Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sample Raw and Unedited

Just a tidbit of my current original work in progress thanks for taking a look and enjoy.

A couple of hours had passed since Isaiah had lost consciousness and he lay still asleep in the private emergency room.  Caleb had fallen asleep in the chair next to him and Carla still paced the floor at the foot of his bed.  Isaiah opened his eyes and he looked around when the feeling of the pain came back to him.  Isaiah squinted at the brightness of the florescent lights that lit the hospital room brightly.  He glance around the room still staying quietly, he could see his mother who had not yet noticed him, standing at the foot of his bed with her back to him.  He realised that they must have called her after he passed out, Isaiah couldn’t help but think of how mad she might be now that she knew he had lied about where he was.  The room he was in was very plain and smelled very disinfected.  There was one or two cabinets where they must have kept emergency equipment and then there was nothing, no windows, no other beds and there was no I.V.  Isaiah looked over at Caleb who laid there in the same clothing he had saw him in earlier in the night, telling him that he had not left him, and smiled then took his hand loosely.

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