Sunday, January 16, 2011

T-Virus 2 The G Project (a resident evil fanfiction)

Again part of my Resident Evil fanfiction entitled T-Virus.  Written only months after the first one this story continues to follow Cindy, Ahmed, and Justin as they continue to endure the horrific experiments of the umbrella corporation.

Narrator:  This story begins two months after the school was destroyed.  Ahmed, Cindy and Justin have enrolled in their new school and Travis is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.  Ahmed, Malik and Hassan are walking down the street on the way home from school for lunch.

Malik: Ahmed did you talk to Cindy and Justin yet today?
Ahmed: I couldn’t find either of them, I looked for them at recess.
Hassan: Justin and Cindy are bother in my science class, I’ll tell them to call the house after lunch.
Ahmed: Thanks Hassan.
Noise:(quietly from bushes) Muh . . .
Malik: Did you hear that?
Hassan: I didn’t hear anything.

(a zombie staggers out of the bushes behind them)

Ahmed: Oh no, it’s a zombie.  Malik, Hassan get back. (pulls his hand gun from his backpack)  It must’ve got out of the school before it exploded. (shoots it twice it falls)
Malik: Let’s get home and call your friends.

(they run all the way to there house and run in)

Malik: Mom, Dad Ahmed was right we saw a zombie!
Jeannine: Malik I thought I told you zombies aren’t real and that never happened.
Malik: But we saw one!
James: Oh don’t talk so foolish.
Malik: But . . .
James: Young man what have I told you about lying, now eat your lunch and get to school.
Hassan: Dad he’s not lying I seen it too.
Ahmed: No we didn’t what are you talking about? (winks at Malik and Hassan)
Malik: Got ya! (laughs)
Hassan: (forced laughter) Yah, you almost fell for it. (looks at Ahmed confused)
Ahmed: Can I use the phone and can I see the phone book?
Jeannine: Sure dear go ahead, the phone book is in the living room under the phone.

(Ahmed, Malik and Hassan go into the living room)
Hassan: What do I look under? (opening the book)
Ahmed: Look under Chris Redfield.  I’ll call Cindy first she’ll know what Justin’s number is.
Hassan: Ok it’s 539-2906.
Ahmed: (dials the number) It’s ringing.
Claire: Hello.
Ahmed: Is Cindy there?
Cindy: Claire I’ve got it.
Claire: Ok. (click)
Ahmed: Hi Cindy.
Cindy: Ahmed hi, how are you?  I didn’t see you in school today, I looked all over.
Ahmed: I looked for you too.  Cindy I think Umbrella’s up to something already.
Cindy: What makes you say that?
Ahmed: We were walking home today and a zombie lurched out of the bushes and tried to attack us.  Luckily I was carrying my gun with me and I killed it.
Cindy: Ahmed hold on a second I’m gonna three-way Justin.
Ahmed: Alright.
(Click 2 seconds pass click)
Cindy:  You still there?
Ahmed: Yeah. (click)
Justin: Hello.
Cindy: Justin’s Umbrella’s at it again already.
Justin: Aya’s been looking into Umbrella.  They had a factory a few miles out of town.  It’s supposed to be abandoned but Aya said there’s been a lot of recent activity.
Cindy: Chris and Claire are going to help us too.
Ahmed: My cousin Hassan wants to help us too.
Justin: Oh hi Ahmed, didn’t know you were there.
Hassan: Ahmed tell them to meet us at the police station?
Ahmed: Justin, Cindy can you guys meet us at the police station?
Justin & Cindy: All right.

Narrator: Ahmed and Hassan walk Malik to school and head straight to the police station.  Cindy, Claire, Chris, Justin and Aya are there.

Ahmed: How are we gonna get to the factory?
Chris: We’re taking an armored van.
Claire: I take it you’ve packed lots of ammunition.
Aya: Yes.  We’re fully stocked with a grenade launcher, rifle, shotgun, seven semi automatic handguns, and a rocket launcher if worse comes to worse, complete with ammo of course.

Ahmed: Holy cow.
Claire: Med-kits too?
Aya: Several.
Chris: I guess we’re ready to go then.
(they get in the van and Chris passes them each a weapon with ammo.  They drive for about an hour and pull up to a massive building.)

Justin: Man this place is huge how are we gonna cover it all?
Aya: We’re only going to three floors.  The sub-level, observation level, and the roof lab.
Chris: We’ll start on the observation level.
Hassan: Why?
Chris: It’s the first floor and if the elevator is out then it will be easy to get to.
Ahmed: So that’s our first objective, to see if the power’s on?
Cindy: Guess so. (they get out of the van and walk into the building there’s a long hallway clutter with zombie corpses)
Hassan: Man that’s rank!  What is that smell?
Justin: It’s the zombies they’re decaying.
Claire: Are they still . . . alive, I’m not sure if that’s the right way to put it?
Ahmed: There’s only one way to find out. (starts to walk down the hall)
Cindy: Ahmed don’t, you might get hurt.
Aya: Get back here. (walks up behind him and stops him)
Zombies: Muhhh!!! (all the zombie’s stand up)
Justin: Shoot them!
Chris: Aya get down!(fires, zombies start firing, they fire until the last zombie is shot dead)  Are you guys ok? (runs over and helps them up)
Aya: Yeah we’re ok.
Ahmed: Let’s just get moving now.
Hassan: Why are we wasting time? (walks up ahead)
Cindy: Hassan wait! (runs ahead after him they go around a corner and there is a loud crash) AH! (the others run around the corner to see a giant hole, the floor panels fell in)
Claire: Cindy are you guys alright?!
Cindy: Yes we’re ok. But we can’t see anything, anybody got a flash light.
Chris: Here. (turns on a light and throws it in the hole)
Cindy: Thanks Chris, hopefully we’ll see you later.

Narrator: The others leave and Hassan and Cindy start to make their way through the sub level.  They walk about twenty minutes in silence.

Cindy: What aren’t you saying anything?
Hassan: Sorry I just thought you weren’t talking to me.
Noise: Muhh!
Cindy: Stand still.
Hassan: Where is it?
(Cindy shines the light around the area and sees the zombie swaying in the light)
Zombies: Aaah! (staggers toward them)
Hassan: Keep the light on it. (raises the gun fires)  Why didn’t it drop?
Cindy: Most of the time they don’t go down after the first shot.
Hassan: (holstering his gun) Keep the light on it ok. (walks up to the zombie)
Zombie: Muuhh. (reaches for him)
Hassan: (ducks and uppercuts the zombie and it’s head falls backwards) Aw yuck my hand’s all slimy.
Cindy: Hassan are you ok? (worried) Don’t do that you scared me! (runs over to him grabs his hand looks it over)  You haven’t got any cuts have you?
Hassan: No.  Cindy don’t worry I’ll be fine.
Cindy: Are you sure?
Hassan: Yes I’m sure, can I have my hand back now?
Cindy: Oh sorry. (let’s go of his hand)

Meanwhile back with the others they were have their own share of problems.

Justin: Man that thing scarred me.  They never had any of those things in the school.
Claire: It almost looked like an ape of some sort.
Chris: I think it was stocking us for quite some time. (they walk into a lab)
Ahmed: Man what is this place?
Aya: Looks like some kind of experiment lab.
Ahmed: (picks up a test tube) I wonder what’s in these things?
Chris: Don’t touch those we don’t know what they could be. (grabs the test tub from him)
Claire: Hey a computer. (walks over to a computer that sat in the corner)
Aya: Can you get it working?
Claire: (hits the counsel) Damn. No, it’s not getting any power.
Justin: That means the main power isn’t working.
Chris: Let’s try to identify what’s in these test tubes.
Ahmed: It’s probably the T-Virus.
Claire: The what?
Justin: The T-Virus it’s the agent that creates the zombies.
Ahmed: No it’s not.  It’s the virus that infects people then transforms them into the zombies.
Aya: Then we shouldn’t touch it in the case of accidental infection.  I don’t know about you, but the feeding on someone’s flesh . . . not exactly the most appealing career choice in the world.
Chris: Yeah you’re right.  (puts down the vial)
Claire: (looking at a booklet) Hey guys look at this!
Justin: What is it?
Claire: (reading from the booklet) Nemesis progress report.
Ahmed: Nemesis, what’s that?
Chris: What else does it say?
Claire: It says: The Nemesis Project has been coming along as planned.  We’ve had several test runs all of which went as planned.  We’ll soon be dispatching this creation on the S.T.A.R.S unit of the P.D.  Particularly Aya Brea and Chris Redfield because of their affiliation with Justin Brea and Cindy Redfield who were involved in the previous testing site of our first creation the Tyrant.  Which proved to work out splendidly but will only be used to contain the population in the event of the G Project.  After the launch of the G Project several will be dispatched around the city.  The following blue print of the Nemesis’ armor details regarding the G Project will be featured in my next report.
Justin: Do you thing they let it out already?
Aya: (shaky voice) What’s the date on that Claire?
Claire: (swallows hard) Yesterday.
Chris: We’d better get a move on.

Meanwhile back with Cindy and Hassan things are starting to go better.

Cindy: What is this room?
Hassan: (takes the light from Cindy) Look, that looks like a power core. (pointing light at a large cylindrical object in the middle of the room)
Cindy: Come on, if it is the power core we should get it back on, that way we can use the elevator.
Hassan: (feeling around the counsel picks up a book) Hey what’s this? (opens it)
Cindy: Never mind that now.  Help me get the power back on.
Hassan: (stuffs the booklet in his pocket) Do you even know what you’re doing?
Cindy: It’ll take me a few minutes but I think I can get it. (starts to click buts and pull levers)
Hassan: Hey Cindy look over there.  There’s a big lever that says power initialization sequence.
Cindy: Go pull it.
Hassan: (walks up to it) Are you sure?
Cindy: Well what harm can it do?
Hassan: All right. (pulls down on the level)
(as the lever is set to the down position there is a whirring noise as the entire area is lit up, the moans and groans of zombies can be heard all around them, Hassan and Cindy leave the power room and start to make their way to the elevator, they come to a fork in the hall)
Cindy: Let’s go right.
Hassan: No I think this way is safer.  Listen there’s less zombies this way. (listening to the hallway)
Cindy:  I hope you’re right. (follows Hassan down the hallway a zombie staggers out of a laboratory the zombie’s skin is totally missing)
Hassan: Whoa what happened to that guy?
Cindy: I don’t know, I’ve never seen a zombie like that.  Those weren’t at the school.
Hassan: (raises his gun) I’ll get it (fires three rounds) Hey that normally gets them.
Zombie: Muuhh. (staggers toward them)
Hassan: I’ll get it this time.  (fires four shots)
Zombie: Uh (falls stops moving)
Cindy: Seven rounds, that’s strange, they’ve never taken much.
Hassan: (reloads) I wonder . . . let’s check in that room. (they walk down the hall and into the lab)
Cindy: Man this place is crawling with zombies. (raises her gun) We better clear them out before we search around. (starts firing)
Hassan: Alright. (pulls out his gun starts firing they move throughout the room taking them out one at a time)  Finally we got the last of them, how many shots have you got left.
Cindy: I’ve got thirty left all together.
Hassan: I’ve only got fifteen, in this clip.
Cindy: Now I wonder what this room is?
Hassan: (touching one of the tubes) It looks like something you’d see in a scary sci-fi movie.
Cindy: Yeah, I wonder what all these computers are for? (touches one of the buttons)
Hassan: Don’t touch that! (she pulls away startled) You might let out what ever is in these tubes.
Cindy: (walks up to a tube) I wonder what’s in them. (wipes off the condensation) Oh no. (steps back)
Hassan: What? (walks over)
Cindy: It’s the thing that chased us through the school.
Hassan: (takes the book out of his pocket) Maybe we should take a look at this now.
Cindy: I’m listening.
Hassan: (opens it) Alright it says: G Project procedures: First the newly developed G Virus will be made air born for a short time, enough to infect one third of the population of the city.  Safety procedures have been followed to prevent the spread of the virus to neighboring towns.  Then once the entire populace has been exposed the Tyrant’s in lab four will be dispatched to make sure no one is left to inform the government.  The virus will be spread at twelve ‘o’ clocks Tuesday afternoon; the Tyrant’s will be dispatched at exactly five ‘o’clock the same evening.  They will break out of their test tubes at four thirty to start their journey to the city.  After the virus is made airborne all personnel are to evacuate the research facility immediately.  The computers will be set to drain the tubes at the right time to release the Tyrants.  (closes the book)  What’s the G Virus?
Cindy: I don’t know but (looks at watch) it’s four twenty nine.
Hassan: (quietly voice) Cindy what lab is this?
(click, click, whirr, swish, the tanks start draining)
Cindy: Oh no, what do we do?
Hassan: I don’t know. (looks around the tubes open and the tyrants eyes open and they start to leave their tube) Hide over here come on.  (grabs her and they duck under a computer consol)
Cindy: What if they find us?
Hassan: Shh. (puts his finger to her lips)
(several tyrants walk by them, they can hear them thudding around the room and then BANG! They break the door open and leave)
Cindy: Are they gone? (trembling)
Hassan: I think. (holds his gun up and stands) They’re gone.
Cindy: Thank God. (stands up, hugs Hassan starts crying) Thank you I was so scarred.  I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.
Hassan: (rubbing the back of her head) Don’t worry we’re safe now.
Cindy: Hassan. . . don’t let go.
Hassan: (tears come to his eyes) I won’t.  Do you think we’re gonna live?
Cindy: (rubs away the tears) Yes don’t worry I know we will.
Hassan: Alright, now let’s find that elevator.
Cindy: Wait, I just realized something.
Hassan: What?
Cindy: Those Tyrants probably broke down a lot of doors on their way out and if they did that means everything in the others rooms able to roam the halls.
Hassan: You’re right we’d better be extra careful.

Narrator: Cindy and Hassan push on toward the elevator and back with the others they were about to get their first glimpse of Nemesis.

