis opens the door)

Travis: I got the camera program running, I’ve been expecting you. (they step in)

Ahmed: Travis, this is my dad we’re gonna leave him with you until we’re ready to leave this floor, ok?

Travis:  All right.

Cindy: Donovan you’d better cover that wound . . . here. (takes off her jacket) Keep this over it. (hands it to him)

Donovan: Alright. (nods covers the wound)

Ahmed: Alright Dad we’re gonna get going now, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. (hugging Donovan)

Donovan: Alright son, good luck.
(they walk back to search the teachers lounge)

Justin: We got here just in time, any later and I don’t think your father would’ve made it Ahmed.

Ahmed: Yeah tell me about it.

Cindy: Let’s hurry and search this place.
(they scatter throughout the room not finding anything of use to them)

Justin: Well that was a big waste of time.

Ahmed:(walks out into the hall) Come on. (goes to the next door)

Justin:(holds up radio) Travis what’s in the room next to the teachers lounge.

Travis: What’s the room number?

Justin: Number thirteen.

Travis: There is four zombies and you’ll have to kill them you won’t be able to maneuver around them.  In other words go in shooting.

Justin: Alright thanks. (puts away radio takes out his gun) You heard him, guns out guys.

Ahmed: Well here goes. (takes gun out walks to the door) Ready?

Cindy:(takes gun out) Yup.

Justin: I guess. (they go into the room guns raised)

Zombies: Muhh! (they start to stagger toward them)

Justin: Shoot them, (fires twice) Time to die pal. (pulls the trigger nothing happens) Uh oh Cindy pass me one of the extra clips quick!

Cindy: Here! (passes it to him shoots again)

Justin: Thanks. (reloads fires)

Ahmed:(shoots one of the zombies it drops and starts to crawl) Uh oh better reload. (reloads)

Zombie: Uuhhh!

Ahmed: Your meal doesn’t fall that easy. (shoots it in the head)

Zombie: Muhh. (stops moving)

Cindy: You guys are to into this. (kills one of them) I’ll get the last one. (shoots it until it stops moving)

Ahmed: That was easy enough.

Justin: It might have been easy but we’re through our first two clips.

Cindy: I’ve still got three left.

Ahmed: (walks over to a cabinet) What’s this room for anyway?

Cindy: Just an extra class room.

Justin: Ahmed check that cabinet.

Ahmed:(opens it) That was kinda the plan. (starts to look through it)

Cindy: Is there anything in there?

Ahmed: This. (hold up an extra clip) I don’t know what its for but the bullet’s in it are pretty big. (opens it then closes it)

Cindy: Maybe for the shotgun?

Ahmed: No, I don’t think they’d fit, we’ll have to ask my dad later.

Justin:(looks a book over he found on the floor) Hey this is the secretary’s diary.  Maybe it says something about what happened here. (tries to open it) It’s locked, we’ll need to find a key to open it.

Cindy: We’ll keep an eye out for it, but for right now we should get going. (walks to the door)

Ahmed:(follows her) Yeah you’re right let’s go. (they all go out into the hall they walk around a corner and see water coming out from under a large door) What’s in here?

Cindy: The swimming pool.

Justin:(holds up radio) Travis are you there?

Travis: I’m here.

Justin: What’s in the pool room?

Travis: I can’t see anything, but there might be something in the water, I can’t tell.  Just be ready for anything.

Justin: Thanks anyway. (puts radio away) let’s check it out. (opens the door they walk in)

Narrator: They look around and there appears to be nothing in the room at all.  The water is covered in a thick green goo.  Lockers line the left wall.

Ahmed: Let’s search the lockers.

Justin: Sounds good lets get started. (they walk over and get started)

Cindy: Man, there’s nothing here did you guys find anything?

Justin: No.

Ahmed: Notta thing.
(suddenly a large tentacle flings out of the water and wraps around Justin’s leg)

Justin: Oh my god, what the hell is that? (falls it starts to pull him to the water)

Cindy: Justin! Oh my god!

Justin: Help me, somebody please help us!

Ahmed:(runs over grabs Justin’s hand and starts to pull) Somebody shoot it hurry! (he is getting closer and it is pulling harder)

Cindy: Ahmed pull harder!

Ahmed: I’m pulling as hard as I can!

