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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 9: Training

Chapter 9: Training

I opened my eyes and sat up in the bed. 

"Your turn now are you ready?"  Isaiah looked at me and smiled and walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. 

"Don't be too hard on me ok.  Start me off slow and work into it."  He said to me as he laid down on the bed in my place.  I stood up and walked over to the machine monitor. 

"I can't go to easy on you Neo isn't gonna be that’s for sure."  I turned on the computer and sat down at the monitors desk I put on the operators head-set. 

"Lay down and get ready to fight for your life, I'll send in three at a time you should be able to handle that they will all be set to the hardest mode though."  Isaiah laid down on the bed and closed his eyes and I loaded him into the construct program. 

Isaiah looked around and checked his gun.  He put on his glasses and then looked up.  He had done a lot of work on his own residual self-image.  The silver rimmed glasses along with a short tight shining leather coat with black leather pants and white bandanna around his head and a white tank top on. 

"I'm ready when ever you are buddy bring it on." 

I loaded the program and started off with some army soldiers special trained and sent them in.  Isaiah watched as they all approached him.  Isaiah focused and then jumped into the air with his arms spread out away from him and his legs both up under him.  The first one came with in range of him and he thrust his foot out and sent the guy into the wall leaving an imprint and he was stuck in the wall.  He landed back on the ground and whipped around hitting the next one with his fist breaking his neck.  Two more soldiers showed up to replace the two he had defeated.  The third one he got rid of using a kicking combo that I had taught him awhile ago.  The fourth one punched him in the back and he jumped forward away from them, Isaiah jumped and did a round house kick in the air knocking the soldier in the face.  It sent the soldier twirling in the air.  Number five snuck up behind him and kicked him in the shins. 

"That seemed kinda cheap wasn't it." 

Isaiah turned around and punched him in the gut, when he bent over Isaiah uppercutted him with his elbow and sent him flipping through the air and into a distant wall.  Again as they fell they were replaced with others.  The sixth was met with a powerful kick in the face twisting his head around and breaking his neck.  Number seven ran up and was ready to fight, before he could react he was met with a speedy fist combo knocking him to the ground.  Number 8 came from behind, Isaiah jumped into the air doing a handstand on his head, twisting his legs and breaking the soldiers neck.  He hit the ground standing right in behind the next guard quickly grabbing him and breaking his neck. 

"Alright up the difficulty level send me an agent every three I kill ok," he yelled. 

An agent came running at him from out of nowhere and he jumped into the air in an attempt to jump over him.  The agent grabbed his foot and slammed him into the ground.  Isaiah quickly recovered and got to his feet immediately attacking the agent with full force delivering several combo's.  The agent blocked most of the attacks but he managed to get a few hits in.  He jumped to the air again and kicked the agent in the head as he went to the other side.  Isaiah was clearly focusing his hardest when he finally lost it and hit the ground hard.  The agent took full advantage of the opportunity and delivered a painful combo hitting him in the face then the chest and finally tripping him and punching him in mid air sending him flying into the wall.  It was almost hard to watch, the agent stopped and stood starring, just like the real thing he smirked and fixed his tie.  Isaiah got up and recovered his balance and wiped his face. 

"Now I'm pissed." 

The agent came at him again, Isaiah jumped off the wall and jumped into the air, time began to slow down and he kicked the agent ten times in the head in just over a second, the last and final kick knocked the agents head back far enough that it broke.  Isaiah hit the ground and began panting. 

"Holy crap," he said under his breath.  I froze the program momentarily to let him recover.  I called his phone. 

"Are you ok, you look like your having quite a rough time in there?" 

"Yeah I should be ok.  I'm gonna be really soar later mind you.  But for now I'm good." 

"Did you wanna keep going?  Or do you wanna go to something else?" 

"Yeah I'm done with this for now I forgot how hard the agents are in this difficulty level.  Let's try the roof tops." 

The surroundings changed back to that of the construct program and then the roof top program loaded, Isaiah was standing on the tallest roof in the city. 

"Why so high up you couldn't put me closer?" 