Aya: I wonder how the power got back on?
Chris: Cindy and Hassan must have gotten it back on, the generator is in the sub levels.
(they hear loud crashes somewhere close by getting closer)
Justin: What’s that noise?
Aya: Something big, something very big. (takes out her grenade launcher)
Chris: I’m ready for it. (taking out his rifle)
Claire: Chris give me that magnum you packed.
Chris: Are you sure you can handle it? (passes it to her)
Claire: Please (sarcastically) anything you can do I can do better.
Aya: You go girl. (they smile at each other)
Creature: (crashes through the wall) STARS!
Claire: What the hell is that thing?
Aya: It must be Nemesis!
Chris: Ahmed, Justin get behind us!
Ahmed: Stop talking and shoot it! (starts firing his handgun the others follow his example)
Justin: He’s even stronger than that thing in the school.
Claire: What’s up with this thing he should look like a piece of Swiss cheese by now!
(it grabs Chris by the uniform with one hand and lifts him into the air Chris struggles)
Chris: Shoot it.
(Claire fires the magnum it doesn’t phase it)
Aya: Let him go! (rams Nemesis from the side he turns his attention to Aya)
Chris: Aya what are you doing? (as he hits the ground)
Justin: (fires ten rounds reloads) Aya! Leave her alone! (gets between Aya and Nemesis) Take this you freak. (empties an entire clip in the creatures face it staggers backwards) Let’s get outta here. (reloads)
Ahmed: Hurry run! (starts running the others follow)
(they takes off down the hall as far and as fast as they can, they stop running when they come to a small storeroom, they go in and sit down)
Chris: Ahmed are you ok? (steps over to him)
Ahmed: (gets on his hands and knees from exhaustion) Chest is(gasp) burning. (gasp) I can’t breathe.
Justin: I hope it didn’t follow us.
Aya: Justin that was a pretty brave thing you did back there.
Justin: I didn’t want him to hurt you.
Claire: You’re a sweet guy Justin make sure you stay that way.
Justin: Thanks Claire.
Chris: Aya give me one of the air masks from the med kit.
Aya: (gets mask from kit) Here. (passes it to him) Is he gonna be all right?
Chris: (places mask on Ahmed) I think so, he’s just outta breath. (squeezes attachment on mask) Take deep breaths, in (Ahmed inhales) and out. (Ahmed exhales)
Ahmed: (they repeat process then) Thank you. (moves the mask from his face)
Chris: You ok now are ya?
Ahmed: Yeah I’ll make it.
Chris: Next time when we are running tell me if you get too tired and I will help you. (helps him to his feet)
Claire: Chris I thought you said the elevator was on this floor?
Chris: It is.
Claire: Why haven’t we found it yet then?
Chris: Aya give me the map of this floor.
Aya: Here. (passes him the map)
Chris: (he looks at it) Here we are? (points to a spot on the map, moves his finger along the map) There’s the elevator, it’s about twenty minutes of walking through tight corridors.
Justin: Can we get a move on now?  I don’t want that thing to catch up with us.
Ahmed: Me either.
Chris: They’re right. (puts map away)

Narrator: They walk out of the storeroom and start their way to the elevator meanwhile back with Cindy and Hassan:

Hassan: (kneeling by Cindy) Cindy are you ok? (helps her up and holds her up) Thank God I killed that thing.
Cindy: Ow, it got my leg pretty badly.  I’ve never seen those things before.  They’re just as fast as lickers but they’re bigger and stronger.
Hassan: Can you stand on your own?
Cindy: Yeah I think so (he let’s her go she falls and cries out) Ow, it hurts too much I can’t walk.
Hassan: Then I’ll carry you.
Cindy: Hassan that’s crazy if something attacks you we’ll never get away.
Hassan: We’ll deal with that when it happens, (picks her up) I’m not leaving you here, no matter what happens.
Cindy: Thank you Hassan. (puts her arms around his neck they start down the hallway they come to a storeroom)
Hassan: We can stop here for awhile. (sits Cindy on a chair walks over to a laptop in the corner) Cindy do you thing you can you figure this thing out?
Cindy: Maybe hold on. (slides over in her chair) I think this has a map available on it.  I’ll print it out. (click on the print icon with the mouse)
Printer: whir click click (repeat four times then paper slides out)
Hassan: (takes the paper) Where are we?
Cindy: We’re in storeroom S.
Hassan: (runs his finger over the paper) Storeroom S, Storeroom S let me see (stops his finger) ah here it is.  The elevator is only fifty feet down the hall. (folds the paper, puts it in his pocket) Let’s go, we’re almost there. (walks over to Cindy)
Cindy: Already, shouldn’t you rest a bit longer.
Hassan:(picks her up) Why it’s not like you’re heavy, I’m really not tired. (they go into the hall)
Cindy: Earlier, that thing that attacked me, I think it followed us for quite some time before it attacked.
Hassan: Almost like it was hunting us.
Cindy: I think they deserve the nickname Hunter.
Hassan: How many rounds have you got left?
Cindy: Twenty maybe.
Hassan: I’ve only got five trade me.
Cindy: (takes out her gun) Here. (she puts it in his hand)
Hassan: Mine is in it’s holster on my side.
Cindy: (she reaches for his gun) Got it.
Noise: tap tap tap.
Cindy: What was that?
Hassan: I don’t wanna find out. (starts running)
Noise: tap tap tap tap tap tap
Cindy: Oh no it’s a hunter.
Hassan: (stops running) Wait here. (puts her down points the gun down the hall)
Cindy: Shoot it!
Hassan: What for it!
Cindy: What are you waiting for? (the Hunter come to five feet away Hassan fires at it’s head)
Hunter: REECH! (drops dead on the ground)
Hassan: (picks her up) Let’s get going. (starts down the hall at a quick pace they walk for about five minutes)
Cindy: There’s the elevator.
Hassan: Finally, (they walk over to it) get the button will yeah.
Cindy: Yup (pushes button the door opens and they walk in)
Hassan: Lay here for a minute. (sits her in the corner) Now let’s get this thing moving. (walks over and looks at the panel) This elevator only goes to the top floor.
Cindy: Then the one up there will probably take us to the first floor.
Hassan: Alright then we go up. (pushes the button on the panel the elevator starts to move slowly up the shaft) Sounds like we’re gonna be awhile. (sits by Cindy)
Cindy: Finally we’re safe for awhile.
Hassan: I’m starting to get tired of this.  What time is it?
Cindy: (looks at her watch) It’s only eight thirty.
Hassan: It’s been four hours already. (leans his head back)
Cindy: Yeah. (looks at her hand)

Meanwhile on the top floor waiting for the same elevator . . .
Aya: I wonder who’s in the elevator?
Justin: Maybe Cindy and Hassan made it?
Claire: (shaken voice) Maybe it’s Nemesis.
Chris: I don’t think it would surprise me at this point if it was seeming as how he doesn’t seem to want to leave us alone. (Ahmed breaths heavily) Ahmed are you ok?
Claire: (walks over to him) Ahmed are you scared?
Ahmed: (shakes his head with tears in his eyes) Yes.  I can’t take this anymore; I don’t want to face that horrible monster again.  Everytime we see him, he comes closer and closer to killing someone.  He almost knocked you out last time Claire.
Claire: Pfft barely.
Chris: Ahmed come here for a minute. (kneels down he steps over to him) Listen we’re gonna get through this, I promise, but you have to bare with me on this one ok.
Justin: Ahmed remember what you promised to for your father?
Ahmed: You’re right I’m not in this for myself anymore . . . I’m in this for dad.  I guess I’ll have to face me fears. (steps back from Chris)
Chris: Good for you kid.
Aya: Oh my God I wish that thing would hurry up.  We’ve been here for ten minutes. (elevator arrives with a ding) Oh ok.

Inside the elevator
Hassan: Good thing the door isn’t automatic open.  (helps Cindy against the wall) Stay here I’m gonna try to see if the place is safe or not. (checks his gun)
Cindy: Alright good luck Hassan.  (she hugs him they kiss)
Hassan: I’ll be back don’t worry.  (stands up hits the door open button and hides on the other side of the door)
Chris: Alright guys move in.
Hassan: (steps out) Whew I’m glad to see you guys.
Chris: Holy shit! (falls backwards points his gun at Hassan)
Hassan: Whoa dude calm down we’re human it’s ok. (Cindy crawls out from behind the wall)
Claire: Cindy you’re ok! (walks over to her helps her to her feet)
Cindy: Yeah I’m ok, Hassan carried me this far.  I got attacked by one of those ape-like things.
Chris: (Hassan helps him up) Good to see ya kid and thanks for taken care of Cindy.
Hassan: No problem.
(Nemesis crashes through the nearby wall)
Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S.
Ahmed: Oh no not him again.
Chris: Everybody in the elevator quick. (pushes Hassan in the elevator the other get in and the doors close)
Cindy: What the hell was that thing?!
Justin: That’s Nemesis. (elevator starts down the shaft)
Claire: Cindy we should get your leg looked after.
Aya: Yeah I’ll get it bandaged up. (gets gauss from the med kit) Here this’ll help. (starts to wrap the leg)
Hassan: Are you feeling alright now Cindy?
Cindy: (smiles at him) Thanks babe a little.  You should give Aya the booklet we found.
Hassan: (passes Aya the booklet) Here.
Aya: What’s this?
Cindy: It’s a detailed description of the desecration of the city.
Claire: What do you mean?
Cindy: They spread a virus throughout the city called the G-Virus.  Everyone we know could be dead right now.  If they’re not then a Tyrant is hunting them down.
Hassan: Oh no, Malik he’s at home.
Ahmed: That means he might be running for his life right now.
Justin: Let’s blow up this factory as quick as possible then go into the city and find Malik.
Cindy: And how do you propose we do that?
Claire: We have to get to the power room and remove the fail-safe on the power core, then overload it.
Hassan: Well who’s gonna do that?
Claire: Me of course.
Hassan: Follow me, it’ll be quicker if just the two of us go.
Chris: No it’ll be easier if we all go.
Hassan: If we all go we may not be able to get out in enough time.  I’ll take Claire to the power room, she can set the self-destruct and we’ll be back in no time.
Aya: Chris he’s right.
Chris: Alright get going then.
Hassan: Come on Claire. (steps out of the elevator)
Chris: Be careful! Claire don’t take any stupid risks!
(Clair follows him the run for about five minutes then stop for a breather)
Claire: How much farther is it Hassan? (panting)
Hassan: Still quite a bit further yet. (panting)
Claire: Let’s get going.
Hassan: (leans against the wall) Give me just another minute.  (sits)
Claire: God the way you act you would think we were running for hours.
Hassan: (still breathing heavy) Sorry I guess I’m not in quite as good of as you are.
Claire: Sorry I guess we’re not all police academy drop outs.
Hassan: It’s alright don’t worry about it.(stands up)
Claire: You ready now?
Hassan: (nods to her) Yeah. (they start running again for about ten minutes they turn a corner and the hall is cluttered with zombies staggering toward them) Great now what?
Claire: (takes out magnum) What else we plow them down.
Hassan: Have you got any handgun rounds, I’ve only got fifteen left.
Claire: Yup here. (takes out two clips tosses them to him)
Hassan: (raises his gun) Well Claire. (opens fire)
Claire: (raises her gun) This should get at least three of them. (fires the round drops three they begin to shoot them down one by one then take off again) How much longer is it now?
Hassan: Oh, about ten more minutes of straight running.
Claire: Well what are we waiting for? (they make it all the way to the power room)
Hassan: (sits down) Go for it, do your stuff.
Claire: (walks over to the panel) Good it’s one of the easy ones.
Hassan: What’s that mean?
Claire: I can work it. (types something in)
Computer Voice: Warning this procedure will unlock the fail-safe and start the countdown to self destruct of this facility safe distance is at six miles, do you wish to proceed?
Claire: Let’s just hope the voice recognition system was damaged.  Yes continue.
Computer Voice: Please enter time.
Claire: Sweet.  Forty Five minutes.
Hassan: Will that be enough time?
Computer Voice: You now have forty four minutes and fifty nine seconds before self destruct.
Claire: It’ll have to be come on. (they start to run back)
Hassan: (while they’re running) Claire how big is the top floor?
Claire: It should only take a few minutes to cross.
Hassan: I can’t do this much longer. (starts to slow down)
Claire: Hassan we can’t slow down. (runs beside him and takes his hand and starts to pull him along) Take a deep breath and think about getting to your brother in time to save him.
Hassan: Alright. (starts to pick up) Malik don’t worry, I’m coming.
They run for about twenty minutes and finally come to the elevator.  They both collapse on the floor upon arrival.
Computer: You now have twenty-five minutes until detonation. (Chris hits the button the elevator door closes and starts up the shaft)
Aya: Are you guys ok?
Claire: (breathing deeply) I’ll be fine.
Cindy:(kneels by Hassan) Hassan are you gonna make it?
Hassan: (shakes his head breathing heavily) I’ll be alright, Cindy are you ok?
Cindy: Yeah I’m all bandaged up.
Ahmed: Hassan are you sure your ok, we’re almost at the top it’s quite a long run.
Hassan: I’ll make it. (gets to his feet regains composure)
(the elevator stops door opens)
Computer: You now have twenty minutes until detonation.
Aya: Run! (they all take to running)
Cindy: Will that be enough time?!
Chris: I don’t know.
Aya: It will be if we don’t stop running.
Justin: What if Nemesis attacks us?
Claire: We’ll deal with that if it happens.
(they run for almost five minutes and get to the elevator)
Computer: You now have fifteen minutes until detonation. (the door opens and everyone gets in)
Aya: Chris I don’t think we’ll have enough time. (hitting the down button)
Claire: Can’t this stupid thing go any faster?
Chris: When this thing stops we’re gonna have to really push it.
Cindy: Well, I’m not sure I can do this anymore. (breathing heavily)
Hassan: We’ve gotta try. (panting) Ahmed are you ok? (Ahmed walks over to him and hugs him he hugs him back) You’re scarred aren’t you? (Ahmed shakes his head) Don’t worry we’ll make it, I know we will.
Ahmed: I hope your right.
Justin: We have to get out so we can check the city.
(the elevator stops they start running again)
Hassan: Claire how much time should this take?
Claire: We should make it out with just a minute to spare.
Chris: We better hurry to the van.
Computer: You now have ten minutes until detonation.
Justin: That’s not enough time you guys.
Aya: Keep running. (they run to eight minutes and come to the door and run outside)
Chris: Everybody in the van! (opens the door to the drivers seat)
Aya: (opening the back) Come on, come on, everybody in the back quick.
(Claire, Justin, Hassan, Cindy and Ahmed jump in the back. Aya gets in and slams the door)
Claire: Chris floor it now!!! (screams)
(Chris floors it and they speed away from the facility at 160kph)
Cindy: How much time’s left?
Claire: About a minute. (the facility explodes)
Aya: Come on hurry. (they get just out of reach of the explosion)
Hassan: (sits by Ahmed) See (puts his arm around him) I told you we’d make it.
Ahmed: (lays his head against Hassan’s arm) I didn’t think you would lie to me. (closes his eyes)
Cindy: Hassan, what happened back there . . . I just wanted to let you know how I feel about you, do you feel the same way I do?  (sitting next to him)
Claire: Aw isn’t that cute.
Cindy: Claire stop.
Claire: (smiles) I’m done.
Hassan: (looking her in the eye) Yes.
Cindy: Good. (lays against Hassan’s shoulder)
Justin: Well aren’t you one big happy family.
Aya: Chris take us back to town.  We have to see if that report Hassan found was real.
Chris: Alright.  Hassan.
Hassan: Yeah?
Chris: What street do you live on?
Hassan: Sickamore Street.
Chris: We’re going to see if your brother is alright.
Hassan: Thanks.