Justin: Just shoot the damn thing already. (army knife falls from his pocket)

Ahmed:(grabs the knife) Take this you freak! (stabs the knife into the tentacle it pulls one last time just enough to get him in the water but let go)

Justin: Thank god.

Cindy: Don’t just sit there get the hell outta the water!

Justin:(lifts himself out) Uh oh.

Ahmed: What’s wrong?

Justin: I dropped the radio in the water.

Cindy: Let’s get back to the computer lab.
(they walk into the hallway to see the creature dressed in black about twenty feet away)

Ahmed: Uh oh, we’ve got company.

Justin: I wish that he had something better to do.(it walks toward them)

Cindy: Let’s get outta here!

Ahmed: You guys go! (takes out his gun) I’ll keep him busy!

Cindy: Ahmed are you crazy?

Ahmed: Just go I’ll catch up with you later!

Justin: Alright, come on Cindy! (starts to run)

Cindy:(runs after him) Don’t die on us! (they take off and leave Ahmed with the creature they hear a few gun shots and several crashing noises when the reach the computer room bangs on the door) Travis open up the door, hurry it’s time to leave now! (door opens)

Travis: What happened where’s Ahmed? (they step in)

Donovan: Yes where is my son?

Justin: That creature in black showed up again, Ahmed stayed to keep it busy.

Donovan: You left my son behind with one of those things!

Cindy: We didn’t leave him there because we wanted to, he told us to leave so he could keep the creature busy.  He said, he’ll catch up with us later.

Justin: Now we’re going to the third floor.

Floor 3

Justin:(getting Donovan to his feet) Travis help me get him up.

Travis:(walks over to him) Alright, Cindy get the disk out of the computer.

Justin: Don’t bother it’s useless.

Travis: Why?

Justin: I dropped the radio when I fell into the pool.

Cindy: I’ll get it anyway just in case. (walks over takes disc from computer)

Justin: Alright, let’s go.

Narrator: Travis and Justin carry Donovan out and Cindy follows.  They come back to where they left Ahmed, there is several dents in the wall and Ahmed is nowhere to be seen.

Cindy: Oh no, where’s Ahmed?  Ahmed!

Donovan: Where’s my son he’d better be alive.

Justin: Ahmed, answer me, where are you?!

Donovan: He’s not here he would’ve answered back by now.  He’s probably already made it to the third floor.

Travis: He’s right, let’s go.  We don’t wanna draw anymore attention.

Narrator: They walk down the hall and come to the stairs, they walk up them and into the next room, it’s the nurses office.  There’s a zombie dead on the floor.

Justin: He was here.

Cindy: Did you hear that?

Travis: What?

Cindy: There it goes again.

Justin: I hear it, it sounds kind of like someone snoring almost.

Cindy:(goes into the attaching room) Oh my god!

Justin: (runs into room) Cindy are you alright, oh never mind. . . (Ahmed is on the table)

Cindy:(walks over to him) Ahmed are you alright wake up. (touches his face)

Ahmed:(wakes up gasps in terror and points his gun at her) Cindy, oh it’s you.  I must’ve dosed off.

Justin: Are you ok man you look a little pale.

Ahmed: I’m just tired, is Dad ok?

Donovan:(stumbles in leans against the wall) Yeah, I’m ok.

Cindy: Donovan, now we can get those wounds bandaged up. (looks through a cabinet) Here it is. (takes out gauss and peroxide) Here I’ll help you over to the table.(helps him over to the table)

Donovan: Thanks for the help. (takes coat off the gaping wound is still bleeding)

Cindy:(pours some peroxide on a cloth) This is going sting a little. (places cloth on the wound)

Donovan:(flinches) Uh damn you weren’t kidding.

Cindy: I told you. (continues to clean the wound)

Justin: What happened back there when we left?

Ahmed: I shot it like ten times and nothing happened so I ran from it and came here it must have walked right by this room.  That’s the last thing I remember before I fell asleep.

Justin: Did it hit you?

Ahmed: No, almost though.

Cindy: There now just let me get you bandaged up. (starts to wrap gauss around Donovan’s waist)  There that should do
it, you guys we’re ready let’s go.

Travis:  We should go to the library, it’s gotta a computer we can use there.

Cindy:(slips the peroxide into her pocket) I’ll help you.
(they go out into the hall)

Justin: Where to Travis?

Travis: You go to school here you should know.

Justin: Hey I don’t go to the damn library.

