Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Matrix an Untold Story Chapter 2 Re-entry

Chapter 2: Re-entry

It had been awhile since they had freed me from the Matrix.  They said that I wouldn’t be ready for my first mission for awhile.  I really wish that they could have freed some of my friends this world is so lonely maybe I can go back in by myself.  The operator taught me how to use the hook up system on my own if I ever needed to.  Maybe I’ll wait till tonight when everyone is asleep.

I was sitting in the operator chair just staring at the code screen.  The code was strange even though I was starting to get used to reading it. I was trying to watch my friend Isaiah he was just sleeping.  I wish I could get him out I miss him a lot.  He was my best friend.  At least if I never see him again I can see him in the green as I have started to call it. 

“It’s hard letting go of all of your friends isn’t it?”  I turned around to see Mason standing in the door way. 

“Yes.”  I said plainly. 

“Your family. . .” 

“Yes but when I think about it not really so much of my family.  I mean I’ll miss them as people and everything but technically I guess they weren’t even my family, we’re they?  I mean I wasn’t even born I was grown . . .” Mason glanced at the screen then looked at me. 

“Who’s he?” he asked. 

“That’s Isaiah he was my best friend.  It’s kinda funny really?” 

“What’s that?” 

“The day you guys freed me I was supposed to go with him to see this new horror flick that was coming out.  It had been a really long time since we had done anything together.  Guess we’ll never do anything again.” I could feel myself getting emotional so before he could see I turned away to look at the screen.

“You may see him again it might be awhile but don’t rule it out entirely.” 

“I’m not.” I was quiet for several minutes just starring at Isaiah as he slept. 

“Well I’ll leave you two alone then I was just on my way to bed.”

“Have a good sleep,” I said not diverting my stare to see him walk out. I heard the door shut and I knew now was my chance to do what I felt I needed to do. 

I set the broadcasting standards like Jameson had shown me and walked over to the chair.  I sat down and strapped my legs in I made sure the loading screen was facing me and very carefully inserted the needle myself.  The needle was something I didn’t feel I would ever get used to.  I slowly raised my hand and made sure that the settings were good, I hit load and suddenly I was in the warehouse.  I loaded my Harley and it was next to me.  My residual self-image was something I was proud of.  My green lens glasses along with my leather coat, a white tank, and black carpenter pants I thought I looked pretty damn cool.  I hopped on the Harley and took off on my way to Isaiah’s house.

It was a short distance there and uneventful I passed a few cars and a cop car but nothing major.  I pulled in the yard and shut off my bike, Isaiah’s light was on in his kitchen so somebody heard me come in the yard obviously.  I got off the bike and walked up to the door, as I got ready to knock I thought I heard something behind me, I turned to see nothing that stood out of the crowd of trees that waved in the slight wind.  I turned back to the door and removed my glasses I knocked on the door.  The door opened and he stood in front of me. 

“Brandan is that you?”  He said. 

“Yeah it’s me how you been?” 

“I’m great come on in, where the hell have you been?  I haven’t seen you in almost two months.”  I kind of paused thinking of what I would tell him. 

“Um I’ve been around I’ve just been keeping a low profile is all.”  I walked into the house and looked around, the kitchen was the same.  Isaiah looked out the window. 

“Man did you come here on a Harley?” 

“Yeah, yeah I did.”  We walked into his room. 

“Where the hell did you get it?” 

“Let’s just say some friends got it for me.”

Isaiah is a very small built person he was about 5’6 and 140 lbs with brown eyes and hair. 

I sat down on his bed and he just kinda looked at me for a minute; it was probably the way I was dressed. 

“So how have you been?”  I asked looking at him.  His facial expression changed from that of excited to see me, to an uncomfortable worried look. 

“Well. . .” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I’ve been great up until the last few weeks . . .  these guys have been following me around lately, they look like some kind of special agents.  I don’t think they know that I see them lingering around me they’re literally everywhere.” 

“Have you had any strange dreams lately?” 

“None that really stick out.”  We sat and chatted for what seemed like hours even though I knew staying was dangerous I wasn’t about to let the machines have my best friend I knew how to free him if I needed to.

By the time I was leaving, the sun was on its way up and Isaiah’s mom was up and wondering around the house. I was standing on the doorstep saying goodbye. 

“Well it was nice to see you again,” he said. 

“Ditto.”  Was my response I looked behind him, his mother was reaching for him and she seemed to be changing.  I grabbed Isaiah by the hand. 

“Look out!”  As I pulled him out of the way his mother completely transformed into an agent. I pulled him out of the house and slammed the door. 

“Was that one of the people you were talking about?” 


“Get on the bike!”  The agent busted through the door and time seemed to slow down as I jumped into the air delivering a powerful kick knocking the agent back into the house momentarily.  I hopped onto the bike and started the engine. 

“Hang on tight.”  I blasted out of the yard on the bike and headed up the road and onto the highway.

It wasn’t long after we hit the highway that there was several cop cars behind us. 

“Brandan what’s going on, what happened back there?” 

“I’ll explain everything later . . . if we live.” 

We raced down the highway as fast as the bike could carry us curving around cars and passing the transfer trucks.  I could hear the sound of an AE.50 handgun behind me telling me there were several agents. 

“Keep your head down!”  I pulled out my choice handgun, the Gold Combat RL II, pointed back and opened fire on the closing cop car, hitting the driver.  The car hit a sharp turn and crashed into the traffic exploding.  I saw the turn off I was looking for and took it.

We pulled off into the warehouse.

“Come on I have some thing you need to take.”  I walked over to the pack that I left here at the warehouse and took out the small pill that would block the agents from getting into Isaiah’s software.  The pill kind of acted like a firewall. 

“Here take this.”  I said passing him the pill.  Isaiah looked at the pill in my hand.  “Trust me it’s ok.”  Isaiah grabbed the pill and quickly downed it.  “I’m not gonna let them take you. . .”

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