Narrator: They drive for less than twenty minutes and get into town to discover that the G Project had been put into action.  Several zombies can be seen roaming the sidewalks, Lickers are seen climbing up and down the buildings, they drive by a Tyrant walking on the road.

Aya: Hassan it doesn’t look good.
Hassan: I know.
(they pull up beside Hassan’s house and get out of the van)
Ahmed: The doors open.
Hassan: Let’s go. (they walk up to the house and go in the door they hear crunching noise from the kitchen) What’s that noise?
Justin: I’ve heard that noise before. (they walk in the kitchen and see James bent over Jeanine’s dead body)
Claire: Ew gross, that’s disgusting.
Hassan: Mom, Dad . . .
Cindy: Hassan I’m sorry. (putting her arms around his neck and head on his shoulder)
Hassan: Don’t be. (wipes his eyes then raises his handgun) I’m sorry dad. (fires twice)
Zombie: Muh (stops moving)
Hassan: I’ll check the upstairs. (walks towards the steps)
Ahmed: I’ll come with you. (follows)
Cindy: I’m coming. (follows they go upstairs)
Hassan: Malik!
Cindy: Malik!
Ahmed: Malik it’s me Ahmed come on out.
(thump, thump, thump)
Cindy: What was that?
Ahmed: It came from my room.
Hassan: Malik is that you?! (runs in the room the others hear a gunshot)
Ahmed: Hassan are you ok? (they run in the room) Oh . . .
(Hassan is starring at a small trembling figure in the corner holding a gun)
Hassan: Malik you’re ok! (runs over picks him up and whirls around) I was so worried about you.
Malik: (crying) Mom and Dad are dead.
Hassan: (comforting voice) I know, I know. But don’t worry I’m here now.
Malik: I was so scarred Hassan.  When I was walking home today, I got chased by a giant dog.  I got here and dad was complaining about one of his friends biting him.  When I came down for supper dad was a zombie.  I got Ahmed’s gun from his back pack and went upstairs, that was at five thirty. (Aya and the others run in the room)
Aya: Is everything ok, we heard a gun shot?
Cindy: We’re ok, Malik shot at Hassan, he was scarred.
Claire: (walks over to Malik and kneels door) Oh you poor thing. (puts her hand on his shoulder) How long have you been alone here.
Malik: Since after school.
Claire: That’s a shame. (she hugs him)
Malik: Hassan who are these people?
Hassan: That’s Claire, he’s Chris, that’s Ahmed’s friend Justin (points to him) that’s Aya, and that’s Cindy. (pointing to Aya then to Cindy)
Malik: Hi.
Claire: Let’s go you guys. (helps Malik to his feet and they go downstairs)
Chris: Everyone in the van. (they all get in the van.  Aya and Chris sit in the front, Claire, Hassan, Cindy and Malik sit in the middle seat and Ahmed and Justin are sitting in the back seats)
Justin: So now what?
Chris: We get into the next town over and contact the FBI they can’t handle this from here.
Hassan: Good I’m tired, what town are we going to?
(something walks into the middle of the road)
Malik: What’s that on the road?
(Chris slows down it walks toward them)
Cindy: Chris that’s a Tyrant run it down. (the Tyrant smashes the front of the van with its fist before Chris can react)
Aya: (claiming into the back) Grab as much equipment as you can we’re leaving.  (picks up several clips and grabs her sub machine gun)
Cindy: (opening the door) Ahmed pass me all the handgun rounds that you can. (grabbing a duffle bag out from under the seat)
Ahmed: Alright here. (putting ammo in the bag)
Claire: Malik get the back packs out from under that seat. (points to a seat then gets in back to help Aya)
Malik: You mean these. (pulls out several backpacks)
Claire: Yup.  Hold them open for me.
Hassan: (gets out of the van) Justin come on we’ll keep him busy.
Justin: (jumps out of the van) Alright I’m coming.
Chris: (gets out of the van) I’ll help you.
Hassan: (runs behind the Tyrant followed by the other two) Yo stupid over here! (raises his gun it walks toward them)
Justin: Shoot it! (they fire wildly on the Tyrant as it walks toward them)
Aya: Chris we’re finished come on!
Chris: (runs back with the others) Let’s go to the police station, it’s the safest place for us here. (they take off into the back ally)
Malik: How far is it to the police station?
Aya: It’s almost halfway across town.
Cindy: There must be thousands of zombies and god knows what out there.
Aya: Maybe we should split up into two teams it would probably be a lot easier to get there.
Chris: You’re right.  Aya you and Claire take Justin and Malik, I’ll take Hassan, Ahmed and Cindy.
Aya: Ok.  Let’s divide all the weapons evenly.
Claire: Alright, I want the M79.
Aya: Give me the sawed off shotgun Chris you take the magnum and the rifle.  We’ll take our extras in the backpack. (taking off the back-pack she got from the van)
Hassan: I’ll take the magnum. (picking it up)
Malik: Hassan give me a hug before we split up. (walks over to Hassan and puts his arms around him)
Hassan: Malik go with Claire and Aya they’ll take care of you. (hugs him) I’ll see you at the police station ok?
Malik: Promise?
Hassan: I swear to God I will be there.
Malik: Ok.

Narrator: They split up taking two separate routes to the station.  Aya, Claire, Justin and Malik were walking down a narrow ally way they hadn’t seen anything yet.

Justin: Aya, you said you handled a case that Umbrella could’ve been involved in.  What happened?
Aya: It was a creature that had telepathic capabilities.
Claire: Bet that thing was hard to get rid of.
Aya: I’d rather not talk about it.
Claire: I completely understand.
Malik: Claire why’d . . .
Claire: What?
Malik: Never mind.
Claire: Malik come here for a minute. (taking out her handgun)
Malik: (walking over) You aren’t gonna shoot me are you?
Claire: Are you serious? (surprised) Anyway here. (passes him the gun)
Malik: What’s this for?
Claire: Just in case.
(a licker crawls on the wall above them)
Justin: You guys look out!
Aya: I’ll get it. (fires shot gun knocking it off the wall)
Licker: Hiss! (stands on all fours)
Claire: What the hell is that thing?! (fires grenade launcher at it)
Licker: Screech! (starts convulsing and stops)
Aya: That was close!
Justin: Shh, listen. (gun shots in the distance)
Malik: Sound like they’re in trouble.
Claire: Can you guys hear that?
Justin: Yeah.
Claire: No not the gun shots, the zombies, listen to them all. (they hear zombies moans and groans echoing in the distance)
Aya: Some of those sound pretty close.
Claire: We should keep out weapons in hand at all times just in case we’re surprised by something.
Aya: You’re right. (thud, thud, thud, thud)
Malik: What’s that?
Aya: What?(a Tyrant walks around the corner)  Oh no not another one.
Justin: Aya back there, there’s a ladder that leads up the building. (they run back to the ladder)
Claire: Malik you first. (boost him up)
Aya: Justin. (Justin climbs up) Kids first Claire.
Claire: Bad timing Aya. (climbs up creature gets within arms reach of Aya) Aya look out!
Aya: (it picks her up) Ah help me. (struggles to get loose)
Justin: Aya! (firs his gun at the Tyrant’s head)
Aya: (it gets ready to hit her, she raises shotgun and shoots it in the face, blood sprays)  How’d you like that?! (it drops her)
Claire: Aya hurry!
(Aya scrambles up the ladder and the Tyrant starts to pull it off the wall the four of them make it to the top of the ladder just in time and the Tyrant tears it off the wall)

Narrator: Meanwhile the others had run into a hunter in a basketball court and killed it.  They walked up on a ramp that is on a building over an alleyway.

Cindy: I hear gunshots.
Chris: So do I.
Hassan: I hope they aren’t in too much trouble.
Ahmed: You guys be quiet, get down. (a Tyrant is walking through the alley below them, they lay down)
Hassan: That’s one of those things that we saw walk out of the factory Cindy.
Cindy: Shh if is sees us it won’t stop following us until either it kills us or we kill it.
Ahmed: Hassan I’m scarred.
Chris: Don’t be scarred kid it’s almost gone.
(the Tyrant walks down the ally and into the open street without noticing them)
Cindy: (standing) Let’s keep going.
Ahmed: Which way though? (stands)
Hassan: Up. (stands looks around) I don’t think it’s such a wise idea to follow that thing.
Cindy: Chris what do you think?
Chris: If we do what he says (nods to Hassan) it’ll take us an extra hour or so to get to the station.  We should keep heading the way we’re going.
Hassan: Well I’d rather take a bit longer than die.
Cindy: I don’t wanna be out here any longer than necessary.
Ahmed: I’m not going anywhere Hassan isn’t going.
Hassan: Cindy you go with your brother and Ahmed and I will go up.
Chris: All right then.
Hassan: (kisses Cindy) See you later.
Cindy: All right good luck. (Hassan looks back at them and they head up on the roof)
Ahmed: So where do we go now. (Hassan points to the neighboring building) The next building how?
Hassan: We can jump it’s not that far.
Ahmed: You sure that’s wise? (looks over the edge)
Hassan: Ahmed, I could throw you farther than that.  I’ll go first. (gets a run off jumps to the other building)  Ahmed jump I’ll try to catch you. (extends his arms)
Ahmed: Ok, here I go. (takes a deep breath runs and jumps and lands on Hassan)
Hassan: (falls back with Ahmed on top of him) Ow damn.  Good jump kiddo.
Ahmed: (stands up helps Hassan to his feet excited) I made it . . . I made it I actually made it. (two hunters suddenly jump up on the roof)
Hassan: Look out! (throwing Ahmed to the side)
Ahmed: Oh no, not those things. (takes out his gun one of them runs at Hassan) Hey you over her! (fires multiple times)
Hunter: Hisss. (turns to Ahmed they both run him)
Hassan: Leave him alone! (shoots the one that attacked him it drops dead)
Hunter 2: (eyes turn red it lunges at Hassan) Raa! (lands on him)
Ahmed: Hassan no! (shoots it, it pays no attention to him)
Hassan: Get off me! (it slashes his cheek) Uh shit. (struggles to get his gun up) Try some of this medicine. (shoots it in the face, it’s head explodes, it lays on him) Uh Ahmed, help me out here will ya.
Ahmed: (runs over) Oh no you’re bleeding. (pulling him out)
Hassan: I know. (squeezes his eyes shut, a tear runs down his face) You no good piece of shit! (kicks the dead hunter)
Ahmed: Did you see how mad that thing got when the other one  died?
Hassan: (covering his face) Ow shit.  Yeah I know, must’ve been it’s mate or something.
Ahmed: Here. (takes a cloth out of the first aid kit) Never mind I’ll do it, hold still. (places the cloth on Hassan’s face)
Hassan: (flinches) Man that burns, what’s on it?
Ahmed: It’s a disinfectant cleanser on it.
Hassan: Now we know we’re not safe from those things up here. (his face stops bleeding)
Ahmed: There the bleeding stopped. (puts cloth away)

Narrator: Hassan and Ahmed push on toward the police station.  Meanwhile Cindy and Chris have had better days they were surrounded by zombies.

Cindy: (shooting wildly) Chris where are they all coming from?
Chris: Cindy do I look like I know? (firing his handgun)
Cindy: Why don’t you use the rifle and give me the other handgun? (still shooting)
Chris: (tosses her the gun un-holsters the rifle) All right then I will. (fires it)
Cindy: Chris there’s too may of them. (backs over to Chris shooting both guns)
Chris: There’s a door to the café back there we could try that.
Cindy: (reloads both guns) Well it couldn’t be any worse than this.
Chris: All right on the count of three, we stop shooting and run.
Cindy: Ok.
Chris: One, two, three, run!
(Chris and Cindy take off for the door they walk in the café and look around, it’s empty)
Cindy: Whew, there’s nothing here.
Chris: Come on we’ll go out the back door.
Cindy: All right.  Oh here’s your handgun back. (passes him his gun they go to the back door and go outside there’s nothing there, the door leads to a long ally blocked by a crashed car there’s a basketball court connecting to an ally)  That car is in the way.
Chris: Come on we’ll go through the court.
Cindy: (walks over to the fence) There’s no way in, except up and over. (starts to climb) Coming.
Chris: (climbs up) No I think I’ll stay here and let my little sister get eatin’. 
Cindy: I wonder how Hassan and Ahmed are doing. (landing on the other side)
Chris: I’m sure they’re fine. (lands beside her they walk through the door way and walk down an ally they turn left and see a giant spider sitting on the passage way) What the hell’s that?
Cindy: A giant spider, it’s infected.
Chris: (holds up his rifle) I’ll get it. (fires the spider explodes into hundreds of babies)
Cindy: Ew gross run! (runs as fast as she can through the ally and up some stairs)
Chris: (follows her) Man that was disgusting, it must’ve been pregnant.
Cindy: Let’s keep moving.

Narrator: Cindy and Chris head toward the station.  Meanwhile Aya and the others were back on solid ground and still moving, slowly because Malik was having a hard time keeping up with them.

Malik: Claire I’m tired can’t we stop and rest for a minute? (whining)
Claire: If we stop that monster will catch up with us you don’t want that do you?
Malik: No but . . . how much farther is it to the police station.
Aya: Still another couple of hours yet.
Justin: Malik have you ever heard of the eleventh commandment?
Malik: Well no, I, I’m not a Christian.  What was it?
Justin: Thou shall not whine.
Malik: Ha, ha very funny.
(Tyrant walks around the corner)
Claire: Everyone look out!
Aya: Oh no (un-holsters her shotgun) Eat this scum. (fires) You guys start shooting. (keeps firing)
Claire: Ok! (loads acid round into her M79) Eat acid pal! (starts firing)
Justin: (firing his hand gun) Come on drop, please!  Just go down. (firing as fast as he can they back off as it keeps walking toward them)
Malik: Claire I’m scarred.
Claire: Aya we’ll have to find some other way to get around it!
(Malik runs at it and dives between its legs)
Aya: Malik no wait!
(Tyrant turns it’s attention to Malik it grabs and holds him in the air)
Malik: Somebody help me! (it raises his hand to punch him) Oh no. (takes off his shirt he falls then runs)
Justin: Now’s our chance.
Aya: Right! (the three of them run passed the Tyrant it doesn’t pursue them they catch up to Malik)
Claire: Malik stop it’s us!
Malik: (shivering huddled under a step) I’m down here Claire.
Claire: (kneeling beside him) Oh my God you poor thing, you must be freezing. (helps him up)
Aya: (takes off her back pack) Hold on a second, I’ll give you a small blanket. (opens it takes out a small sheet) Here. (holds it out to Claire)
Claire: (takes it) Thank you. (wrapping Malik in the blanket) There Malik is that better?
Malik: Yes . . . but I can’t keep this on all the time.
Aya: (taking off her jacket) Give me the blanket and you can use this.
Malik: All right here. (gives her the blanket takes the jacket puts it on) Thanks Aya.
Aya: You’re welcome. (putting the blanket in the backpack)
Malik: But Aya won’t you be cold?
Aya: It doesn’t bother me.
Justin: Malik that was pretty brave of you back there, and it was pretty smart to slip out of your shirt like that.  I wouldn’t have thought of it.
Aya: (putting on the backpack) Well let’s get a move on.  We’re going to the top of the building again. (walking up the steps the others follow)
Claire: Alright sounds good.