Travis:(sighs) Alright follow me. (they follow him down the hall passing several doors on the way and come to a large door) Here we are. (pushes the door open)

Ahmed: Travis no wait. (reaching for the door) stop.  Cindy stay here with dad, Justin come on. (they run in and there is about twelve zombies throughout the room)

Travis: Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Ahmed: Justin get the shot gun from Cindy we’ll have to clear them out of here.

Justin: Ok. (gets the gun from Cindy)

Zombie: Muh! (staggers toward them)

Ahmed:(shoots it in the head) Travis go tell Cindy we need her and you stay with my father.

Travis: Alright. (goes out into hall Cindy walks in)

Ahmed: Alright let’s get started. (they move about the room avoiding the zombies and killing them off one by one)

Cindy: God there goes another one how many more is there.

Ahmed:(looks around the room) There’s seven more to go.

Justin:(fires the shotgun three fall) Four now.

Cindy: Have either of you got an extra clip?  I haven’t got any extras.

Ahmed: Here. (tosses her an extra clip)

Cindy: Thank you. (reloads)

Zombie:(grabs Justin from behind) Muuhhh!!

Justin: Ah!  Get off me!(struggles)

Ahmed: I’ll get it!(shoots its knee caps it falls moaning shoots it again) Where’d that thing come from!

Justin: I don’t know, it must’ve lurched around behind us when we were occupied with the others.

Cindy: That was close we had better be more careful that could have been a licker.

Ahmed: Justin take out the last three will ya?

Justin: Alright! (fires another round from shotgun clears out the rest)

Ahmed: I’ll go tell Travis and Dad to come in. (leaves)

Cindy:  Need any help?

Ahmed: (yells back) Nope. (helps his father in and over to one of the chairs)

Donovan: Thanks Ahmed.

Ahmed: Dad, (takes out the unidentified bullets the had found) do you know what kind of gun these bullets are for?

Donovan: Let me see. (takes them from him)  I’m not sure but it looks like these are for a cougar magnum.

Ahmed: Now that’s power.

Donovan: Damn right it is.  If you find the gun you’d better not use it unless you absolutely have to.

Ahmed: Why?

Donovan: It could break your arm with the kick back those things have.

Justin: Maybe, but imagine what it would do to one of those zombies.

Cindy: Let’s get back on track here, Travis get the computer going.

Travis:(sits at the computer turns it on starts to type) I can’t get into any of the files.

Cindy: Well why not?

Travis: I don’t know.

Computer: (screen lights up) Access denied, valid user identification required to access this terminal.

Ahmed: What’s that mean?

Cindy: I’m not sure I think it means we need a teachers id card to get into this one.

Justin: Well let’s get going and search the floor we might find it. (walks over to the door)

Ahmed: We should do an ammo check first that way we will know what we have if we get into one of those famous sticky situations. (checking gun)

Justin: Alright. (checks gun) This one has eighteen.

Cindy: My hand gun has twenty and the shotgun is down to one shot I think. (checking)

Ahmed: I’ve got six in this one. (checks)

Justin: Alright, let’s get going now then.
(they walk out and down the hall to the second door they came to they hear a clicking noise behind them)

Cindy: What was that? (whirls around)

Ahmed: I heard it too. (turns around) It sounded like something clicking across the floor.

Justin: Cindy, what makes clicking noises across the floor?

Cindy: Well claws do.

Justin: And what have we encountered here with large enough claws to make that kind of sound.

Cindy: Lickers, (points gun down hall) It must be the one that we thought we killed earlier.
(click, click, click)

Ahmed: (pointing down the hall) Look there it is, right there.

Cindy: Quick kill it before it gets here. (starts firing)

Justin: Alright! (fires)

Licker: Screech!!! (stops moving)

Ahmed: Is it dead this time?

Justin: I think so, it didn’t scream like that last time.

Ahmed: Good now let’s go. (opens the door)

Narrator: Justin and Cindy follow Ahmed into the room and see two strange figures standing in the room.  They look like plants but they have legs and what look like eyes and arms, they each have tentacles wriggling from there sides.

Justin: What are those things?

Ahmed: They look like plants that have been infected by the virus.

Cindy: I don’t think our hand guns will do anything to those things.  Have either of you got a lighter?

Justin: Yeah I’ve got my lucky lighter, (takes it from his pocket) Here, never imagined it would ever be used for something like this before. (passes it to her)

Cindy: Thanks. (grabs paper from a near by desk) This should be enough, I hope they catch. (lights it on fire throws it at them) Come on catch. (hopeful they catch on fire) Yes.

