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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 17: Restructuring/Back Home

Chapter 17: Restructuring/Back Home

Tarra, Parker and I were in the medical lab in the main building of the shipping dock, Colin was laying on the operating table in front of us.  We had just begun the process of restructuring the musculature on his body.  Tarra was slowly placing the electron needles into the muscles on his legs and I was working on his upper body.  Parker was closely monitoring his vital signs. 

“This the third time I’ve done this, and I still feel uncomfortable doing it,” I said as I pushed one of the needles into the side of his neck.  Colin was still unconscious from the anesthetic we used but he would be out of it soon, not that it would matter, he still would not be able to feel anything. 

“Well thank god that we can use the computer program to insert the process of how to do it.  To learn this stuff would require some kind of medical degree or something,” said Tarra as she continued pushing the needle into his right leg. 

I continued to place the needles into his skin one by one. The process was long and tedious and very dangerous, one misplaced needle, sticking one in to far almost anything could cause the loss of use of a limb or lack of feeling in a section of skin. 

“Parker how are things looking from your point of view?” I asked.  Parker was sitting with his arms crossed and with one hand by his mouth.

 “Things are still looking good but he is going to come around in a few minutes, just a warning.” 


Once the process was begun you could not stop until it was finished, which would definitely take a few hours.  We were going to be here for a while.  Tarra pushed several more needles into his leg and had done almost half of both of Colin’s legs. 

“Parker, this section is almost ready for the electro trans dermal nerve stimulation process,” said Tarra. 

“You’re hurrying along,” I said. 

“Hey I don’t want to be here all night, I don’t know how you feel about the whole situation.” 

“Your right, good work, you’re really getting a knack for this.”  I smiled and went back to the needles.  I was standing over Colin’s head and his eyes slowly opened into a squint. 

“Ah man, where am I?” he asked quietly. 

“You’re in the real world man it’s the real thing.” 

“Why can’t I feel anything, why are my eyes burning like this?” 

“While you were hooked into the matrix your body grew but the muscles and nerves didn’t develop properly because they were never used.  That is also why your eyes are burning, you’ve never used them before.” 

“We’re slowly rebuilding you, you should just try to rest,” said Tarra.  Colin slowly lost consciousness and faded back to sleep. 

Tarra and I continued to work steady on Colin’s body for almost two hours and we had gotten all of the needles into his muscles.  Tarra held a medical scanning device in her hand and slowly began to run it over all the needles that had been placed in his body. 

“Everything seems ok so far.”  She came to the middle of his stomach and the scanner began to beep with pauses in between beeps. 

“There is a loose one around his abdominals somewhere.”  I walked over to his mid-section and began to check the needles one at a time. 

“Move the scanner around a bit it should beep faster when it gets closer to the one that’s loose,” I said carefully checking several of the needles.  Tarra nodded and began to run the scanner over the area, it began to beep faster and faster.  She got to a single spot and the scanner went crazy beeping faster and louder, she pointed to one of the needle. 

“I think it’s that one.”  I reached over and put my hand on the needle and sure enough it was the one we were looking for.  I pushed the needle in a little farther and the scanner stopped beeping.  I nodded at Tarra and she continued scanning along, she shortly came to the end and stopped. 

“Parker, he’s ready when you are,” she said. 

“Ok you two come over here now I am getting the computer ready to start,” instructed Parker.  Tarra and I did as Parker instructed and stood next to him in the computer room. 

We watched Colin as Parker began the electro trans dermal nerve stimulation process.  There was a quiet buzzing noise as the process started and Colin’s body began to jolt slightly.  This was completely normal the process was working well, his body was responding perfectly.  Parker continued the process for approximately thirty minutes un-interrupted, and then the machine began to power down. 

“He’s done now all we have to do is leave him in the recovery ward for a few days and he will be fine,” said Parker. 

“That’s great, well done guys,” I said walking away from them.  “Parker go tell the nurses to get him to the recovery ward, after that go for a break, you’ll be called in a day or so before we leave.”  I walked out the door and into the hallway.  That was the second step completed.  I made my way out into the building and to my room in the city.