"Heads up here they come."  Suddenly a bullet flew by his head and he bounded from the building rooftop to the edge of the next.  The agent landed a few feet infront of him and pointed his gun ready to fire.  As the gun went off Isaiah did a flip around the bullet and passed the agent and again to the next building closely followed by three agents.  He dashed across the building at his fastest and was off the rooftop before the agents could even take out their guns. 

"Anything that involves speed I'm set they can't catch me haha!"  Isaiah laughed in mid air.  He hit the ground and as he landed an agent was right in front of him and kicked him backwards off the building.  As he fell Isaiah stared up and focused his best to get himself upright, he grabbed a horizontal flagpole and flipped around on it and sent himself flying back up toward the rooftop.  The agent at the top had his back turned to the edge and Isaiah kicked him with all his might as he got to the edge and landed sending the agent tumbling forward. 

He continued to run he could see the building that the phone was in and he was almost there.  He dived and rolled to the next rooftop and the agents closely followed him their guns sending bullet after bullet at him. 

"Almost there come on."  Isaiah pulled out his gun and focused as he jumped backwards facing the agents and opened fire of course the agents dodged the bullets but the point was that in order to dodge they would have to stop running buying him that much more time.  Before Isaiah hit the ground he felt something stick in his back, the program suddenly ended, Isaiah hadn't realized there was one behind him.  He was back inside the construct program. 

"Damn it I almost made it, I can't believe I fucked up there."  Isaiah threw his glasses on the floor. 

"Hey man calm down you did fine I didn't even realize that agent was there either did you want to try again or are you done for a bit?"  I asked. 

"I think I'm done for now man, let's just go to bed."

I shut down the program and Isaiah sat up in the bed. 

"That was great, how do you think we'll do against him tomorrow?" asked Isaiah.  I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. 

"Well we're gonna loose there is no way around that, but how we loose is what matters I think we will do ok.  Remember I will be there with you so don't worry.  We're gonna do this together."  I stood up and got in the bed and covered up.  Isaiah lied down next to me. 

"Man all I can say is when we get our own ship I know exactly who I'm going to go looking for as my crew,” I said closing my eyes. 

"Who?"  Isaiah whispered. 

"I'm gonna start with getting my cousins out of there, well they used to be my cousins, my friend Colin and his girlfriend Saba, that's for sure, and my friend Tabatha.  I can't wait to free them." 

"Me either.  We should wake up early so we can train a bit before the fight." 

"You’re right we'll get up at eight."  Isaiah closed his eyes and we both went to sleep, tomorrow was going to be rough.

I woke up through the night and got up out of bed quietly so I would not wake Isaiah and walked out into the city.  I walked out and leaned over the railing looking down over the city. 

"It's a nice view huh?"  I heard from behind.  I turned around to see Morpheus standing behind me. 

"Where did you come from?"  I said surprised. 

"I, like you, was just out for a walk, and like you who are most likely looking for someone to talk to.  Are you anxious about the fight tomorrow?" 

I lowered my head and turned to look over the edge of the railing again. 

"Yes I think that’s why I can’t sleep, I can't wait to get up there and prove myself to the counsel members." 

"Yes it will take a great deal to do, that I know myself, the counsel is wise and will not trust just anyone with the responsibility of commanding a ship.  You are aware it is not easy, correct?" 

"Yes I am aware of that but I am also prepared to do what I can to be aloud to do it."  Morpheus smiled at me and walked over to the ledge to join me. 

"And that is precisely what you will be marked on, your determination.  Your want to aid in protecting humanity from the machines." 

"I should be set, we're going to fight our best, Captain Bailen and the others would be proud, at least I like to think so." 

"I'm sure he would be, he was very proud of you and how fast you were able to adapt to fighting within the matrix." 

I was silent for several seconds silently saying a prayer for the crew of the Lokiren. 

"I'll show the counsel I can take control of a ship.  I'm gonna blow them away."  Morpheus turned to walk away. 

"I'm glad to hear it I'll see you tomorrow you should get some rest."  I turned to him before he could walk away. 

"Thank you Morpheus." 

"You're welcome."  Morpheus quietly walked away from me and I went back to my room and closed the door. 