Creatures: Hiss, (squeals they slowly fall to the floor and a blue fluid flows out of the head to form a puddle around them)

Cindy: That was easy let’s take a look around guys. (steps over them)

Justin: Alright, can I get my lighter back from you though. (steps over it she passes him the lighter)

Ahmed: I hope we can get some more handgun bullets here, we’re almost out. (takes a step over them and a tentacle whips him in the behind) Ow! (grabs the spot it hits)

Justin:(turns startled) Are you alright what happened?

Ahmed: Damn that hurt, yeah I’m alright.  It whipped me, must’ve been the nerves or something. (rubbing the spot)

Cindy: Let’s hurry up and loot through this place and get outta here. (haste fully searching a drawer) 

Justin:(opens a drawer) Hey a taser (takes it out) Ahmed you should take this for when you gun runs out. (tosses it to him)

Ahmed:(catches it) Thanks.

Cindy: What’s in this thing? (holding up a bottle)

Ahmed: Well what does the label say?

Cindy: Oh yeah, da! (reads the bottle) Haste heal medicated spray topical solution for open wounds.

Justin: Take it with you we could use that.

Cindy: There is two more bottles here, enough for all three of us.

Ahmed: That worked out well.

Cindy:(stuffs them in her pants pockets) I’m glad I decided to wear my cargo pants today.

Ahmed: (glances out a window) Its pretty dark out, I wonder what time it is?

Justin: Its about one o clock, quarter to.

Cindy: I don’t even feel tired.

Ahmed: I am . . . I could pass out, I’ve been up since six today.

Justin: There’s nothing else here, let’s go. (walks over to the door)

(they leave and walk up to the next door)

Cindy: This is the biology lab, I bet there is some pretty interesting things in here.

Justin: What sort of things do they keep in here?

Cindy: Plants, tarantulas, snakes, frogs and a white rat I believe.

Ahmed:(sarcastically) This is gonna be fun.

Cindy: Well here goes nothing. (walks in the room) Oh. . .

Justin:(follows her in) Hey there’s nothing here.

Cindy: All the animals are dead.

Ahmed: Good let’s search the area. (walks to the teachers desk)

Justin: You guys think the virus spread outside of the school?

Cindy: Let’s try not to think about that.

Ahmed: Cindy see if you can get into this computer, I’ll check the shelves in back. (she walks to the computer he walks passed the windows and goes to the back shelves searches)  Hey Cindy look what I found. (holding up the computer id card) I think its that id card that we need. (walks back to Cindy, passes the window glass shatters and large ravens rush through he falls) Ah!

Cindy: Oh my god what are they?  Are you ok?!

Justin: They’re crows I think.
(ravens start to peck at him)

Ahmed: Ow! Get, ow, away from me you stupid birds. (swinging at them)

Justin: Ahmed I’m coming don’t worry! (runs over helps him up) Come let’s get outta here, Cindy come on! (they run out in the hall)  Man they got you pretty bad, your neck is bleeding.

Cindy: I guess now would be the perfect time to try one of those topical sprays. (takes out a bottle)

Ahmed: Is it really that bad. (talks with a slight whine in his voice)

Cindy: Hold still, this may burn a bit. (sprays the wound)

Ahmed: Ah damnit, that stuff does burn. (flinches)

Justin:(there is a worried look on his face worried tone of voice) I guess that answers one question.

Cindy: What’s that? (stops spraying looks at him)

Justin: That the virus has spread outside, how else would those crows have got it?  For all we know the whole town could be infected with it, everyone we know and love could be lurching around feeding off each other or just plain dead.

Cindy: Or they could’ve noticed that something strange was going on and gotten the hell outta town.  There’s no way for us to tell so let’s just focus on getting the hell out of the school alright.

Justin: Yeah maybe you’re right.  At least I hope so come on.

Ahmed:(they walk down and turn the corner in the hall they come to a set of large doors)  What’s in here Cindy?

Cindy: It’s the audio visual room.  It has doors leading to all the floors below here.

Narrator: They walk in the room and there is no zombies, but there is a licker sleeping on the wall and the bottom two thirds of the room is flooded with green murky water.  There are also a few dead bodies scattered through out the room in the visible chairs.

Justin: What the hell happened here?  Where’d all the water come from?

