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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 8: Lokiren Destroyed, Reassigned

Chapter 8: Lokiren Destroyed, Reassigned

I woke up to the sound of an alarm, Isaiah was nowhere to be found.  I jumped up out of bed and got dressed I hurried out into the city and looked up.  Apparently a group of sentinels had broken through the barrier that protected the city.  There were two ships air born, the Lokiren and the Logos they were fighting off the sentinels with their gun turrets.  They couldn't use the EMP's inside the city because it would destroy all the machinery.  The infantry groups had been called in and were firing off several rockets. 

"Brandan."  I heard from behind and I turned to see Isaiah running toward me from the neighboring room. 

"What's going on around here?"  I looked at what was happening and then looked back to him. 

"I don't know other than what I see."  We watched the battle from below, we noticed that the sentinels were focusing their attacks on the Lokiren with several stuck to the outer hall of the ship using their cutting lasers. 

Pieces of the ship began to fall down into the city.  I quickly pushed Isaiah to the ground and jumped out of the way of a falling hover engine.  It crashed to the ground only a few feet away from us. 

"Whoa that was really close," said Isaiah. 

"Are you alright?"  I helped him off the ground and looked up at the ship. 

"They're not gonna make it?  They need more help up there."  Suddenly the gates to the city opened up and the Lokiren steered toward the opening and headed on the way out. 

"What are they doing?"  asked Isaiah. 

"They're leading the force out of the city but they'll be destroyed.  They can't even use the E.M.P. anymore.  I don't think they'll have enough power left because they would have been in the midst of charging when they attacked."  Isaiah looked up at them with tears in his eyes. 

"What is he doing they'll all be killed," he yelled.

Morpheus captain of the Nebechainazzar was in earshot of us.  He walked over and put his hand on Isaiah's shoulder. 

"He is doing what he believes he has to.  The city depends on him," explained Morpheus. 

The Lokiren cleared the dock gate and they began to close, very shortly after there was the sound of an explosion and the ground shook.  Tears came to my eyes as I realized that everyone on the ship was probably dead. 

Several days had passed and several search parties had been sent out and came back with nothing.  We were sitting infront of the high counsel of Zion We were discussing our reassignment to either a new ship or a ship of our own.  They were talking about splitting us up. 

"No, I said we're not separating it doesn't matter.  Trust me we work well together any captain will appreciate us together over apart,” I pleaded. 

"Well unfortunately you really don't have a choice, the fact is we will place you each where we think is best for you," said the Highest council-women.  I sighed in disgust at the women and Commander Locke stepped over to me. 

"You will respect the authority of the people of this room pod born or you will never set foot on any ship again is that clear?"  Just then Neo walked in the room unannounced. 

"If I can't stay with Isaiah on another ship then give me my own ship so I can stay with him."  Commander Locke laughed out loud. 

"Young one what makes you think it is that easy to acquire your own ship, it takes several years of training inside and out of the matrix to be given the rank of captain," said a council member.  I looked over at Neo then the counsel. 

"Would you give him a ship if he wanted to have one?"  There was a short pause. 

"Of course you would he is "the one". 

“Well I may be a little cocky in saying this but I believe that Isaiah and myself would be a challenge to even Neo, Hell I've already killed an Agent on my own and the two of us are better then just me alone."  Neo looked at me the counsel was in shock at my nerve, I looked back at him not flinching. 

"You speak very bravely but to defeat an agent is not much of a feat compared to defeating the one.  If you truly believe that you can challenge the one then prove your boasting is true.  Neo will you agree to a sparing match with him?"  asked the council.  Neo smiled and nodded his head then looked at me. 

"If I truly find them a challenge they deserve there own ship and crew." 

"Then it is settled you will spare tomorrow afternoon in the temple's viewing port.”  I nodded to Neo and walked out. 

"Come on Isaiah we should go practice this is going to be a fun one I think."

Isaiah followed me out into the city and then to our room. 

"Are you crazy?" he asked me.  He sat on the bed and looked at me.  "There's no way we can possibly beat him."  I sat next to him and looked at the floor. 

"We don't need to win we just need to show them that we mean business and we deserve to be taken seriously.  I know that if we work together and believe we can do it I know we will."  I looked at Isaiah.  "Just think of what's at stake if we don't do what we need to, we will have to separate and may not get to see each other."  Isaiah looked up at me. 

"You'd better go practice then. . ." 

I laid down into the pod and Isaiah hooked me into the system.  What kind of fighting could possibly get me ready for the one. 