Meanwhile Isaiah had been showing Dan around the city of Zion they were all the way to the bottom in the temple. 

“This city is huge how the hell did they build it?”  asked Dan. 

“I’m not really sure but I know that the humans did it,” answered Isaiah.  Dan shook his head. 

“So where do we go now?”  Isaiah looked at the temple clock. 

“I think they should be done by now let’s go check in on them.” 

Isaiah and Dan walked over and into the elevator and pushed the top floor.  The doors closed and the elevator started steadily up the levels of the city, it would probably take them roughly twenty minutes to get to the main dock floor.

“So Dan I’m curious, what do you think of the real world?”  asked Isaiah.  Dan was quiet for a few seconds apparently in deep thought. 

“Personally I think it really sucks, I mean the humans have almost nothing.  Death could come for us at any moment, anywhere.  The only reason I even stay here is because Tarra is here, if not I would be right back in the Matrix.”  Isaiah looked at Dan and put his head down. 

“What would happen if Tarra were to die or something. . .”  Dan looked away and glared into space. 

“I don’t . . . really know.”  Isaiah shook his head and they waited the rest of the ride out in silence.  The elevator came to a slow halt and they stepped out onto the main floor. 

“They should be in the main medical lab come on.”  Isaiah and Dan walked toward the medical lab and Tarra and Brandan walked out. 

Isaiah and Dan walked toward us. 

“I wonder what they did while we were working?” asked Tarra. 

“I actually asked Isaiah if he wouldn’t mind showing Dan the city,” I answered. 

“Hey Captain, I took him on the tour, how did things go with Colin?”  Isaiah asked as he walked up to us. 

“Everything went great, the newest member of the crew is in the infirmary resting.” 

“Great, I can’t wait to train with him.”  Dan walked up to Tarra and they kissed. 

“How did you enjoy the tour?” asked Tarra. 

“It was great, this city is amazing.” 

“I don’t know about the rest of you but I need to go get some sleep,” I said. 

“Yeah you’re right let’s go to bed,” Tarra agreed, “I’m exhausted from all the shit we’ve done today.” 

“Today was definitely long,” I agreed.  Truth be known we hadn’t slept since we got to the dock, it had been several hours and it was now about ten at night. 

We each got into the elevator and started on our way down. 

“Isaiah are you still gonna bunk with me or are you going to get your own room?”  I asked. 

“I think I’ll stay with you for awhile longer, not really to big on being alone at all.”  Isaiah looked at me and smiled uncomfortably. 

“So Captain who is next?  Have you decided?” asked Tarra. 

“I don’t know if we should get Tabatha or Saba next, Colin will definitely want me to free Saba.  But there is also a lot to take into consideration between here and there.  I guess only time will tell.”  The elevator came to a halt at my level and Isaiah and I got off of the elevator. 

“We’ll see you guys tomorrow, ok.”  Tarra nodded and smiled as the elevator door closed.  Isaiah and I stayed in silence as we walked to our room. 

“Are you ok?”  I asked looking at him. 

“Yes why?” 

“You just look troubled is all.” 

“Maybe I’ll tell you later, not ready just yet.”  I nodded and we came to the door of our room and walked in.  I sat on the bed and laid down letting out a sigh of relief.

“I have a Captain’s meeting to go to tomorrow,” I said. 

“Is that the first one you’ve been to?” asked Isaiah.  I shook my head. 

“No I’ve been to two before this but that was before the Navras even left the dock.”  Isaiah took off his shirt and lay down on the bed next to me. 

“I don’t know how you can go to them with Commander Locke running them.  I can’t stand the guy, he’s so arrogant and he treats us “pod bourns” like crap.  We’re the ones doing the majority of the fighting, you’d think we would get more respect from people.” 

“Don’t worry how other people treat you, for it is how you treat other people that will matter in the end.  Just remember that.”  I lay with my eyes closed and felt Isaiah lay his head close to mine. 

“I will,” he whispered.  We went to sleep and slept soundly through the night.

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