Narrator: They get to the top of the building and move on toward the station.  Meanwhile Hassan and Ahmed are still crossing between buildings.

Ahmed: Hassan that’s way too far to jump.  (looking across to the other building)
Hassan: There’s got to be another way to across. (walking along the end of the building looking down)
Ahmed: (following close behind him) Hey what about that? (pointing to a clothing line between two buildings)
Hassan: Alright . . . you should go first you’re lighter than I am.  If I go across first and it breaks you’ll be trapped here.
Ahmed: Ok if you say so.  (reaching for the clothing line) Got it.  (grabs it jumps over the edge) Hassan I’m not sure if I can make it.
Hassan: Sure you can, (Ahmed starts climbing across) you just have to try Ahmed.
Licker: Screech!!! (jumps at him out of nowhere)
Hassan: Ahmed look out!
Ahmed: Ah! (pulls up his legs out of its reach)
Hassan: Hurry up it’s gonna try again!
Ahmed: (hurries across the line, gets  on the building and takes out his gun) Come and get it! (it jumps at him hissing he shoots it five times) Good thing these guys aren’t by any means smart.  Hassan are you coming?
Hassan: Yup I’ll be right over. (grabbing the line and starting over he gets to the middle and the line breaks at the side he started on.  He swings and hits the building, he let’s out a cry in pain) Ah!
Ahmed: Oh no, Hassan are you ok?
Hassan: (quietly) Ooh. . . Ahmed I think I hit my head.  Can you pull me up?
Ahmed: Hold on I’ll try. (tries to pull him up but can’t)  It’s no good I’m not strong enough, you’ll have to climb up.
Hassan: That’s alright, I think I’ll just lay here for awhile. (closes his eyes)
Ahmed: Hassan no! (as loud as he can) Come on climb here, you fucken looser.
Hassan: (opens his eyes) What the hell did you call me?  I’m gonna beat the shit outta you when I get up there! (climbs up the rope he gets to the top)
Ahmed: Hassan I was just saying that to get you to come up here. (helping him over the edge)
Hassan: I figured as much, thanks.
Ahmed: (laying him down) Lay here for a minute, I’ll get the med kit. (taking off his back pack)
Hassan: Man, I’ve got one killer head. (puts his hand on his chest)
Ahmed: You might have a concussion. (gets out the small blanket) Lift your head. (Hassan just looks at him) Never mind. (lifts his head gently, puts the blanket under it) Your head is bleeding.
Hassan: Is there any extra strength asprin in there?
Ahmed: Yeah here. (takes some from the bottle and gives them to him)
Hassan: Thanks. (puts them in his mouth)
Ahmed: We’ll get going as soon as those kick in. (puts the bottle back a few minutes pass)
Hassan: (sits up) Alright I’m ready let’s go.
Ahmed: Ok. (shoving the blanket in the back pack) Let’s move. (they walk over to the edge of the building) There’s some stairs over there, wanna go back into the allies.
Hassan: If your ok with it, sure.  But we’ll be more vulnerable to attack if we do.
Ahmed: I just wanna get back on solid ground for awhile.
Hassan: Ok let’s go. (walks down the steps)
Ahmed: (follows him) Hassan you should try to take it easy.
Hassan: Thanks for the concern Ahmed but I’ll be fine.
Ahmed: I hope don’t run into any Tyrant’s. (they walk down the ally and come to a door)
Hassan: You wanna go in? (Ahmed nods they walk in to see three zombies feeding on a body) Gross.
Ahmed: Hassan look there’s a phone over there. (points to a phone on the counter)
Hassan: Let’s kill the zombies first. (takes his hand gun out)
Ahmed: (takes out his handgun) OK. (walks over to the zombies shoots them in the head) There, I hope this phone isn’t dead. (walks over to it) Here goes. (picks up) It’s not dead.
Hassan: (running over) Call the station.
Ahmed: I don’t know the number.
Hassan: Here I’ll do it. (takes the phone dials the number)
Ahmed: Is it ringing?
Hassan: Yes. (nods)
Officer: Hello who’s there?
Hassan: My name is Hassan.
Officer: Where are you calling from kid?
Hassan: Hold on, (looks for a logo) Stan’s Electronics, can you come and get us?
Officer: How many of you are there?
Hassan: Just two here, but there’s six more people out there heading toward the station.
Officer: Who are they?
Hassan: Chris, Claire and Cindy Redfield, Aya and Justin Brea, and my brother Malik Shakur.
Officer: No we’re too busy keeping the zombies out of the station.  Good luck getting here kid, you’ll need it. (click Hassan hangs up the phone)
Ahmed: Well what did they say?
Hassan: He said that they can’t come and get us because they’re too busy keeping the zombies out of the station.  He wished us luck.
Ahmed: Hassan look (pointing to the display window) We’d better get outta here soon. (zombies are leaning against the glass)
Hassan: Let’s check for another door. (goes into the back room and the window starts to crack)
Ahmed: Well is there a door?
Hassan: Yes. (the window breaks)
Zombies: Muh, uh, gra. (Ahmed runs to the back room with Hassan)
Ahmed: What are you waiting for Hassan let’s go?
Hassan: (pulling on the door) It won’t open!
Ahmed: We haven’t got time for this. (a zombie lurches into the doorway)  You take care of the zombies I’ll work on getting the door open.
Hassan: (takes out magnum) Ok. (shoots the zombie in the door way, then goes into the main room) Uh oh Ahmed hurry up there’s too many zombies.
Ahmed: Alright. (takes out his gun) I hope this works. (shoots the door know, the door flings open) Hassan come on!
Hassan: (running back) I’m coming. (they get out into the ally on the other side of the store)
Ahmed: Whew that was too close. (puts his gun away)
Hassan: I know that. (puts away the magnum)

Narrator: Meanwhile Cindy and Chris were still on the move.

Cindy: How’s your arm?
Chris: Better, man those things tongues are like lances.
Cindy: Yeah I know, that’s why we called them lickers.
Chris: If I never see another one of those things again then I will die a happy man. (the ground starts to shake)
Cindy: What’s going on Chris?
Chris: I don’t know, there’s never been an earth quake here before.
(a giant toothed worm bursts out of the ground beneath them, throwing them both to forward)
Cindy: AH! (hits the ground)
Chris: Ooof! (hitting the ground)
Cindy: (getting to her feet) What is that thing?! (takes out her gun)
Chris: (getting to his feet and un-holstering his rifle) I don’t know, (takes out his handgun) Here I have a feeling you’ll be needing this. (passes it to her)
Cindy: Thanks, (raises both guns) Kill it! ( fires both guns repeatedly worm lunges at her)
Chris: Cindy look out. (pushes her out of the way it lands on his back)
Cindy: Oh my god Chris are you ok?
Chris: I think. (the worm gets off Chris he struggles to his feet) I’ll be ok , let’s just kill this thing. (fires rifle)
Cindy: (firing both guns) I wonder what brought this thing into living?
Worm: Hisses! (spits fluid at Cindy)
Cindy: Ew what is this stuff?
Chris: (still firing rifle) Kill now, be grossed out later. (they fire off several more shots and suddenly the worm explodes) Duck! (they get down)
Cindy: Man that took a lot of our ammo. (standing)
Chris: (takes out some shells reloads his rifle) I know.
Cindy: I’d better do that too. (reloads) Chris get me something to wipe this stuff off with.
Chris: (takes off his pack gets out a blanket) Here. (extends his hand)
Cindy: (takes his blanket) Thank you. (starts to wipe off the gel) You know what Chris, I think that thing was a normal worm at one time but the G Virus got into the ground.
Chris: That means there could be thousands of them.
Cindy: I’d rather not think about it, now let’s go. (they start down the alley)
Chris: I hope Claire’s ok.
Cindy: Of all the people you could worry about, you’re worried about Claire.  She’s the most likely person to come outta this alive.
Chris: Why do you say that?
Cindy: Well look at her, she’s in great shape, has great common sense, and she knows how to hand herself in a bad situation.
Chris: Good point. (they come to a doorway) Cindy let’s go in here.
Cindy: Alright. (opens the door it leads to a garage)
Chris: I wonder what street we’re on.
Cindy: Oh no. (looking in the back seat of a car in the garage) Chris look.
Chris: (walks over, looks in) Aw man. (there are two young children dead in the backseat) I wonder what happened t them. (opens the door)
Cindy: I don’t think the virus killed them.
Chris: Maybe they’re infected but haven’t changed yet. (pulls them out) I wonder if. . . (checks for pulse) He’s still alive.
Cindy: He is (kneels by the child) Hey wake up kid, can you hear me little guy? (taps his face) Come on wake up.
Boy: (his eyes open) Huh where am I?  Who’re you?
Cindy: I’m Cindy, this’s Chris.  What’s your name?
Boy: Jason.  What’s going on?
Cindy: Jason you’d better come with us.
Jason: (stands up) My stomach hurts. (wraps his arms around his stomach) It’s burning. (leans against the wall)
Chris: Hey are you ok kid?
Jason: No, aahh!!! (his body separates at the chest and something jumps out and scurries under the car)
Cindy: Oh my God! What the hell’s that? (backs away the child’s body sprays blood everywhere and it’s the ground)
Chris: (looks under the car) Where’d it go?
Cindy: I don’t know. (walks over to the body) Poor kid, I wonder how that thing got inside him?
(just then the car flips over and a large three leged creature with an eye on it’s shoulder and a small tube like head)
Chris: Holy shit, I think we just found it!
Cindy: It grew awful quickly. (takes out her handgun) I hope our guns will affect it. (fires green fluid sprays) Chris what’re you waiting for?!
Chris: The damn gun’s jammed Cindy, Jesus! (madly works at fixing the gun it clicks) There, god damn thing! (starts shooting the creature)
Creature: Hiss! (spits out giant bugs)
Bugs: Squeak, squeak. (they jump on Cindy)
Chris: Cindy!
Cindy: AH! (throwing them on the ground steps on them) I’m ok.
Chris: Just keep shooting it. (they fire several more rounds)
Creature: (slowly laying down) Hissisisisis.
Chris: That was close.
Cindy: Tell me about it.  Chris I’ve only got two clips left for these guns.
Chris: Here take mine. (takes several clips from his pocket, passes them to her) Now let’s get outta here.
Cindy: Alright. (they go back to the allies) Now where do we go?
Chris: Let’s head that way. (pointing left) That’s the way to the station.
Cindy: How farther do you think it is anyway?
Chris: Two hours tops, no less than an hour though.
Cindy: Good, you think there’s anyone alive there?
Chris: Highly likely, there’s tons of weapons there?
Cindy: Man, I can’t stop thinking about what happened to that poor little boy back there.
Chris: I’d like to know what that thing was and where it came from.
Cindy: Or what there of.

Narrator: Meanwhile Aya, Claire, Justin and Malik where in serious trouble.  They’d discovered that they were being followed by a pack of Hunters and had decided to engage them, things aren’t going to well.

Claire: Aya I’m beginning to think that this was such a great idea! (firing grenade launching)
Aya: Keeps shooting we’ll win, I know we will! (firing her shotgun)
Justin: Aya it’s impossible, we’re surrounded. (firing hand gun multiple times)
Malik: (a Hunter grabs him) Claire help me!
Claire: (runs over kicks the Hunter) Leave him alone you freak!
Malik: Claire please!
Claire: Don’t worry Malik. (grabs him pulls him away) Have a taste of this. (shoots it) Malik use the handgun I gave you.
Malik: Ok. (takes out the gun and starts shooting)
Aya: This gun isn’t cutting it anymore.  Malik, get the machine gun outta my pack. (kneels down)
Malik: (runs over unzips the pack on the ground next to Aya pulls it out) Is this it? (zipz up the pack)
Aya: Yes. (holster the shotgun takes the machine gun) I hope this works. (pulls the trigger bullets spray through the air)
Hunter 1: (squeals dies)
Justin: Good shot Aya!
Aya: Claire get down! (she ducks and Aya shoots the one she kicked)
Hunter 2: (growls dies)
Claire: Malik are you ok, did that thing hurt you earlier?
Malik: No.
Hunter 3: Hisss. (jumps on Claire)
Claire: Ah, get off me you damn . . . (it swipes at her and misses) Oh now you’ve done it. (thrusts the creature off her) Let’s see how you like it! (unsheathes her machete thrusts it into the Hunter’s face it dies) Ha, Claire one, Hunter zero. (Aya kills the other three they start walking)
Aya: Claire what happened to you back there?
Claire: I just lost it.  Hey I gotta admit I have a bad temper.
Justin: Remind me never to get on your bad side.  I value my life to much.
Aya: So is everyone ok?
Claire: Fine here.
Malik: I’m ok now.
Justin: I’ve had better days but I’ll live.
Malik: Aya what time is it?
Aya: (looks at her watch) It’s twelve thirty.
Malik: We’ve been walking for three hours and we’re still not at the station yet, how much longer is it going to be?
Aya: Two hours at the very most.
Justin: How long do you think those things followed us for?
Claire: For all we know they could’ve been following us since we got out of the van.
Justin: I hope there’s no more of them.
Malik: At least you haven’t been grabbed by anything yet.
Aya: How’s everyone holding out in the ammo department?
Claire: I’ve got about twenty all together.
Justin: I’ve got two clips left still. (checking his pocket)
Malik: How do I check? (looking the gun over)
Claire: Here I can check it. (takes the gun) Watch. You push this. (pushes the clip release) Slide this out. (slides out the clip) Then you just count the bullets.  Just hold onto the clip release button to put it back in. (hands him the gun) There’s still thirteen in that clip and I have an extra.
Malik: Thanks Claire.
Claire: You’re welcome, what about you Aya?
Aya: Twenty five shells and five clips for my handgun.  My machine gun is down to thirty two percent. (they keep walking down the alley and come to a ladder)
Claire: Aya let’s take to the roof for awhile.
Aya: Alright come on you two. (they start up the ladder)
Noise: Graaa! (from somewhere close by)
Malik: (scarred voice) Aya what was that?
Aya: I don’t wanna know.
Claire:(as they reach the top) Aya where do you think that thing came from?
Aya: Close.
Justin: Aya I hope it doesn’t take too much longer, our ammo is getting low.
Claire: And I don’t feel much like finding that thing. (walking along the edge of the building)
Malik: Claire which way is the police station from here?
Claire:(pointing) Over that way.
(just then a Tyrant jump’s up on the building)
Aya: You again, Claire come on.  (picks Malik up runs and jumps off the building)
Malik: Claire!
Justin: Aya, Claire’s still up there.
Claire: Aah! (Tyrant throws her over the edge, she lands in a pile of garbage bags)
Malik: (runs over to her) Claire are you ok?
Claire: Yes luckily I landed on these garbage bags.  (Malik helps her up) Thanks Malik.  (he smiles at her) That’s the first time I’ve seen you smile since we found you.  You should do it more often Malik.
Justin: Uh bad timing, you should continue this discussion later. (Tyrant jumps over the edge lands a few feet away)
Aya: Run you guys!  This way. (starts running they stop after a couple minutes, they turn a corner)
Justin: Let’s rest here for awhile.
Aya: Yup I wonder if it followed us.
Claire: He or it usually doesn’t follow us very far.
Malik: Why does he keep following us?
Claire: I don’t know.
Aya: I do.  The Tyrants are here to make sure nobody contacts the outside world, so as long as it’s alive it’s gonna follow us.
Claire: Malik are you ok?
Malik:(sits down) Yeah I’m fine.
Claire:(sits by him) That’s good.
Malik: Claire, Aya?
Claire: Yeah?
Aya: Huh?
Malik: Thank-you for taking care of me. (hugs Claire)
Claire: Your welcome Malik.
Aya: No problem little guy, it’s my job.  (Malik gets up and hugs her)
Justin: You guys look.