Cindy: I don’t know, maybe the water line broke somewhere.

Ahmed: (something catches his eye on a chair just above the water) Hey what’s that? (points to it)

Cindy: Hey it’s a gun, I think.

Ahmed: Cool I’ll get it. (runs down the steps and into the water knee deep) I got it. (grabs the gun)

Cindy: Ahmed are you crazy get back up here?!

Justin: Yeah there could be something in the water.

Ahmed: I don’t see anything. (looks gun over) I think this is the cougar magnum you guys.

Justin: Great now get back here!
(a dorsal fin sticks up out of the water and heads toward him)

Cindy: What the hell is that?!

Justin: Ahmed get the hell outta the water!

Ahmed: I’m coming. (starts sloshing through the water)

Cindy: Hurry!!!

Ahmed: I’m trying! (a giant shark jumps up out of the water and lands in front of him blocking his escape route)

Justin: Cindy come on! (runs down the steps and behind the aisle that Ahmed is in extends his hand)  Ahmed grab my hand, I’ll pull you up!

(the shark flops around trying to grab Ahmed with it’s massive mouth)

Ahmed: Alright! (grabs his hand he pulls but can’t get him up)  My foot’s caught.

Cindy: I’m coming! (runs down and grabs Justin around the waste) Pull harder!

Justin: I’m pulling as hard as I can!
(shark flops back in the water) 

Ahmed: Hurry he’s coming around again. (they pull him out of the water as the shark jumps at him) Thanks. (looks back) Man that thing would have landed right on me.

Justin: Are you ok Cindy?

Cindy: Yeah I’m fine, but that scared me.

Justin: Tell me about it.

Ahmed: You think you were scared, you guys weren’t even in the water.
(sharks flops back into the water)

Justin: Come on let’s get going.

Ahmed: Hold on a minute. (takes out taser) We owe our big friend here this much. (turns on the taser and gives it a full charge)

Cindy: What are you gonna do?

Ahmed: This. (throws the taser into the water there’s a loud buzzing noise as the blue electric energy pulses through the water.  The shark floats to the top dead)  There, let’s go.

Justin: We should take that id card back to the library so we can check the computer.

Cindy: Yeah good idea. (they leave and head back to the library)  Alright now. (knocks on the door) Travis let us in. (the door opens)

Travis: What happened are we going to the fourth floor now?

Ahmed: No we found the id card for the computer.

Travis: Good give it to me then. (they walk in and he passes him the card walks to the computer) Now let’s see what happens. (puts card in)

Computer: Beep beep! (an alarm sounds the power goes out all over the school)

Justin: What the fuck just happened?

Travis: I don’t know.

Donovan:(wakes up) What’s going on?

Ahmed: Everything’s fine, don’t worry.

Justin: No everything’s not fine, Travis get the power back on now.

Cindy: Justin calm down.

Justin: No Cindy, every time he is with us he manages to fuck things up for us.  Remember last year when we went camping with the biology class, he ate up all the food in the first night and had to leave.

Ahmed: Justin this can’t be his fault, it was probably a trap that Umbrella set up for us to try and put us on edge or something.

Cindy: Justin turn on the flash light.
(he turns on the light)

Ahmed: There’s only two more rooms on this floor, let’s just hurry up and check them and go to the next floor.

Justin: Alright, let’s go.
(the three of them leave)

Donovan: You ok kid, he really let you have it?

Travis:(whines) Yeah I’m fine.

Donovan: I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it.  He’s just tired, I think everyone is starting to get a little edgy.

Travis: Maybe you’re right.
(Ahmed, Cindy and Justin just walked into the second last room on the third floor the flash light is off)

Cindy: Is there anything here? (whispers)

Ahmed: I don’t know do you smell anything? (whispers)

Cindy: No, do you?

Justin: I don’t, and I don’t hear anything either.

Ahmed: Turn on the light.
(clicks as light comes on and there are dead bodies littered through out the room fresh blood is sprayed everywhere)

Cindy: AH!

Ahmed: Shh it’s alright.

Cindy: Oh my god, that scared me.

Justin: Aw man, I wonder what happened here?

Ahmed: Let’s search the bodies for anything useful, and let’s see if you guys recognize any of them.

Narrator: They check the bodies one by one and find that they are most of the staff in the school.  Mrs. Janeway, Mr. Doherty and his wife, the principal and vice principal and several others.  They find two extra hand gun clips and leave.  In the hall . . .

