Sunday, January 23, 2011

Excerpt from Isaiah's Love for Sample Sunday

This is another excerpt from Isaiah's Love please remember these excerpts are not neccesarily in order as they are just samples of my work.  This one has been looked over by my editor for grammar so it might not be all that bad off in that department.  Enjoy ;).

Isaiah looked in the bathroom mirror that sat above his sink, he stood shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist.  He had just gotten out of the shower and after shaving had put some soap on his face.  The foam from the soap was sitting on his face starting to tingle letting him know it was almost time to take it off.  The sun was shining in the bathroom on him giving his newly washed skin a healthy glow.  He looked at his body, it hadn’t always been like it was now, he was in good shape after lots of hard work before he had joined the football team.  Two years ago Isaiah had first noticed Caleb, he was just an average teenager when he decided he wanted to join the football team.  He secretly started to go to the school gym after making sure that he was going to be the only one there.  He planned it out for almost a month and watched for when people would be there so he could avoid them.  After securing the regulars schedule he went whenever he would have to but he made sure he went everyday and researched everything he was supposed to do.  The only person that noticed at first was Casey until he tried out for the team, unfortunately he didn’t get to be as bulky as he would have liked but he still managed to maintain his slender muscular build.  Isaiah turned the taps on and ran his hands under the water to check the temperature, he stared in the mirror, as the water started to steam it started to fog up.  Isaiah filled his hands with the warm water and splashed it on his face rubbing lightly to get all the soap off.  Isaiah shut the water off and stopped for a few seconds staring in the mirror, he could see the nervousness starting to shine through each step closer he came to being ready for this party.  At this point he wanted to just go and get it over with, he was sure once he had gotten there his nerves would rest a bit more because he would able to at least talk to Caleb.  He was going to try hard not to be awkward but right now his anxiety was almost overwhelming.  Isaiah squirted some hair gel from a bottle into his hand and looked in the mirror again.
            “Just remember, he asked you to come so you pretty much have to.”  Isaiah whispered to himself and started to rub the gel through his hair.  The sticky feeling of the gel was something Isaiah had become used to, this was something he did every morning except for days before games for obvious reasons.  He slowly styled his hair into an up do, positioning each spike individually with his hands as he finished he looked in the mirror and checked each side of his head then washed the excess gel off his hands.  Isaiah stopped for a second then looked at his shirt sitting on the counter, slightly aggravated.  He had forgotten to put his shirt on before doing his hair.  “I’m worse off then I thought.”  Isaiah laughed quietly to himself then put his pants on, he slid his belt through each loop of his jeans.  He didn’t really need it but he liked the way it looked, he did up the buckle and picked up his shirt putting his arms into the sleeves.  Isaiah slid the shirt carefully over his head trying desperately to avoid his hair managing to get it on without messing up what he had done.  This wasn’t the first time Isaiah had forgotten and put gel in his hair without putting his shirt on first, he had become somewhat of a pro at fixing the situation.  Isaiah took one last look in the mirror checking his hair, sprayed on his favourite cologne and then walked out into the kitchen.  Carla was sitting at the kitchen table doing a crossword and drinking from a coffee, something she would do often after she got home from work.  Isaiah looked at the time, it was five to seven.  “Mom, I’m heading out.  Not sure if I’ll be back tonight.  I might stay with Casey.”

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