Narrator: They turn to see the Tyrant standing the center of the ally.  He had followed them, they start running.  Meanwhile Hassan and Ahmed were still wandering the ally’s.

Ahmed: Hassan, what was it’s extremely close to us.
Hassan: I know, it’s probably on the other side of the building. (checking the magnum clip) I’m just gonna be ready for anything.  You should too.
Ahmed: Ok.  (takes out his gun) Maybe the others ran into it.
Hassan: God I hope Malik is ok.
Ahmed: He’s with Aya and Claire, I think he’s more than safe, at least as safe as he can be in these conditions.  (they turn a corner and there’s a strange looking zombie staggering down the ally toward them, Ahmed raises his gun)
Hassan: Ahmed wait, (lowering Ahmed’s gun) I think this guy may still be human.  (walks toward it) Hey you, can you hear me, stay where you are (raising his gun) or I’ll shoot.  (it looks at him, puts it’s hand on a pipe on the wall)  Hey it listened to me.  (lowering his gun)
Zombie: (rips the pipe off the wall) Graa!  Graa!
Hassan: Holy shit! (backs up)
Ahmed: Hassan I don’t think he’s scarred of you.
Zombie: (as upper body grows bigger) Graaa! (walking toward them)
Hassan: (raises his gun) Shoot it! (firing)
Ahmed: (firing) What if it doesn’t work?
Hassan: (firing) Then we run!
Zombie: Graa! (swings his pipe at Ahmed)
Ahmed: (attempts to dodge end of the pipe hits his side) Ah!
Hassan: (reloads fires again) Ahmed are you ok?!
Ahmed: (whines) No!
Zombie: Graa! (jumps up on the building takes off)
Hassan: Whew.  Guess he had enough. (kneels down by Ahmed) Is it bleeding?
Ahmed: I don’t know. (crying) But it sure hurts.
Hassan: (lifts up his shirt) Aw man. (reveals a huge gash in his side) I’m gonna have to get that bandaged up right away. (takes Ahmed’s backpack and shirt off)
Ahmed: Hassan don’t leave me here.
Hassan: I’m not going to, why would I? (getting the rest of the gauss and the disinfectant)
Ahmed: I’ll slow you down.
Hassan: So.  Hold still this might sting a little. (sprays on the disinfectant) Did it hurt?
Ahmed: Not any worse than the hit itself.(leaning forward)
Hassan: Man, I hope we don’t find that thing again. (wrapping the wound)
Ahmed: Ow watch it. (flinching)
Hassan: Sorry. (finishes the wrapping) There let’s go. (stands up)
Ahmed: (stands up holding his side) Ow it hurts to move.
Hassan: (opening the back pack) Wanna painkiller?
Ahmed: Yes please.
Hassan: (passes him one from the bottle) Here, no water.
Ahmed: (puts it in his mouth swallows hard) Oh yuck.
Hassan: We’ll wait for that to kick in, then we’ll take off. (thunder crashes it starts pouring rain) Well there’s our water.
Ahmed: Oh no, this is all we need right now.
Hassan: Oh, I don’t know about that.  It actually feels quite invigorating I think.  (tips his head up) You ready to go yet?
Ahmed: Yeah I think. (stands up) Ow, it still hurts a little, but I’ll be fine.
Hassan: (puts on the backpack) Alright let’s go. (they start walking)
Ahmed: How’s your head?
Hassan: It’s alright, that painkiller’s still working.
Ahmed: Those things are still working, they’re awfully strong.
Hassan: Yeah I know. I wonder if Cindy’s ok?
Ahmed: She’s with Chris I’m sure she’s fine.
Hassan: Yeah I suppose he is a trained officer, I don’t think he likes me though.
Ahmed: He likes me, I can see why he might not like you, probably sees how you and Cindy are getting along he’s just protective.
Hassan: I can see what you mean. (the ground shakes and a giant worm comes up infront of them)
Ahmed: What is that?! (they back up)
Hassan: It looks like some kind of worm. (un holsters his gun) I don’t think we can get around it.  We’ll have to kill it.
Ahmed: Hassan wait, there’s a ladder back about ten feet we can get up on the building. (starts to run back Hassan follows) Here it is. (they go up the ladder)
Hassan: Whew, that was close.
Ahmed: Yeah too close.
Hassan: I wonder if anyone else ran into any of those things?
Ahmed: They probably have.  Now let’s get off this building. (they walk over to the edge of the building)
Hassan: We’ll have to jump again, you go first this time.
Ahmed: (backs up) Alright. (starts to get a run off, just as he is to jump the giant worm sprouts up infront of the building Ahmed falls over the edge) AH!  Hassan help me.
Hassan: Hang on I’m coming! (runs over and dives to get Ahmed’s hand) Man those things are huge! (tries to pull him up)
Ahmed: I’m alright, look out! (the worm smashes down on the building Hassan rolls out of the way just in time) 
Hassan: Ahmed!!! (takes out his gun) I gotta kill it it’s in the way! (starts firing his gun shoots off ten rounds the worm flops on the building dead) Few that was close! (runs to the edge of the building looks down Ahmed is on a ladder) Your ok.
Ahmed: Yeah I’m fine, thank god that thing’s dead! (climbs up the ladder) Hassan I’ve only got four clips left.
Hassan: Don’t worry I have some left. (helps him up) let’s get moving, we should almost be there by now.

Narrator: Hassan and Ahmed hurry on.  Meanwhile Cindy and Chris had finally got to the police station.

Chris: We’re finally here.
Cindy: Yeah and just in time too.  Our ammo’s practically gone.  I’ve only got like sixteen rounds left.
Chris: I’ve got ten for the rifle.  We should go to the S.T.A.R.S office, there’s a small storage compartment up there that might have some ammo in it.
Cindy: I can’t believe we’ve already gone through practically all of the stuff we took from the van.
Chris: (walking over to the front desk) Come on, I’ve gotta check the computer to see if I can unlock the doors.
Cindy: How do you know they’re locked to begin with?
Chris: It’s standard procedure in emergency situation. (types something in they hear three clicking noises as the doors unlocks)
Cindy: Hold on a second, I’m gonna leave a message for the others on this type writer. (sits at the desk starts to type something on the type writer)
Chris: What are you typing? (walking over to her)
Cindy: I’m just telling the others that we’re safe and where we’re going. (stops)  There let’s go. (they go into the left door, there’s nothing there)  At least there’s nothing here.
Chris: So what’s behind door number two?
Cindy: You really wanna know?
Chris: Not really but we’re gonna find out eventually.  (opens up the door to the attaching hallway)
Cindy: There’s nothing here either?  Why are the window’s boarded up?
Chris: I don’t know, I hope everyone is ok.
Cindy: (walks down the hall over to a side door) What’s in here?
Chris: That’s where they keep all the past files on other cases.
Cindy: Ok let’s go to the S.T.A.R.S. office now. (they go out into a long stretching hallway) Chris can you hear that?
Chris: What is it?
Cindy: A zombie, I think, but it’s different.
Nemesis: (walks around the corner) STARS!
Chris: I thought you died in the explosion!
Cindy: Chris what is that thing?!
Chris: The creature that chased us around the factory.  It’s impossible to kill.
Cindy: Is there another way to the office?
Chris: Yes (turns back the way they came) come on. (they run back to the hall un followed)
Cindy: You’d think that thing would’ve been killed in the explosion.  But no that would’ve been too easy we might’ve had a chance to rest then.  Where’s the way around?
Chris: Over here. (walk over to a door about twenty feet to the left) This door leads directly to the east office, come on. (opens the door walks in)
Cindy: (running up behind him) Hey, wait up! (runs in the door.  They walk in to see the place has been trashed tables are tipped over, papers are all over the floor, blood is smeared and streaked all over the floor and wall) Man this place was trashed. (they hear papers rustling in the small offices room in the corner)
Chris: Cindy did you hear that?
Cindy: It’s coming from over there. (points to the office)
Chris: Give my hand gun to me. (she passes it to him) Be quiet. (leans against the wall edges over to the door)
Cindy: Be careful. (whispers follows close behind)
Voice: Come on it has to be here . . .  uh here it is. (a women walks out of the room)
Chris: Freeze! (pointing gun at her) Who are you, what’re you looking for?
Women: It’s none of your concern why I’m here.  I suggest you leave.
Chris: Tell me or I’ll shoot you.  I’m serious, I’m not in the mood bitch!
Women: Alright, don’t shoot, I’ll tell you . . . My name’s Kendra Shakur.
Cindy: (steps forward) Are you in any way related to Hassan Shakur?
Kendra: Yes he’s my brothers oldest, why?
Cindy: He’s wandering the city right now with Ahmed, Malik’s out there now too.
Kendra: But I called James and told him to get outta the city this morning.
Cindy: James is dead.
Kendra: I’ve gotta find them.  I’ll meet you back here later.
Chris: Wait it’s too dangerous. (she runs by them and runs to the door)
Cindy: You never told us what you were looking for.
Kendra: My husbands greatest creation the G-Virus.
Cindy: G-Virus.

Narrator: Chris and Cindy move on.  Meanwhile Aya and the others had gotten to the back entrance to the station.

Claire: Ah we’re finally here.
Aya: Let’s get to the S.T.A.R.S office, hopefully there will be some ammo left in the storage compartment.
Malik: Hassan will be there, right?
Justin: If Chris is, then he is.
Aya: I wonder if anyone’s still alive from the force.
Justin: We haven’t seen anything living since we found Malik.  What makes you think there would be anyone here?
Claire: They had weapons to defend themselves with. (they come to a set of stairs)
Aya: This leads to the helicopter landing pad.  A door there leads us to the second floor entrance. (they head up the steps)
Claire: Let’s go find Chris and the others. (steps out of the door way)
Aya: They’ll probably head for the office, let’s go. (they step out of the door way then Nemesis falls through the roof above the doorway)
Nemesis: STARS!
Malik: Who’s he?
Justin: You don’t wanna know, just run! (they run down the hallway and come to a door)
Claire: (pulling on the door) It won’t open, it’s locked from the other side.  Is there another way!
Aya: Come on this one leads downstairs. (runs back down the hall, the others follow) Let’s go. (rips the door open)
Malik: What if he follows us?!
Claire: Think about it later! (picks him up they step out into the rain and walk down some steps and into the door below)
Aya: We’re on the first floor, in the west office.
Malik: Is this the STARS office?
Claire: (puts him down) No that’s upstairs.
Malik: Can we go there now? (runs ahead)
Justin: Malik wait! (follows)
Malik: Ah, help me!
Aya: Come on. (they run in there’s a Tyrant)
Claire: Oh no, not him again.
Malik: Is there any way around him Claire? (scarred voice)
Claire: Get outta here I’ll stall him. (takes out her knife)
Aya: Claire are you crazy?!
Claire: Possibly.  Aya just take them and get outta here.  I’ll meet you in the main hall in fifteen minutes.
Aya: Ok if you say so. (takes Malik’s hand) Justin come on! (they go to the main hall)
Claire: Alright, let’s go big guy. (it walks toward her) See now, I’m lucky in a situation like this.  Unlike yourself (jumps up on a table) I am very intelligent, see, you on the other hand. (it swings at her, she jumps) Missed, better luck next time . . . Son of a bitch. (kicks it in the face) Come on buddy  its your turn. (it flips the table, Claire jumps to the floor) Sorry but you’ll have to do better than that.  (climbs a high bookshelf) Come and get it. (it walks toward her) Take this.  (jumps at it jamming her knife in it’s head) How’d you like that? (it staggers backwards) Time to go.  (runs out the door)
(Back in the main hall)
Aya: Come on Claire, don’t die on us now.
Malik: Aya is Claire alright?
Aya: I don’t know.
Justin: I’m sure she’s fine.
(click, squeak, boom, they turn Claire is standing in the doorway)
Malik: (runs over hugs her) Claire you’re safe!
Aya: You made it.
Justin: How’d you manage to . . .
Claire: I left my knife in it’s head.
Aya: Let’s go now, we’ll go through the east office, it’ll take a lot less time. (walks to the side door) This way. (they go into the office)
Claire: There looks like there was quite a struggle here.
Aya: (goes into the other small office) Looks like somebody searched this desk. (walks out)
Malik: (walks to the door at the other end of the room) Aya where’s this door lead.
Claire: Filing room.
Malik: (goes in the filing room) You guys come here!
Claire: (they walk in) What is it?
Malik: Should we check all of these cabinets?
Claire: Yeah.
Malik: Can you get that one it’s locked?
Aya: Justin and I’ll start on the other side. (walks around the other side of the cabinet)
Claire: Hold on a sec Malik, I’ll get my lock pick. (digging in her pocket) Here it is. (pulls it out then puts it in the lock)
Malik: Can you get it?
Claire: Yup. (opens the drawer looks in) Aya come here quick.
Aya: (runs around the corner) What is it?
Claire: (pulls out a piece of plastic bomb) Look at this.
Aya: Better keep that, it might come in handy.
Claire: Turn around I’ll put it in your back pack. (Aya turns and Claire puts it in her pack)
Justin: Aya (walking around the corner) I found a handgun clip.
Aya: Good let’s go.
Malik: Aya where’s the door lead.
Aya: That’ll take us to a T area.
Justin: What’s that?
Claire: An area with three different ways to take.
Aya: One leads to the mail hall, one leads to the dark room, one to the mail hall, and the other will take us to the S.T.A.R.S. office.
Malik: Well let’s get going, what’re we waiting for? (opens the door runs out)
Claire: (runs after him) Malik wait! (the others follow) He went up stairs.
Aya: Hurry we’ve gotta catch him.
Malik: (by the S.T.A.R.S office entrance) This must be it, Hassan’s gotta be here.  (putting hand on door)
Aya: Malik no! (they step into the hall)

Narrator: Malik opens the door to be looking down the barrel of a rifle.  Chris and Cindy are in the room.  In the meantime, Hassan and Ahmed were still moving through the allies and roof tops in the rain they’re soaked and very uncomfortable.  Ahmed has been constantly bothering Hassan about how long it’s been taking them to get to the station.