"Swarms," I said to myself.  Isaiah looked at me and smiled as I closed my eyes.  I reopened my eyes and I was inside the main training program I looked around there was several swat members walking toward me at a increasingly hasting pace.  Two came within kicking distance and I jump into bullet time doing a kick off of one and jumping into the other.  The others suddenly started running at me I swung my fist at several in front at the same time kicking behind me and connecting to the faces of at least two.  I planned on not letting them get close enough to grab me.  I jumped off the chest of one that was in reach and propelled myself off him and into the air I pulled out my guns and fired multiple rounds into the swarm below.  I landed back into them and swung everyway I could keeping them off me.  One managed to get behind me and grab me I flipped him over and threw him into the group ahead of me.  I jumped into the air and did a round house knocking five to the ground.  I was starting to feel the effects of the battle as I began to tire I jumped into the air and managed to grab a hold of a wire that was above me.  All the swat members looked up at me and reached for their weapons. 

"Holy shit you gave them guns!"  I swung around on the wire and jumped off it not really knowing where to go except up and over the building.  I managed to make it on top of the building and landed, resting momentarily.  I took out my phone and called Isaiah. 

"You know you could of warned me that you were giving them guns man.  Are you trying to get me killed?" 

"Don't worry they were only shooting rubber bullets I was trying to help you practice your agility." 

"Thanks for the thought but next time warn me ok?" 

"Ok man I'm sorry." 

"See you when I get out."  I hung up my phone and went to the edge of the building and looked over. 

They were waiting for me I jumped down and kept my back to the wall of the building.  I got into a fighting position and they started to run at me.  I propelled myself off the wall and kicked one sending him hurling into the swarm knocking several down on his way.  I fought my hardest and was shortly over-run with more than a hundred swat, I wasn't giving up unless they killed me and that wasn't gonna happen with this being a training program.  I jumped and kicked both ways in the air knocking two away from me,  I landed on the ground standing on my hands I started to whirl around in a whirlwind kick keeping the swarm away from me.  I was starting to loose my focus and I was getting tired.

Quitting was beginning to look like a good option.  I jumped up on the roof with my last bit of focus and took out my phone. 

"Isaiah give me a few minutes to rest and load the Agent Escape training program, ok." 

"Alright."  The scenery changed to that of the construct program.  I got down on one knee and let out a breath. 

"That’s the longest I've ever focused in a battle." 

"Are you ready to run yet." 

"What are you, crazy?  I'm not that good isn't it almost your turn." 

"Hey not quite yet.  Are you ready for the run of your life?"  I stood and shook my head slightly. 

"Ready when you are. . .  " 

The construct program changed to the scenery of China Town.  I looked to the side to see three agents un-holstering their guns.  I took off and ran to the corner and dashed around as the gun shots of the AE.50 came from behind and hit the wall knocking chips of the wall to the ground.  I took off running again and an agent walked through the brick wall beside me.  He grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and threw me I focused and stopped myself in mid air and landed on my feet.  I propelled myself off the wall and kicked him to the ground and continued to run.  I could hear the gunshots behind and a bullet whipped by my face, I started to run along the wall making it more difficult for them to hit me.  An agent stepped around the corner and aimed his gun I flipped off the wall and drew my gun firing at him while I was upside down.  I fired about six rounds and yes he dodged but it gave me enough time to get out of his line of fire.  I continued to run and did a high jump right over him and around the corner.  A door opened to my right and an agent was running toward me from dead ahead pointing his gun.  I ran into the open door and knocked over a pedestrian the door led to a small alley-way.  If they confronted me in here then I wouldn't be able to get around them.  I ran as quick as I could and came around a corner to be staring down the barrel of an AE.50 the simulation ended and went back to the construct program. 

"Guess what . . . you died," said Isaiah. 

"Well gee you think I thought I just got shot in the face. Send me to the roof tops in the agent escape thing ok." 

"Your the boss." 

The simulator reloaded and I was standing on a rooftop in the city with an agent less than twenty feet from me.  I ran and dived off the nearest ledge to the next rooftop soon after the gunshots fired.  I landed and rolled to my feet and dashed for a nearby ladder several bullets hit the wall right next to me as I went up the ladder.  I made it up the ladder and ran acrossed the rooftop to a door kicking it open and jumping down the stair well it connected to and out the window at the other end.  I jumped the window and realized it was farther than I had previously thought.  If I didn't think of something soon I was going to hit the wall I focused as hard as I could and hit the wall with my feet and ran up the building.  I made it to the roof and knelt to the ground as I landed from the initial jump.  I panted,

"That was close." 

I got back to my feet and several bullets flew passed me.  I started to run again and ran across a tin roof top with three agents after me, I jumped into the air with my limbs flailing and hit the other roof top I heard a phone ringing I had almost made it through the training program.  I ran toward the noise and an agent fell right infront of me. 

"You won't stop me now."  I back flipped away from him and then charged at him.  I jumped and kicked at his face he blocked it but moved one step closer to the edge of the building all I had to do was get him to fall and I was home free.  I hit the ground infront of him and focused my hardest to deliver a devastating uppercut knocking him into the air.  I jump kicked him off the edge and headed over to grab the phone.  I picked up and opened my eyes.

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