Sunday, January 30, 2011

Isaiah's Love Sample #3

  It was what he had feared, he had done what he had been thinking about and the worst possible outcome had happened, Isaiah was clearly freaked out about the whole situation.  Caleb wished he could take back everything, Isaiah had enough troubles with people at their school and Caleb felt horrible for adding to them.  He had to explain himself to him and hoped that Isaiah would forgive him, the last thing he wanted him to think was that he was playing with him.  Caleb stood up and walked to the door but then heard more footsteps thinking it was probably Jonathan he decided to wait for Isaiah to come back up.  He flicked the light off to try and avoid drawing Jonathan’s attention to the room.

A few minutes earlier Jonathan had just woken up from a deep sleep, already feeling the effects of the hang over he was going to have tomorrow.  He was extremely thirsty for a glass of water his mouth feeling like he had been eating feathers since he went to sleep, as a result of the alcohol.  He sat up slowly dizzy at first, he sat his feet on the ground and looked back at Casey who was fast asleep.  They had been sleeping in a spooning position.  Cuddling wasn’t something Jonathan did very often, he didn’t like to really to get to close to anyone, particularly the girls he slept with.  He didn’t feel as though he made a qualified boyfriend and this was why he was single, he didn’t have the time or the care to put in any effort toward a relationship, being tied down wasn’t something he ever thought would be him.  Casey for some reason he couldn’t figure out, was different.  He stood up and put on his boxers that sat on the floor by the bed and adjusted himself, he walked out of the guest room just in time to see Caleb’s light shut off. 

            Isaiah started down the stairs slowly, the large house was dark and quiet, it was a little creepy at night.  As he walked down the stairs it seemed like every other step made a bit of a creaking noise, he didn’t know why but it made him nervous he didn’t want to wake anyone up even though he knew the only other people in the house were Casey and Jonathan.  He made it to the bottom of the staircase and looked around, the moon shone in from all the windows it was bright enough for him to see most of the room.  The silhouettes of the large television and stereo was prominent, the few tables that were in the living room the moonlight illuminated and twinkled off of several of the left behind bottles from the nights events.  He started to walk through the living room careful not to bump into anything and made his way into the kitchen.  He stepped through and the kitchen was equally illuminated by the moonlight, the counters were littered with bottles that were reflecting the moonlight in different directions leaving patterns on the walls.  It would almost be an interesting sight if Isaiah hadn’t been so tense.  He walked in farther and over to the cupboard, opening it up he reached in and pulled out a glass.  He looked out through the kitchen window at the pool, the water moving gently in the wind with the moonlight bouncing off of it was somewhat calming to stare at.  Isaiah looked down at the glass in his hand and suddenly remembered what he was there for.  Still looking at the glass he turned and took a step toward the fridge he looked up to see where he was going, to see Jonathan standing in the doorway.  Startled, Isaiah dropped the glass on the floor shattering it.  The noise of the shattered glass seemed to echo through the quiet house.  Isaiah let out a quiet breath in fright but quickly regained his composure trying not to show anything Jonathan could use against him. 

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