Ahmed: Hassan are we almost there yet?
Hassan: Ahmed would you stop fucking asking me that I don’t know.  Alright, there ya happy I said it, I don’t fucking know ok?! (angry)
Ahmed: I’m sorry Hassan, it’s just that we’re almost outta ammo and I’m scared.
Hassan: (aggravated) Stop being such a wimp.
Ahmed: Stop for a minute. (stops walking) I’m sorry for complaining so much. (tries to hug Hassan)
Hassan: (pushes him down) Don’t fucken touch me!
Ahmed: (crying) Ow, Hassan what’s wrong with you?
Hassan: (under his breath) Man what would Cindy think of me it’s not his fault he’s scared. (walks over, kneels down by Ahmed)
Ahmed: Do you want to go a different way?
Hassan: (helps him up) You ok? (hugs him) I’m sorry, I lost temper, I didn’t mean to hurt you.  It’s just that I’m very easily annoyed right now.  I’m tired, I’m drenched, and I’m scared myself.
Ahmed: I’m ok, I’m sorry too.
Zombie:(just then a strange zombie walks around the corner) Graa Graa!! (two new arms sprout from it’s sides)  RAA! (claws grow on all for arms)
Hassan: Ohno! (let’s go Ahmed, looks around) There, come on we’ll get up on the building. (points to a ladder)
Ahmed: Alright. (runs over starts to climb it) Hurry up Hassan!
Zombie: Raa! (walks toward the ladder)
Hassan: (Hassan climbs up the ladder after Ahmed) Ahmed move faster.
Ahmed: Almost there. (reaches the top gets on the building) I’ll try to stun it. (takes out his gun starts to shoot the zombie)
Zombie: Graa! (stops moving towards them)
Hassan: (reaching the top) Run for it! (they start running)
Zombie: Raa! (jumps up on the building infront of them)
Hassan: Holy shit! (falling backwards)
Ahmed: Look out! (helps him up they run the other way)
Zombie: Graa! (grabs Hassan)
Hassan: Ahmed help me!
Ahmed: Oh no Hassan! (raises his gun fires)
(holding Hassan still, it turns its attention to Ahmed)
Hassan: What are you waiting for, shoot it!
Ahmed: (pulls trigger there is a click) I haven’t got anymore ammo left.  Hassan what do I do now?
Hassan: Here, use this! (tosses him the Magnum)
Ahmed: (catches it) I hope this works. (fires it)
Zombie: Graa! Graa! (throws Hassan) Raa! (jumps off the building)
Ahmed: Hassan are you ok? (runs over to him)
Hassan: Ahmed I think I broke something. (tries to get up)
Ahmed: Are you sure? (kneels down)
Hassan: No.  Help me up will you?
Ahmed: Ok, (lifts him to his feet) are you ok?
Hassan: Yeah, but I think I bruised a rip or something, get me one of those tablets from the bag.
Ahmed: (takes off the pack) Alright. (gets a pill out for Hassan passes it to him) Here.
Hassan: Thanks, (puts it in his mouth swallows hard) yuck.
Ahmed: (putting on the pack) Can you see the police station from here?
Hassan: Yeah, see that clock tower over there. (points at a clock tower that’s only three buildings away)
Ahmed: Well what are we waiting for, let’s go?!
Hassan: We have to look for a way to cross between the buildings. (looks over the edge)
Ahmed: See anything we can use to get across? (looks over the edge)
Hassan: That balcony over there. (points to it) It’s risky, but I think we can make it.
Ahmed: Want me to go first?
Hassan: No I’ll go, if I don’t make it then  you can find another way.
Ahmed: Alright.
Hassan: (Hassan gets a run off the jumps and grabs the balcony) Uh damn. (climbs on the balcony)
Ahmed: Are you alright?!
Hassan: Yeah I’m ok, come on!
Ahmed: Ok I’m coming. (gets a run off then jumps) I don’t think I can make it! (Hassan reaches for him grabs his hand) Don’t drop me please!
Hassan: Don’t worry I won’t.  Can you climb up me?
Ahmed: (tries to climb up) I can’t you’ll have to pull me up.
Hassan: I can’t if I let go of the railing we’ll fall.  But don’t worry I’ll think of something.
Ahmed: (a tear runs down his face) Think quicker, please. (desperate tone)
Hassan: Ahmed I can’t think of anything.
Ahmed: Try pulling me up as far as you can and I’ll grab the bar. (Hassan pulls him up and he grabs the floor bar) Help me up.
Hassan: (pulls him up) There. (rubs his arm) Man my arm’s sore.
Ahmed: (hugs Hassan) Thanks for not letting go.
Hassan: I couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.  Now let’s go.
Ahmed: Ok. (lets go of Hassan they go up the stairs to the roof)
Hassan: We’re only one building away now.
Ahmed: Thank god huh? (relieved)
Hassan: Yeah and I see a way across already. (looks at a telephone wire between the buildings they walk over to the edge)
Ahmed: Think it’ll hold.
Hassan: Yeah I hope so.  You know the drill.
Ahmed: Yup (gets on the wire starts across) Keep an out for Lickers, I don’t want a repeat of last time we did this.
Hassan: Don’t worry I will.
Ahmed: (hurries across climbing onto building) You comin’ Hassan?
Hassan: Na I think I’ll stay here . . . kidding. (starts across)
Ahmed: I almost thought you were serious there for a minute there.
Hassan: (climbs onto the building) Let’s find a way onto the station.
Ahmed: Is there a way in through the roof?
Hassan: There’s a door in the clock tower.
Ahmed: How do you know?
Hassan: When I was twelve we took a class trip to the station and the chief gave us a tour. (looking around)
Ahmed: Is there another way across?
Hassan: We can jump down there on that roof. (pointing to a warehouse roof) It’ll be easy to reach the clock tower from there.
Ahmed: (looks over) That’s gonna hurt the legs when we hit but. . . (jumps over hits the roof) Ow damn.
Hassan: You alright?
Ahmed: Ow, yeah I’ll be fine.
Hassan: Alright here I go. (jumps lands a few feet away from Ahmed) Let’s get inside. (they walk in the door to the clock tower)
Ahmed: We’re finally outta the rain.
Hassan: I know thank god.
Ahmed: Where do we go from here?
Hassan: The others probably went to the S.T.A.R.S office if they’re here yet.
Ahmed: If they’re even alive.
Hassan: Don’t talk like that.  Let’s go.
(They go into the door that leads them to the station library.  There is a single door and a large double door)
Ahmed: Which way do we go?
Hassan: If we take the big door we’ll eventually end up at the chief’s office.  The small one is where we wanna go.

Narrator: Meanwhile back with the others, Malik is crying because Hassan and Ahmed hadn’t returned.  Chris and Aya are trying to get the communication equipment working, Claire is working on Chris’s computer and Cindy and Justin are trying to comfort Malik.

Chris: God damn old hunk-a-junk , I told the chief to order a new one. (hitting the console)
Aya: I know, but that stubborn old fool said that our budget wasn’t high enough for it.
Claire: (typing) I wonder how much has accidentally fallen into his pocket over the years.
Malik: (Cindy and Justin are sitting with him at Captain Wesker’s desk crying)  Why isn’t he here, he promised me he would be here?
Cindy: Don’t cry sweetie I’m sure they’ll be here. (whispers) Come on Hassan you have to make it.
Justin: Maybe we should go look for them.
Cindy: We can’t go back out into the city.  We haven’t got enough ammo to last very long.
Malik: Cindy I’m scarred what if Hassan . . . what if he’s dead?  What if they’re both zombies out there?
Cindy: Don’t talk like that.
Chris: (bursts out) Fuck! Stupid no good . . .
Aya: Chris calm down getting mad and cursing isn’t gonna solve this problem.
Claire: Yeah but makes ya feel a whole lot better though.
Aya: True, but there’s a little boy here.
(boom, boom, boom)
Malik: Oh no.
Claire: (stands up takes out handgun) Justin be a dear and get the door. (stands in front of the door)
(Justin walks to the door with one hand on the knob, nods to Claire she nods back to him then pulls the door open Claire has a magnum pointing at her and Hassan and Ahmed walk in)
Malik: Hassan!(runs over throws his arms around him)
Cindy: You made it. (walks over hugs him) My God what happened to your face?
Hassan: A hunter scratched me. (hugs Malik) I told you I’d meet you here.
Malik: You scarred me I thought you were dead.
Aya: You’re awful quiet Ahmed. (he walks over and hugs her) Hey are you ok kiddo? (he collapses in her arms)
Claire: Oh my god is he alright. (walks over to them)
Aya: Yes, he’s just exhausted, he’ll be fine with a little rest.
Justin: Man look at his side, what happened?
Hassan: We ran into this strange zombie.  It hit him with a pipe.  It kept on letting out this horrid, painful cry.
Aya: So that was what we heard. (laying Ahmed on the floor)
Malik: I’m gonna go to sleep too for awhile. (lies down beside him)
Justin: So now what, we’re all here?  What do we do?
Cindy: (kisses Hassan) I’m glad you made it, I missed you I was so scarred.
Hassan: I missed you too. (kisses her back)
Chris: (looks at them) Are you two done?
Claire: Aw isn’t that sweet.
Justin: Can we just focus on the situation at hand please?
Aya: He’s right let’s get the communication equipment working Claire I need your help.  I got the power fixed but now I need to set up the main system.
Claire: Alright. (walks over to the equipment Justin, Cindy, and Hassan sit down at the desk)
Hassan: Did you check for survivors?
Justin: No, we assumed everyone was dead.
Hassan: Ahmed called earlier and a cop answered, they could still be here somewhere.
Cindy: (stands up) Come-on you two. (they walk to the door)
Chris: Where are you going?
Cindy: We’re going to go check out the place for survivors.
Aya: Alright but here. (takes out some extra clips for a handgun and the magnum) Take these.
Justin: Thanks Aya, we’ll be back soon.
Chris: Cindy wait take this with you. (hands her a walkie talkie) We found these in the equipment locker.
Cindy: Thank you Chris. (nods and they leave)
Hassan: We should go to the chief’s office, we’ll head through the secretaries office too.
Justin: Which way’s that?
Hassan: That way. (points left)
Cindy: Then let’s get going. (they walk down the hall the way Hassan and Ahmed came)
Justin: Which door do we go in?
Hassan: The big one.
(They go in the large door and come to the second floor walk way, they can see the main hall below them.  The door that leads to the secretaries office is on the other side of the long walkway they start walking.)
Justin: Why’s this place so big?
Hassan: It used to be a museum.
Justin: How do you know so much about this place?
Hassan: I took a tour of this place when I was twelve and for a while I really wanted to be on the S.T.A.R.S. team so I studied the place whenever I could.
Cindy: Do you guys think anyone’s left alive?
Hassan: There should be someone here, they are trained professionals and they had lots of weaponry.
Justin: Who’s the chief?
Cindy: Brian Irons, Claire really doesn’t like him.
Hassan: Me either.  When I came here he tried to get me to go into his office alone.
Justin: What’s so bad about him?
Hassan: I don’t know, I just didn’t like the way that he looked me over the first time he saw me. (they walk up to the door they saw) This is the door to the secretaries office. (they walk in the door and the exit on the other side of the room slams shut)
Justin: What was that?
Cindy: Or who, for that matter?
Hassan: Come on let’s follow them. (they follow, they exit the office and hear running footsteps, they hear a door open and close around the corner) Come on hurry. (they run after it) I think it’s the chief, he’s heading for his office. (they walk in the chief’s office)
Brian: Hold it right there (points a gun at them) Why are you following me?
Hassan: We’re looking for survivors.
Brian: You, I recognize you, you were here four years ago.
Justin: Is there anyone else alive here?
Brian: (sits down on his desk still holding his gun on them) No I’m afraid not.
Justin: What happened where are they?
Brian: I killed them, killed them with this very weapon. (looks the gun over)
Cindy: What, why?
Brian: I killed a zombie earlier, it felt so incredible, I just knew I had to do it again.  I just couldn’t get over the sense of power, it was almost sexual, so I just kept killing and killing until they were all dead.  I’ve been having the urge to kill again but I couldn’t, until now . . . (cracks a maniacal smile)
Hassan: (nervous) You’re going to kill us?
Brian: (walks over to him) No just you. (touches his stomach) I want to kill a creature just one more time before it’s all over.
Cindy: Oh no, Hassan.
Hassan: What do you mean before it’s all over, are you going to kill yourself? 
Brian: (turns his back to Cindy and Justin) Don’t you see you fools there is no escape from this hell that was once my beautiful city.  I didn’t want it to end up like this.
Hassan: What do you mean?  You didn’t want it to end up like this?  Did you know something about what’s happening here? (nods to Cindy signals her to leave they give him a desperate look and leave)
Brian: It was only supposed to be a few sections in the city in a contained environment, that’s what the officials at Umbrella told me but as you can see they lied to me.  Now it’s all over killing you will be the last of my sanity dripping away with your blood.
Cindy: (stepping into the hall looks at Justin) Come we have to get the others hurry! (they take off running)
(back in the room)
Hassan: (holding back the tears) I know if we can get out of here if you help us.  Chris, Aya and Claire are working on the communications equipment as we speak, as soon as they get it working someone’s bound to come save us.  Please Mr. Irons just come with us everything’s gonna be ok.
Brian: Don’t worry young one it’ll all be over soon all your pain will be done with. 

Narrator: Meanwhile back with the others.  Justin and Cindy burst through the door, waking Ahmed and Malik.

