Sunday, January 23, 2011

Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 10: The One

Chapter 10:  "The One"

Isaiah and I had finished training after a few more agent simulations if we weren't ready now we never would be.  We were in the bottom of the city and people had already started to gather at the temple.  Neo hadn't arrived yet but there were several other "bigger" people floating around.  I had already seen Captain Niobe, Commander Locke, Morpheus, Link the operator of the Nebechenezzar,and Captain Mifune' among others.  The counsel had all been seated and was being greeted.  The screen on which the people would watch the fight had all been set up and the finishing touches were being put on now, I could see where the monitoring station was set up and the technicians were also double checking those as well.  Isaiah and I stuck together in the large crowd of people and pushed our way over to the seating complex.  Captain Niobe walked over to us. 

"Good afternoon brave gentlemen," she said smiling,  "I hope you are ready for what is about too happen."  I returned her smile. 

"As ready as we believe two people can be in preparing to battle "The One." 

"Glad to here it, good luck from the crew of the Logos." 

"Thank-you Captain Niobe, we will not disappoint you." 

Isaiah was watching people walk by us they seemed to be starring at us.  We could here this drum begin to play and we new it was time as Neo himself had entered the Temple.  I could see the admiration in peoples faces as he walked by him he was truly their God.  The masses parted as he walked toward the seating complex he finally made it through the hoards of people and stepped over to us.  I nodded my head to him as he walked by and on up to his seat.  We walked over and stood by our respected seats across from his, I looked over the city to see nothing but people the entire city had to be here to see this.  The head of the counsel stood up on the rock formation above, everything was quiet as he began to speak. 

"People of Zion, we are gathered here today to deem these two young men worthy of taking control of there own ship and giving them the right once again to fight in the war against the machine empire.  We hope that they will pass the test and bid them good luck!" 

The crowd cheered and we were instructed by the technicians to be seated and were one by one jacked in to the battle program.

I opened my eyes and Neo walked over to me just as Isaiah loaded in. 

"Good luck," he said offering to shake my hand.  I took his hand and gave him a firm grip hand shake I smiled at him. 

"Same to you my friend."  Neo smiled at me and walked to the other side of the arena, which was huge, it was almost like a football field. 

"Begin when ever you are ready my friends." 

We heard the counsel leader from outside.  Neo took up a fighting stance and beckoned to us.  Isaiah and I looked at each other and took off at Neo as fast as we could, both of us striking as fast as we could everything we did was met with a block.  This much was expected, Neo easily blocked every punch, kick or swipe that we threw at him with great ease.  I began to focus my hardest I hoped if I could get a hit in it would make him loose his focus and we would both be able to hit him at least once.  Isaiah and I both began to focus in sync with one another doing the same attacks.  Neo was surprised by our synchronized attacks and we lucked in landing a combo.  Neo flew backwards under his own power and stopped for a second and looked at us.  He smiled and retook his stance.  Neo took to running and wanting to turn and run I jumped over him and landed behind him.  He swung backwards hitting me in the back and sending me into a wall.  He took a swing at Isaiah and he focused and ducked the attack luckily, he tried to kick Neo in the chest lifting up and passed him doing a complete flip.  All this was happening and Neo hadn't even begun to focus yet.  After blocking Isaiah's attack he did a roundhouse kick hitting him in the side and sending him flying into a wall.  Neo began to focus and disappeared.  I felt this pain in my back like I had been hit with a fist, Neo was moving so fast that he could not be seen with out focusing on him.  I ran over to Isaiah and he stood up. 

"Where the hell did he go?" he asked. 

"Shh focus and you should be able to see him."  I focused my hardest and could see him moving seemingly in slow motion he did a loop around the arena and then began to run right at us.  Isaiah was suddenly lifted into the air and hurled to the other end of the arena.  I knew that it was my turn next and as I focused I could see him reaching for me, I moved as fast as I could to grab his hand and hold on.  I could see almost a look of shock in his eyes as I took hold of him.  I smiled as I grabbed him and focused and began to attack with my feet while holding on to his hand.  I kicked him several times in the side before he through me to the ground. 

"Alright," he spoke quietly and calmly, "No more holding back." 

Neo lifted into the air and re-took his stance I knew that it would not be long now.  Neo moved at me so quick that I couldn't see him even focusing at my best he hit me and rammed me into a wall then he quickly began pummeling me his fists nothing but a blur.  All the while Isaiah had regained his focus and gotten to his feet.  He ran at Neo unsuspected and jumped into the air to start an attack when he suddenly froze in mid air unable to move.  Neo hit me one last time and turned to Isaiah he lifted into the air bringing his fist back for an attack he punched Isaiah with a massive attack sending him flying at a wall.  Isaiah managed to regain his focus in mid air and flipped his feet around to hit the wall and propels himself off of it.  Isaiah went flying at Neo at the speed he was known for Neo went higher into the air and when Isaiah was under him he stomped him to the ground and pushed his face into the dirt.  We now both lie on the ground exhausted and beaten beyond what we had ever been I could feel the blood drip from my mouth, and I was thinking about how much pain I was going be in once we got out of here and back to reality. 

"Enough," we heard all around us.  The battle was over, one by one they pulled us out of the training program.

I opened my eyes as they pulled the needle from my neck and sat forward in my seat.  The crowd cheered and we were all freed from the battle program.  I slowly got to my feet holding my stomach. 

"Man reality sucks," I said quietly.  Isaiah stood slowly, blood dripping from his mouth. 

"Tell me about it."  One of the technicians helped him to the edge of the stage and helped him sit down. 

"City of Zion I ask you do you believe that these two young men are worthy of fighting for you in this ongoing war!!!" shouted out the head counselor. 

The crowd let out one more collected cheer and we were in.  The next day I had begun my Captain's training with the counsels full blessing and we were to be christened a new ship The Navras.

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