Justin: Well that would’ve been a waste of time if we hadn’t found these clips.

Ahmed: Which way’s the next room?

Cindy: Justin give me the flash light.

Justin: Here. (turns it on and passes it to her)

Cindy: Thanks. (shines the light around the hall) This way. (they follow her down the hall and into the last room they quickly realize that they are in the meeting room that they started in)

Ahmed: We’re back where we started.

Cindy: Anything you guys need from your packs get it now, I don’t plan on being back here.

Ahmed: I’ve got a small pen light in my pack, I’ll get it. (walks to his desk digs in his pack)  Here it is. (takes out the light turns it on) Look at that you guys. (points the light at a giant whole in the wall)

Back In The Library

Travis: Donovan are you still awake? (no response) Donovan are you ok? (walks over to him) Hey wake up. (touches his neck) Oh no. (door opens) You guys help me out here. (thud thud thud) Donovan’s dead. . . Ahmed I’m sorry.(stands) Why aren’t you guys uf (bumps into something) Justin in that you? (a little bit of moon light shines through the window revealing the creature dressed in black)  Why won’t you leave us alone?! (runs over to Donovan and crosses his arms on his chest there is a note in his hand takes it and runs)  Ahmed, Justin, Cindy where are you?!  We’ve gotta leave it found us!

Justin:(from somewhere down the hall)  Hurry up we’re down here!

Travis: Shine the light down I can’t see. (sees at light and runs to it closely followed by the creature)

Ahmed: Travis where’s my dad?

Travis: I’m sorry but he died sometime after you left.

Cindy: Dead?

Ahmed: How do you know?

Travis: He had no pulse and he wasn’t breathing.

Ahmed: He can’t be dead you’re lying.  You just didn’t wanna carry him.

Travis: Here, this note was in his hand.  (passes him the note Ahmed turns on the pen light)

Justin: You guys now is not the time to read, we’ve gotta get to the next floor now! (they take off running down the hall and up some steps to the next floor and run into the next room)
Floor 4

Justin:(turns on his light) Good there is nothing here. (they sit down on the floor)

Cindy: We can rest here for awhile.

Ahmed:(whispers) Dad . . . why? (sobs as he reads the note to himself)

Justin: Are . . . are you alright Ahmed?

Cindy: Justin what do you think, his father just died.

Ahmed: Travis. . .

Travis: Yeah?

Ahmed: What . . .  did . . . he look like when he died?

Travis: I don’t know, I couldn’t see him all I know is that he died in his sleep.

Cindy: At least he didn’t suffer.

Ahmed: We’ve gotta stop Umbrella.  They killed my dad, let’s go, now and get this over with, when we get out I’m gonna exploit these bastards as much as I can. (stands up)
(the others stand up and go out into the hall, they hear a whirring sounds as the power comes back on)

Cindy: Great now we can see at least.

Justin:(turns back to face the stairs) Ah, guys?

Ahmed:(turns) *gasps*

Cindy:(turns) My god.

Travis:(turns) What the . . .

Narrator: There is stood, the creature, but it had gotten bigger.  About a foot in height and a foot in width, one hand armed with massive claws, the other nothing but a stump.  They could see the heart pulsing in its torso.  It’s skin was shining in the light, it was an oily black leather, they knew this would be the run of there life.

Cindy: What is that thing?

Justin: It’s the thing in black.

Ahmed: What do we do?

Travis:(turns starts running) Run for it!!! (they take off down the hall the creature seems to glide after it)  It’s chasing us!

Justin: Man look at those claws, he could kill us with a single swipe.

Ahmed: He could kill us without the claws!

Cindy: You guys we aren’t gonna be able to out run this thing!

Ahmed: I say we try to kill it, we have enough guns for all of us to use. (they stop running and draw there guns it stops about twenty feet away)  Travis here. (passes him his gun and extra clip) You know how to use it?

Travis: I watch television.

Cindy: I’ll use the shotgun, Justin you use the magnum and give Ahmed your hand gun. (passes Ahmed her gun takes out the shotgun)

Justin: Ahmed here, give me the magnum. (tosses the gun to him)

Ahmed: Take this! (passes him magnum and extra clip it begins to slowly walk toward them) Aim for his chest. (starts firing both guns)

(the others start unloading round after round into the creature’s chest it seems unphased by even the magnum)

Cindy: It’s not working!