Cindy: Claire, Hassan’s in trouble.
Malik: Where’s Hassan?
Aya: How’s he in trouble?
Justin: Chief Irons is holding him hostage in his office.
Cindy: And doing God knows what to him.
Claire: You left him there?
Justin: Claire there’s no time, we’ll explain later c’mon. (they run out the door)

(Back in the office)
Brian: See the only problem with killing someone there are so many different ways to kill someone, which one do I choose?  I could just shoot you in the head, the best for you I guess, quick painless.  But then that’s no fun for me now is it, the last person I killed, I shot him once in each leg, then put another bullet in his stomach and watched him die.  The whole process took about twenty minutes.  I just sat there holding my gun watching the life seep from his tear stricken eyes, just a young sergeant not a whole lot older than yourself.
(Just then Claire bursts through the door and knocks Brian against the door, Justin and Claire follow her in)
Claire: Hassan are you ok?
Hassan: (starts to cry) No. (Cindy hugs him)
Claire: You no good scum bucket, (throws him down) I knew you were twisted the day I met you. (takes the handgun off the table)
Justin: (stands next to her) Claire what are you doing?
Claire: Something that should’ve been done a long time ago. (points the gun at Brian)
Brian: No please don’t, I’ll do anything.
Claire: Sorry. (shoots him in the head) Game over. (he dies)
Hassan: Thanks Claire. (sniffs)
Ahmed: (runs in the door) Hassan are you ok? (no response) What happened? (no response they go back to the S.T.A.R.S. office Hassan stays silent)
Chris: Where’s the Chief, what’s wrong?
Claire: Have you got that communication equipment working yet, Aya?
Aya: Well, we can receive messages but we can’t send anything yet.
Chris: That’ll have to be good enough.  Claire you didn’t answer my question.
Claire: I’m afraid Mr. Irons won’t be joining. (sits at a computer)
(Ahmed, Hassan, Malik, Cindy and Justin are sitting at the front desk)
Malik: Hassan why are you crying?
Cindy: (rubbing Hassan’s face) Because sometimes it’s good to cry.
Malik: But why though?
Hassan: Malik . . . stop.
Malik: Ok, I’m sorry. (hugs him) I love you too. (squeezes his eyes shut)
Cindy: Hassan it’s alright. (Hassan stands walks to the door) Where are you going?
Hassan: Somewhere I can be alone.
Aya: You shouldn’t go alone.
Hassan: Don’t worry I’ll be fine. (leaves quickly)

Narrator: Hassan walks into the hall and walks toward the way Claire and the others came to the office.  He goes back to the east office.

Hassan: (walking into the small branch office) I can’t believe that this has happened. (sits at the desk puts his head down)  I can’t wait till we get outta this hellhole. (click squeak boom) What was that? (gets down under the desk) I hope it was just the wind. (clump clump clump)
Voice: Hello is anyone in here? (he stands up) Don’t move or I’ll shoot you.  Turn around slowly. (he does what he’s told) Hassan you made it.
Hassan: Kendra, what are you doing here?
Kendra: I’m looking for you guys.  Where’s Ahmed and Malik?
Hassan: They’re up in the S.T.A.R.S office with the others.  Have you got a way outta here?
Kendra: The only way out of town is the train station.
Hassan: Well let’s go get the others and get out of here.
(Hassan and Kendra go retrieve the others and go to the main hall)
Chris: Is it wise to leave through the door?
Aya: Chris it’s the shortest way to the train station.  This time we stay together.
Ahmed: Kendra you haven’t told us why you’re here.
Kendra: Because I came to find you guys.
Chris: Why are you lying?  You told Cindy and I that you were after the G-Virus, quote my husbands greatest creation.
Kendra: I was and I found it.
Ahmed: You work for Umbrella don’t you?
Kendra: Yes, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
Claire: Do you really believe yourself when you say that take a look out the window sister they’re responsible for all this.  They’ve destroyed the entire city, killed thousands of people and there’s nothing wrong with that?
Malik: Can we just go now?
Cindy: Relax Malik we’ve got all the time in the world.
Kendra: Or at least until 6AM then Umbrella’s going to sanitize the area.
Chris: How are they going to do that?
Kendra: They are planning a nuclear tactical strike. 
Aya: A nuclear weapon, what yield?
Kendra: Five kilotons
Chris: What the fuck!  Are you kidding?
Cindy: How would they get away with that?
Claire: Cover up just like every other super conspiracy out there with this country.  What time is it now?
Hassan: (looks at Cindy’s watch) It’s 2AM Wednesday morning.
Kendra: That gives us four hours, come on. (they leave the station and start on their way)
Claire: We’ve been away almost twenty four hours now.
Cindy: So are we taking the road way, or should we prepare for more ally trolling.
Hassan: It would be easier to take the roads.
Kendra: We’re going to, but I’ve gotta warn you.  We’re going to be swarmed by zombies.
Malik: Can’t we take the ally?
Hassan: Malik don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you. (walks over puts his arm around Malik)
Aya: Have we got the ammunition for it?
Chris: Yes, if we use it conservatively.
Claire: Let’s get moving already, time’s ticking. (opens the front gate to the station)

Narrator: They step out on the road and look around to see absolutely nothing.  They walk down the street in the merky light provided by the few working street lamps.  The rain beats down on them and they can smell the strong stench of rotten flesh.

Claire: Fuck that stinks.
Ahmed: I don’t hear anything yet, but they’re probably following us or waiting for us to drop our guard. (looking around)
Cindy: Say, you think Nemesis is still gonna follow us?
Ahmed: That thing is still alive?  We didn’t kill it in the explosion.
Kendra: It’ll take a lot more than a factory explosion to destroy the Nemesis Project.  I help design it.  That’s why it’s not programmed to attack Ahmed or the other boy that was there.
Cindy: Oh no.
Justin: Travis.
Ahmed: He’s been at the hospital the whole time.
Cindy: What if he’s still alive?
Ahmed: Justin, Cindy we have to go back for him.
Chris: Are you crazy, you can’t go back for him don’t have the time.
Ahmed: (stops walking) I’ll make time.  You don’t understand I owe him my life.  Back there on the roof of that school he used his body as a human shield to protect me from the huge claws of a mutant Tyrant.  It shattered his spinal cord.  I’m going back for him. (turns around heads toward the hospital)
Claire: You guys keep going, Ahmed and I will meet you at the train station. (goes with Ahmed)
Ahmed: Thanks Claire.
Claire: Don’t mention it.
Aya: Claire wait! (runs over to them) Use this if you need to contact us ok? (passing her a walkie talkie)
Claire: All right thanks.  We’ll see you later.
Aya: Be careful! (runs back to the others)
Ahmed: We will!
Claire: Ahmed we’ll run, it’s not that far.
Ahmed: Ok.

Narrator: Claire and Ahmed run toward the hospital which is only two buildings away from the station.  They stop in the parking lot.

Claire: Whew, here we are.  I hope you know the exact room this place is gonna be crawling with zombies.
Ahmed: (sits down) I think it’s room 142 or room 241.
Claire: That’s on floor two or three.  I hope the elevator is still working.  You ready to go? (walks over to him)
Ahmed: Yup. (stands up)
Claire: Let’s go. (they enter the hospital) Let’s go to the elevator. (starts down the hall)
Ahmed: Claire wait. (she turns around) What if the power goes out and we get stuck in the elevator.
Claire: Good point let’s take the stairs. (they pass the elevator and go up the stairs)
Ahmed: You hear that?
Noise: (from down the hall) Muuhh!
Claire: Yup.
Ahmed: Great huh?
Claire: (sarcastically) Oh yeah, just dandy. (takes out her hand gun)  Better get yours out too.
Ahmed: Alright. (takes out his gun) Let’s check room 142. (they walk down the hall)
Claire: Stop. (puts her arm in front of him)
Ahmed: What? (the zombie staggers into view) Oh. (raises his gun)
Claire: I’ll get it. (raising her gun) I wonder. (shoots it in the legs)
Zombie: (falling) Muh!
Claire: I thought so. (looks at Ahmed) Let’s hurry.
Ahmed: (shakes his head) Right. (they run to the room)
Claire: Be ready. (putting her hand on the door knob)
Ahmed: Ok. (they burst in the door) Oh no it’s him.
(Strange Zombie is standing over Travis, it extends it hand and a tube sticks in his mouth it turns around)
Zombie: Graaa! Graaa! (walks toward the window)
Claire: What the hell is that thing?!
(it jumps out of the window)
Hassan: It’s the zombie Hassan and I fought twice earlier.  (runs over to the bed) Travis is that you?
Travis: Yes . . . Ahmed you’re alive, what about the others?
Ahmed: No time for reunions now we have to get to the train station.  What did that zombie do to you? (helping out of the bed)
Travis: I don’t know but my stomach’s hurting.
Claire: (brings over a wheel chair) We’ve gotta be at the station before six. (picks him up puts him in the wheel chair) Let’s get a move on. (pushes out into the hall)

Narrator: Back with the others it had been an hour since they left the station and split up.  They are still on the move in the rain and so far they have not been attacked then. . .

Cindy: I can’t believe that this city is literally crawling with blood thirsty creatures and nothing’s come after us.
Chris: You almost sound disappointed Cindy.
Cindy: I am this is boring.  If something attacked it would be better then walking in the rain not saying anything.
Nemesis: (walks out of an alley) Stars!
Aya: Everybody run!
Kendra: Don’t worry he won’t hurt us.
Chris: Maybe he won’t hurt you! (they start running)
Malik: (runs over to Kendra) Kendra I’m scared make it go away.
Kendra: (takes out a remote control) Nemesis come here. (he walks toward her) Nemesis, the STARS team is no longer considered a threat.  You will accompany me until you are given new orders.
Nemesis: Confirmed. (stands at attention)
Hassan: Aya, Chris, Justin wait it’s ok! (they stop running and they catch up to them)
Justin: Are you sure he won’t attack us?
Kendra: Yes.  He only does what I tell him to do.
Malik: (stands in front of Nemesis looks up)  Are you a robot?
Kendra: No Malik, he’s not a robot but he does have several cybernetic implants that make him completely susceptible to what we tell it to with the help of this control.  Nemesis your new task is to protect this child by all means necessary.
Nemesis: Confirmed primary weapon engaged. (a large rocket launcher sticks out of the mechanical back pack on his back)
Malik: He’s gonna protect me?
Nemesis: Affirmative.
Hassan: Cindy are you ok? (looks at him)
Cindy: Did you guys hear that?
Noise: Graa!
Hassan: Uh oh it’s that weird looking zombie, sounds pretty close too.
Kendra: Nemesis take the child to the train station we’ll meet you there.
Nemesis: Confirmed. (picks up Malik)
Hassan: Malik stay with him, he’ll protect you! (Nemesis starts running)
Aya: Whoa.  Kendra how fast is that thing moving?
Kendra: They’ll be at the station within the hour.
Cindy: Guys we’ve got trouble.
Zombie: (walks out from behind a transport truck) Raaa! Raaa!  Raaa! (grows to be nine feet tall)
Kendra: That’s a G26, it’s in its fourth stage of mutation.
Chris: Look at the size of that thing. (taking his rifle off his back)
Aya: Everybody arm yourself. (getting the shotgun)
Hassan: I’m not letting that thing get a hold of me again. (pointing magnum at it) Eat led! (fires several rounds)
Zombie: (raising arms above head) RAAA! (walks toward them)
Cindy: (firing handgun) Shoot it! (they start shooting)
Aya: All we’re doing is making it mad.
Kendra: Keep shooting it’s not invincible. (firing her grenade launcher)
Zombie: Graa! (jumps 20 feet in the air)
Hassan: Cindy look out! (pushes her out of the way as the creature lands in front of them)
Cindy: Uh! (hitting the ground) Hassan are you ok? (gets up)
Chris: Cindy I’m coming! (runs over picks her up and runs back to the others)
Cindy: Put me down! (he drops her) If I had’ve wanted your help I would’ve asked for it. 
Justin: Ohno Hassan!
Cindy: (turns to see Hassan lieing on the ground the creature standing over him) Hassan.  Chris, Aya, Kendra come on we have to help him. (runs over to it) Hey big guy over here! (fires twice)
Aya: Chris come on! (runs over Chris follows)
Zombie: Graaa! (turns to face Cindy)
Cindy: Aya get Hassan! (backing away shooting)
Aya: Alright, Chris help me carry him. (picking him up)
Chris: I’ll get him! (takes him from Aya takes him over to Kendra)
Justin: Is he awake?
Kendra: Hassan are you awake?
Hassan: Yes, but it slashed my pretty badly. (in pain)
Kendra: I’ll finish this thing. (takes out a strange bullet puts it in Grenade launcher) Cindy, Aya get outta the way. (raising gun Aya and Cindy run back behind them) Let’s see how you handle this. (pulls the trigger the bullet collides with the zombie in a massive explosion)
Zombie: RAAAA! (falls to the ground stops moving)
Chris: Why the hell didn’t you do that in the beginning?! (angry)
Cindy: That way no one would’ve gotten hurt.
Kendra: I thought we could have handled it.
Cindy: (kneeling by Hassan) Hassan are you ok?
Hassan: (gets to his knees) I don’t think.
Cindy: Oh no your chest. (touching his blood soaked shirt)
Aya: I’ll wrap your chest, take off your shirt.
Hassan: Ok.

Narrator: Aya wraps Hassan’s chest and they’re on their way.  Meanwhile Ahmed and Claire had left the hospital and were on there way after the others.

Travis: Man my stomach, it feels like I’m gonna be sick.
Claire: Probably just that rotting smell.
Travis: But that never bothered me before.
Ahmed: Claire there has to be an easier way to get to the station, can’t we take one of those cars. (pointing to a few cars parked along the road)
Claire: I never thought of that. (walks over to one of the cars looks in)
Ahmed: Any keys?
Claire: (smiles) Yes. (opens the door) Come on let’s blow this hellhole.
Travis: Are we gonna take the wheel chair.
Claire: Yup.  Ahmed help him in the car.  I’ll put the wheel chair in the trunk.
Ahmed: All right. (gets Travis into the car)
Claire: (folds the chair) There now. (takes it around to the back) Ahmed open the trunk.
Ahmed: Ok. (pulls the switch)
Claire: Aah! (a licker jumps out of the trunk and lands on her) Ahmed help me!
Ahmed: (jumping out of the car) Claire! (runs back) Oh no!
Licker: (turns its attention to Ahmed) Hiss screech! (runs toward him)
Claire: Ahmed look out! (reaches for her gun)
Ahmed: (fumbles his gun) Uh oh. (it jumps on him)
Claire: (worried) Oh my God! (shoots it several times)
Lickers: Screech! (dies on Ahmed)
Claire: (runs to Ahmed) Ahmed are you ok? (throwing the licker off of him) Uh.  Your arms they’re bleeding.
Ahmed: It’s claws got me. (whining)
Claire: (helps him up) You’ll be fine, get in the car and get yourself bandaged up. (picking up the wheelchair) If you want help I’ll do it.
Ahmed: No that’s ok. (walks over to the passenger seat)

Narrator: Claire puts the wheel chair in the trunk and gets in.  She starts the car and they get on their way.  They come to a car wreck blocking the road.