I got back in bed and slept till the next morning when Isaiah got up out of bed. 

"Brandan get up its time to train together," he said as I opened my eyes. 

"I'm up, I'm up."  I got up out of the bed and stretched I walked right over to the control panel. 

"You ready?"  I asked. 

"When ever you are, lets go."  Isaiah laid down in the training simulator. 

"I'm loading the absolute hardest level its only gonna be two agents ok?" 

"OK ok lets get this show on the road we haven't got all day."  I hit the load sequence and then got on the training simulator next to Isaiah. 

We were in the construct program and I brought up the in program control pad. 

"We're gonna fight in the ball court are you ready?" 

"I'm good to go when you are let’s go."  I hit the enter button on the pad and the construct program loaded the simulation.  I looked and the agents had just loaded and were adjusting their ties.  Isaiah and I looked at one another then sprung into action.  We each ran at an agent and started to swing.

I swung high then low and at his mid section he blocked me, but I wouldn't give up yet.  I round house kicked him and knocked him in the face, he went straight down and tripped me then kicked me sending me sliding across the floor.  He ran at me and I brought myself to my feet then into the air I went delivering a blow to the stomach, he bent over from the blow and I gave him a powerful uppercut sending him hurling through the air.  Isaiah noticed the agent in the air and ran at him doing a back flip kick in the air breaking the agents back.  The agent vanished; I had the program make the second agent stronger once the other one was gone.  It ran at Isaiah cracking him so hard he went flying at the wall, he stopped himself with his feet pushing against the wall and stopping himself from getting to badly damaged. 

"Good going now lets get this guy." 

I ran at the agent and swung at him, he grabbed my fist and threw me to the ground I focused and brought myself to a slide sliding right between the agents leg.  Isaiah ran at the agent as fast as he could and swung his fist in an uppercut.  His fist connected with the agents face, it would have broken his neck if I had not of changed the program.  The agent recovered and kicked Isaiah with a powerful roundhouse kick, knocking him to the ground. 


I ran at the agent again striking him with all I had, hitting him in three places before he could respond.  I kept going as hard as I could thinking of how good it was gonna be to take on Neo even just to get one hit in would be thrilling.  Isaiah kicked him in the back and he bent forward into me I tripped him and kicked him along the ground. 

"Alright twin element!" 

I grabbed Isaiah by the hand, we both began to focus in sequence with each other and I threw him into the air.  The agent had gotten to his feet and came running at me.  He punched me sending me into the wall, I hit and fell to my knees.  The agent stopped to fix his tie but before he could take another step toward me, Isaiah hit him with both feet on his head and smashed his face into the ground.  Isaiah flipped off him after he had hit the ground. 

"Yeah we got him!"  Isaiah walked over to help me up. 

"He's not done for yet." 

"What!  Brandan are you crazy why did you make him so strong?" 

"Because we have to be ready for Neo and he is gonna be stronger then anything you can imagine.  Look out!" 

The agent had gotten right up behind Isaiah.  I jumped into the air with my arms out and my legs up under me, Isaiah ducked and I kicked the agent with all my strength to knock it back several feet it was the best I had for my weakened state. 

Isaiah rushed into action and began an onslaught of attacks using chops and punches to knock the agent away, giving me enough time to recover.  I got to my feet and regained my focus I ran at the agent and began attacking with Isaiah even an agent shouldn't be able to fight off two of us.  Together we went at him swinging left and right taking top and bottom all at once.  Yet he still managed to block most of our attacks.  The agent jumped in the air and kicked both of us away from him.  I got close enough to him to grab him by the leg and hurl him into the wall.  Isaiah used his speed to get close before he could attack us again and began punching him in the side so fast his hands became nothing but a blur, he finished the attack with a punch in the face and jumped away from him.  The agent got up walked away from the wall and fixed his tie then just stopped and fell to the ground.

"Is he done?"  asked Isaiah. 

I got and walked over to the agent and suddenly the program ended and we were back in the construct program. 

"Does that answer your question?"  I turned and looked at him. 

"Do you think we're ready Brandan?"  I walked toward him. 

"As ready as we'll ever be I think. . ."

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