(it gets within arms reach of Justin and swings it’s huge claws across his chest knocking him down)

Justin: Ah! Damn it!

Cindy: Justin are you ok? (runs over helps him up) Ahmed let’s get the hell outta here. (they run followed by Travis and Ahmed)

Travis: What are we supposed to do?

Justin: Let’s try to hide. (has his hand covering his chest)

Ahmed: Alright let’s go into the next room. (the next room they come to they run in and close the door)

Justin: Uh man . . . (leans against the wall slides down)

Cindy: Justin,(kneels down by him) move your hand. (takes out a spray bottle start to spray the wound)

Ahmed: You guys, I don’t know how much time we have so make it quick.

Justin: Travis check out the window see how far up the roof is.

Travis:(walks over and looks out the window) It’s within reach.

Justin: Good let’s go. (stands up)

Cindy: Go where?

Justin: Up on the roof.

Ahmed:(walks to the window) Travis give me a boost.

Travis: Alright. (boosts Ahmed out the window)

Justin: Cindy you go next.

Cindy:(walks to the window) Alright. (Travis boosts her)

Justin: Travis, I’ll give you a boost and you guys can pull me up.

Travis: Alright. (Justin walks over and gives him a boost out and they pull him up)

Ahmed: Now what, do we wait here for him to find us?

Justin: No look. (points to an emergency phone)

Ahmed: Great but who do we call for help?

Justin: I’ll call my cousin Aya, she’s a cop. (walks over picks up the phone dials a number) Hello can I speak with detective Brea please?

Voice: Brea it’s for you.

Aya: Hello.

Justin: Aya please get a helicopter and come and get me.

Aya: A helicopter, where are you?

Justin: I’m at the school . . . something strange is going on, there’s no time to explain hurry.  There’s something here that’s gonna kill us.

Aya: Alright I’m coming.

(Justin hangs up the phone and creature bursts through the roof)

Cindy: Oh no!!! (runs over to Justin) I hope she gets here soon.

(the creature runs at Cindy and Justin dragging its claws behind it)

Ahmed: You guys look out!
(it slashes Cindy’s back, knocking her forward into Justin’s arms he shoots it in the face, it stumbles backwards, hands covering its face)

Justin: Cindy are you alright?
(Ahmed runs over)

Cindy: I think so . . . ow.

Ahmed: Man that looks pretty bad.

Travis: Ah you guys, he’s recovered!

Justin: Come on we know where to shoot it now.

Cindy: Alright. (gets strength back and stands on her own) its gonna take a lot more than that.  Hey you over here come get it! (it dashes at them they jump out of the way)

Ahmed: Cindy did you have to do that?! (starts firing both hand guns)

Justin: Travis what are you waiting for, shoot it?! (fires)

Travis: I’m trying it won’t shoot!

Ahmed: It must be jammed (runs over to Travis) hold these. (passes him his guns and takes Travis’s) Yup it’s jammed. (fixes it) Here. (takes his guns back and gives it back to him)

Travis: Thanks.(it dashes at them) Look out! (pushes Ahmed down and shields him with his body its starts hacking at his back with his claws, blood sprays. Justin and Cindy start to shoot at it and it turns it attention to them)

Ahmed: Travis are you ok?

Travis:(falls on Ahmed) Uh . . . I can’t feel my legs. (whispers)

Ahmed:(hugs him and sits up) Thank you.

Travis: Don’t mention it, is it bad?

Ahmed: A, no, nothing a few days in the hospital won’t fix. (opens his shirt he’s been hacked down to the bone and his spinal cord is shattered)

Travis: Tell me the truth . . .

Ahmed: (stands up and picks a pipe up off the ground) Let’s see how he likes it. (runs at it and forces the pipe right through its waist)

Cindy: Ahmed are you crazy?!
(it turns and punches him with the clawless arm, he flies over to the edge of the building his leg dangles over the edge the creature walks toward him)

Cindy: Ahmed get up!

Ahmed: Uh, help me.

Justin: It must have knocked the breath out of him (starts running) Cindy get its attention!

Cindy: Hey big guy, you who over here come and get it!!! (it turns toward her)

Justin: (jumps down to him) Ahmed say something.

Ahmed: Nothing works, maybe we should just give up and let it kill us. (sadly whispers)

Justin:(pulling him away from the edge) We just have to hold out a little longer, helps on its way. (they hear a helicopter in the distance)

Ahmed: Thank god.