Ahmed:  What do we do now?
Claire: Wait a minute.
Ahmed: We don’t have to get out do we?
Claire: No, there’s another way around. (looks back as she backs the car up) We’ll take the Star Street route, that’s the way we came to the hospital.
Travis: Why didn’t you just go that way in the first place?
Claire: Normally this way would’ve been faster. (turns the car around then heads back the way they came) How’re your arms feeling Ahmed?
Ahmed: They’re stinging a little, but it’s not that bad.
Claire: That thing scared the hell outta me.
Ahmed: I’d just like to know how it got into the trunk in the first place.
Travis: Maybe someone trapped it there before the city was totally infected.
Claire: It’s possible.  Ahmed check the glove compartment for insurance papers, I wanna know who’s car this is?
Ahmed: Why?
Claire: Just curious I guess.
Ahmed: Oh ok. (opens the glove compartment papers fall out) I don’t see anything with a name on it here. (searching the papers)
(there is a thump and the car rocks slightly)
Travis: (worried) What was that?
Claire: I don’t know but hold on! (makes a hard left does a donut a hunter falls off the roof)
Ahmed: It was a hunter Claire, look there’s tons of them they’re coming out from behind the building.  They’re chasing us.
Claire: Alright boys hang on to your shirts we’re going for a ride. (floors it)
Ahmed: Claire they’re not letting up.
Claire: Ahmed get in the back seat and shoot at them try to slow them down.
Ahmed: (getting in the back seat) Ok. (takes his gun out shoots at them) Claire there’s too many I haven’t got enough fire power.
Claire: Well they’re bound to run down sometimes.
Travis: They might’ve been engineered so that they wouldn’t.
Claire: That’s possible. (reaches for the walkie talkie) I’ll ask Kendra. (raises it to her mouth) Aya are you there?
Aya: (from walkie talkie) Yes Claire I hear you where are you?
Claire: That’s not important right now.  Ask Kendra if the hunters were made to run for extremely long periods of time.
Aya: Hold on. (a few seconds pass) She said they are but why?
Claire: We’re in a car and we’re being chased by a pack of them.
Aya: Where are you?
Claire: We’re on the same street you are but we’re at the other end.
Aya: We can see the train from here.
Claire: You’d better get ready, we’re coming but we’re bringing friends.
Aya: Alright, come back in one piece.
Claire: I will.  Later. (hooks walkie talkie on her belt) Are they still behind us?
Ahmed: yeah but they’re pretty far behind us now.
Claire: Good.
Travis: Ahmed are Cindy and Justin still alive?
Ahmed: Yes they’re with the others.
Travis: How many other people are with you?
Ahmed: There’s nine of us all together not counting you.
Claire: Travis is your stomach still bothering you?
Travis: Yes but I can live with it.
Claire: I wonder if it has something to do with that creature earlier?
Ahmed: I wouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore.

Narrator: They keep driving, meanwhile back with the others they had just reached the train station and were waiting for Claire, Ahmed and Travis to arrive.

Aya: (rejoiced) Ah we’re finally here.
Kendra: Nemesis where are you?!
Malik: (they walk out from behind the train) We’re right here.
Hassan: Are you ok Malik? (walks over to him)
Malik: Yeah I’m ok.
Cindy: Did anything come after you?
Malik: One of those big guys in black, but Nemesis knocked it’s head off.
Chris: I wonder where Claire is.
Justin: Wherever she is she only has about forty five minutes to get here.
Aya: Yeah well she said she was bringing a pack of hunters with her.  We’ve gotta be ready. (checking her shotgun)
Kendra: Nemesis can take care of them.
Claire: (comes roaring down the street in a car follow by the pack of hunters the car swings to a stop by the train gets outta the car) Hi guys. (opens the back door)
Cindy & Justin: Travis you’re ok.
Ahmed: I’ll get the wheelchair. (gets out of car goes to the back and gets the item from the trunk and unfolds it)
Claire: (notices Nemesis) Holy shit! (jumps back takes out her gun) You guys look out it’s Nemesis!
Ahmed: Ah! (dives under the car)
Cindy: Don’t worry he’s on our side. (helps Travis into wheelchair)
Kendra: Nemesis take out the T16’s.
Nemesis: Affirmative. (walks toward the hunters)
Kendra: Everyone on the train.
Ahmed: Whew. (gets out from under car)
(they file into the train and Kendra starts it on its way)
Chris: We’re finally on our way outta here.
Claire: Nice to see everyone’s still in one piece.
Aya: Ahmed what happened to your arms?
Ahmed: A licker attacked me.
Travis: Claire my stomach is really hurting.
Kendra: What happened?
Travis: Some weird looking zombie stuck a strange tube in my mouth . . .
Kendra: Uh oh. (takes out a needle walks over to him) Hold still.  (sticks it in his arm)
Cindy: What’s that stuff?
Kendra: It’s the agent we at Umbrella refer to as the agent called Devil.
Chris: Devil?
Kendra: It’s the cure the kills any G-Virus applicant in the early stages of infection.
Justin: Travis is infected?
Kendra: Not anymore, and just to be on the safe side when we get back to the facility I am going to have all of you vaccinated.
Justin: Good. Trav, you don’t know how happy I am to know that you’re alive.
Cindy: Me too.
Aya: Kendra did you know someone named Dr Hans Klemp?
Kendra: (disgusted) Yes.  I couldn’t stand the man.  He was a fool, he created something similar to the T1 or as you know it licker.  It was intelligent and ran a muck in a hospital in New York City.  It possessed telepathic and telekinetic energy, an unknown cop stopped it when it was released and killed him.  I wish I could thank the one that stopped it.
Aya: (smiles) You’re welcome.
Kendra: You did it?  Thank you.
Ahmed: Hassan why are you being so quiet?
Hassan: I just can’t believe we got out of this so easily. (the train comes a sudden halt and knocks everyone to the ground)
Chris: What the hell happened?! (standing)
Kendra: I don’t know! (standing)
Aya: Is everyone ok? (standing)
Ahmed: Yeah! (stands)
Hassan: After all this a fall isn’t gonna kill me.
Cindy: I’m ok. (stands)
Malik: Yes. (stands)
Justin: I’ll be fine. (stands)
Claire: Hassan you just had to go and say that didn’t you?
Kendra: Let’s go see what it was.
Chris: Alright.  Malik you stay here with Travis.
Malik: Ok.
Aya: Everyone come on. (they go outside to see that seven Tyrants had mutated and stopped the train)
Ahmed: We’re in serious trouble. (takes out his gun)
Kendra: He’s right we’re goners. (takes out her grenade launcher)
Claire: Anybody got a rocket launcher handy? (takes out M79)
Chris: What are these things? (gets rifle ready)
Aya: If we’re going down, we’re going down fighting. (ready’s her shotgun)
Hassan: Cindy I love you no matter what happens. (gets his magnum ready)
Cindy: I love you too.  This can’t happen we can’t give up now, not after we’ve come this far. (takes out her handgun) I refuse to.
Justin: I’m with Cindy. (gets his handgun)
Claire: So am I, we have to try.
Chris: Everyone be careful, now let’s get’em. (they open fire)
Hassan: (the tyrants walk toward them) Split up! (firing magnum the Tyrant’s charge at them with their claws dragging one hits Claire’s leg)
Claire: Uh! (hits the ground the Tyrant walks toward her) Help me out here someone. (sliding backwards)
Ahmed: (shoots it) Hey over here! (it turns towards him)
Hassan: (a Tyrant dashes at Chris) Chris lookout! (pushes him out of the way the Tyrant almost flies by them)
Chris: That was too close, thanks kid.
Hassan: You’re welcome. (getting up)
Cindy: Ah somebody help me! (back to the train a Tyrant walking toward her)
Justin: Cindy! (runs chased by another Tyrant) Catch me if you can! (dives between the Tyrant’s legs the one chasing him rams it)
Aya: Kendra have you got any of those special rounds left?
Kendra: I’ve got four. (takes one out, puts it on her gun) Chris, Hassan get outta the way! (they move she shoots it, it explodes) Now. (loads another one) Claire move. (she moves, she shoots the one that was after Claire it explodes) Two down (reloads) five to go. (shoots one that runs at Aya then explodes)

Meanwhile in the train . . .

Malik: I wonder what stopped the train.
Travis: Why don’t you go to the control room and look out the window.
Malik: Alright but you’re coming, I don’t wanna go alone.
Travis: Alright, just wheel me in.
Malik: Ok. (pushes him into the control room) What are those things? (scared)
Travis: Mutated Tyrants, Umbrella’s most horrific creation thus far.
Malik: They’re having a lot of trouble with them.
Travis:  They can’t be killed with normal guns.
Malik: (looks at a wooden crate in the corner with Umbrella’s logo on the top) Hey I wonder what’s in that? (walks over to it) How do we open it?
Travis: There’s a latch right there. (looks at a latch)
Malik: (lifts the latch opens the crate) What’s that thing? (there’s a rocket launcher inside)
Travis: That’s a rocket launcher, just what they need.  Quick take it out to them.
Malik: Ok. (gets the launcher out of the crate) Man it’s some heavy. (struggles to pick it up)

Back outside . . .

Hassan: Ahmed look out!
Ahmed: (a tyrant catches his back) Uh! (he falls down)
Hassan: Don’t worry Ahmed I’ll help you. (pulls the trigger nothing happens) Oh no not now, I’m out.
Ahmed: Someone help me! (struggles to get up)
Aya: Ahmed oh no. (runs over picks him up) Are you ok?
Ahmed: Yes thank you.
Aya: (the tyrant hits her) Ah! (hits the ground it knocks her out)
Ahmed: Aya! Chris help! (tries to drag her away from the Tyrant)
Chris: Hey you, ugly over here! (shoots it twice)
Claire: Chris look out behind you! (screams)
Chris: (jumps out of the way) Thanks Claire.  Cindy how’re you two making out?
Cindy: Well we’re alive.
Justin: That’s good as far as I’m concerned! (runs away from a Tyrant)
Malik: (the door to the train opens he peaks his head out) Claire over here!
Hassan: Malik what are you doing?! Get back inside now!
Claire: Holy shit look what he’s got! (smiles as he pulls out the rocket launcher) I’m coming. (dashes over to him)
(A tyrant notices and walks toward him)
Malik: Claire look! (as she reaches him)
Claire: Thanks sweetie. (picks up the rocket launcher) Now, good night big fella! (shoots the Tyrant walking toward them it explodes into pieces she targets the next) Buddy you’re two muscles short of a brain. (shoots the one Cindy and Justin were fighting) And you. (targets the next) You loose big guy! (shoots the last one lowers the launcher) Let’s get the hell outta here! (they get on the train and get it going again)
Kendra: Is she gonna be ok?
Chris: (lying Aya out on the floor) She’ll be fine, just a little bump on the noggin.
Cindy: Malik where’d you find that rocket launcher anyway?
Malik: In a crate in the control room.
Justin: Thank god you found it.  If you hadn’t, we’d all be dead if you didn’t.
Chris: Claire how’s your leg?
Claire: I’ll live.  Ahmed are you ok, how’s your back?
Ahmed: (wiping his eyes) It hurts a lot.
Hassan: Come here. (Ahmed walks over to him) Turn around I’ll get you cleaned off. (gets a med kit then takes out a cloth)
Ahmed: Will you lift off the shirt, I can’t raise my arms.
Hassan: Alright. (rips the shirt at the back) Hold still all right?
Travis: Man that thing got you good, but not as bad as that one that got me though.
Cindy: Thank god for that.
Aya: (opens her eyes sits up) Is everyone ok did we make it?
Kendra: Welcome back.
Claire: Everyone’s alive anyway, that’s all that matters.
Malik: Chris is the only one that didn’t get hurt.
Hassan: (under his breath) Thanks to me.
Chris: What was that?
Hassan: I said thanks to me. (rubbing Ahmed’s back)
Cindy: He’s right Chris that Tyrant probably would’ve killed you.
Chris: He is right, you know what Hassan?
Hassan: Huh?
Chris: You’re really not a bad guy.
Hassan: Thanks.
Ahmed: Are you almost done? (flinches) Not so hard.
Hassan: Sorry, I’m almost done.
Aya: Cindy what time is it?
Cindy: It’s five after six.
Aya: Then they’ve already fired the missiles.
Justin: Kendra is there still enough time to get away?
Kendra: (stands walks toward the control room) I don’t know. (low voice) I’ll see if I can speed up the train. (goes into the control room)
Claire: Kendra where does this train go anyway?
Kendra: A special track will take us to the Umbrella compound just outside the next town over it’s underground.
Claire: (stands up) Are you crazy we can’t go back to Umbrella.  We destroyed trillions of dollars worth of equipment back at that facility.
Kendra: Don’t worry it’s my husband lab.
Malik: You mean we’re gonna get to see Uncle Arden. (happily)
Kendra: Not right away.
Aya: So are we safe?
Kendra: Yeah we’re going fast enough to get away now.
(the train shakes and they hear a massive explosion)
Chris: Get down! (jumps to the ground he covers Aya)
Malik: Ahh! (falls from the shaking)
Justin: Malik are you ok? (gets down beside him)
Hassan: Ahmed I’ll hold onto you. (holds onto him)
Claire: Cindy are you alright?
Cindy: I’m alright. (holds onto Hassan)
(train continues to shake then stops and goes smoothly again)
Aya: There, the city’s gone. (getting up)
Travis: You think anybody else made it out?
Kendra: I doubt it. (they sat down to wait out the rest of the ride)
(Cindy and Hassan sit off on there own away from the group)
Hassan: I can’t believe this is finally over, that all this is over.
Cindy: I know we made it, I knew we would.
Hassan: When Chief Irons was talking to me he told me some really disturbing stuff.  He was working with Umbrella he helped them do this I just can’t believe someone could be so insane.
Cindy: It’s over now.

Narrator: A few days have passed since they arrived at the compound.  They received medical attention and were given the Devil agent finding out that everyone had been infected from the wounds they had.  They were informed that with this virus even a scratch was enough to transfer it and that was how the whole population had become infected so quickly.

Ahmed: (laying in bed)  Man I hate this place.  I almost got killed this time twice, we’re gonna have to try again when all our wounds are healed.  I learned from my cousin Jada that Umbrella headquarters is in Rome Italy.  I wonder how we’re gonna get to Italy. (yawns) Like I said not today, not tomorrow but some day, your down fall’s coming.  (closes his eyes goes to sleep)

                                                            Then End?

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