Justin: Hear that guys just a few more minutes?!

Narrator: They play keep away for a few more short minutes and before long the helicopter is hovering above them.

Justin: (yells) Hurry drop the ladder.

Aya:(on megaphone) I’ll set it down. (the helicopter sets down and she gets out of the copter) Come on you guys!
(creature walks toward her the blades cut its head off)

Ahmed: Finally. (limps over to the helicopter gets in and collapses on the seat)

Justin: Aya we need a stretcher to carry Travis out.

Aya: Medic!
(two men with a stretcher get Travis to the copter)

Cindy: We made it. (her and Justin get into the copter) We made it. (kisses Justin on the cheek)

Justin: All of us. (smiles)

Aya:(gets in) Are any of you three in need of serious medical attention?

Justin: All three of us have a few bruises and scratches.

Aya: We’ll call your families from the hospital. (looks at Ahmed) Hey is he alright? (the helicopter lifts off)

Cindy: I don’t know, hold on I’ll wake him up. (puts her hand on Ahmed’s shoulder) Ahmed, Ahmed wake up. (shakes him slightly)

Ahmed: Hmmm. (opens his eyes) What is it, I’m tired and I’m sick of fighting zombies can’t I just get some sleep?

Cindy: He’s fine, just exhausted.

Aya: The police are gonna want a full report on what happened here.

Narrator: After they arrive at the hospital, they are tended to by the doctors and given extensive tests and even a few needles.  Their families are called and they are waiting in the waiting room.

Cindy: Ahmed where are you going now?

Ahmed: I have family here, they’re gonna come get me.
(there’s a picture of the school on t.v)

T.V. Reporter:  Johnston’s High school seen here in this photo suddenly exploded at exactly six a.m. this morning.  Luckily there was no one inside the school.  The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined and has baffled the local police in the incident, for now all there is are speculations of what could have happened, terrorists, electrical problems, who knows we will keep you posted.  Thank you this is John Porter, for FOX news signing off.

Justin: Those bastards they blew up the school to cover their tracks.

Ahmed:(tears whither up in his eyes) No, Dad’s body was in there, and now we will never find out who did this.

Cindy: Sure we will. (hugs him) We have to.

Voice: Is this your new girl friend Ahmed?

Ahmed:(turns around) Uncle James. (stands up and hugs the man) Where’s Hassan, Malik, and aunt Jeanine?

James: They’re coming. (an older women walks in with the two boys one older one younger)

Ahmed:(hugs the younger one) Malik, you don’t know how happy I am to see you. (hugs the other one) Hassan you too.

Jeanine: Ahmed, where’s your father?
(a young man and women walk in)

Cindy: Chris, Claire, (runs over to them) I can’t wait to tell you guys what happened.

Narrator: A day later Ahmed is sitting in his new room with Hassan and Malik.  He already told them what had happened at the school and about his father, his aunt and uncle didn’t believe him but Malik and Hassan did and wanted to help how ever they could.

Hassan: Ahmed when are you guys setting out?

Ahmed:(takes his hand gun out of his pack) That won’t be for awhile yet Hassan.

Hassan: Cool, where’d you get the gun?

Malik: You’d better not let mom find that.

Ahmed: We found three in the guidance counselor’s desk at the school. (checks the clip) Good there’s still thirteen left, and Malik don’t worry I’m not gonna keep it loaded.

Hassan: When you guys go, can I come with you?

Ahmed: Sure we’re gonna need all the help we can get.

Malik: What about me can I go too?

Hassan: No I don’t want you to get hurt.

Malik: Oh alright.

Jeanine: Boys time for bed, its getting late!

Hassan: Ok mom! (they both get up and go to the hall)

Ahmed: Good night guys.

Both:(from hall) Good night!

Ahmed:(gets in bed and covers up) Umbrella watch out, we’ll expose you some day.  Maybe not tomorrow or the day after, but we will I swear it. (closes his eyes)

The End?

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  1. So here's my review:
    As being such a big fan of the RE series ( as you are aware :) ) I really enjoyed it. At the beginning of the story when they were on the first floor I didn't quite feel connected to the characters at first, but when they reached the 2nd floor I just got sucked into the story! It started to get pretty intense and knowing that you wrote it when you were pretty young I have to say that it is definetly awesome and I can't wait to read the other ones!!!