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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 1 The Awakening

This fanfiction is something I've worked on since I was 19, I'm now 27 and still have every intention on finishing it.  Although it has taken a back seat to some of my other work, it still remains one of my favourite things to write.  If you read it from Chapter 1 all the way to Chapter 37 you will get to watch as my writing evolves.  This one was started as something I did during typing class to avoid having to work on the monotonous projects they used to give us that uterly would amount to nothing for me.  Luckily my teacher didn't mind me doing it and as I took to writing it, it started to evolve.  The story itself takes place alongside the Matrix movies that we all know and love.  I now dedicate its completion to the memory of my best friend lost at war, Colin William Wilmot, who also inspired one of the characters who is introduced later on in the series.  I based several characters on people who were prominent in my life at the time of its creation.  I even went so far as to have some of them pose for pictures.  I can reveal some of those pictures as I post the chapters.  I hope you all enjoy this little bit of my past.
Chapter 1:(Season 1) The Awakening

The place you live in is not real. Everything you see, everything you touch none of it is real.  So what is real do you ask, you will only know if you come with me, find me I am waiting for you.  .  . 

This morning when I woke up this was flashing on my computer screen over and over again.  I couldn’t get it to stop for some reason, well I don’t know where they want me to find this person. So I just headed off to Compu College. I’ve been feeling kinda weird lately I really don’t know what to think of anything anymore.

I was walking to school today and suddenly I had this weird vision I saw a machine with red lights all over the face of it. It was poking a large surgical needle into my head, then I came back and it was over everything was fine then I stopped running as I entered the school. Did I wake up.  .  .  from this never ending dream?

Class was being strangely long today then my phone rang. . . I walked out of the room and took the call. 

“Hello . . .” The voice on the other end was deep and unfamiliar.  “They know what you’re going through and they are coming for you, I can answer all your questions but you must trust me,” it said. 

“What, who is coming for me?”

“There’s no time for q&a right now you have to get out. I’m waiting for you make it to the pay phone outside the school cafeteria.” 

“Ok.”  I hung up my phone and started to run toward the door.

As I ran down the hallway the doors ahead of me burst open and there was a large man in a suit standing there.  He looked like an FBI agent he reached for his gun and I dashed around the corner.  I heard several shots fired, covering my head I kept running until I hit the cafeteria.  I pushed a girl out of the way and headed to the phone, it was ringing. I turned to look back as I picked up the phone and I was starring down the barrel of a gun. As soon as the phone hit my ear I opened my eyes and suddenly I was emerged in liquid and I could see the machine from my vision.

I pushed my way through a skin and took a deep breath after pulling the large tube out of my throat.  I looked around all there was to see was these large pillars covered in red capsules each containing a human body, it was cold and I was covered in these strange cords and wires. There was a large connecting cable implanted in the back of my head.  I heard this strange noise and felt an intense pain in my head as the cables shot out of my body.  The capsule I was in suddenly started to drain and I fell into a large draining pipe.  The last thing I remember was seeing a bright light until now. 

I opened my eyes to see a large man standing over me. 

“Who are you?”

“My name is Bailen and yes I am the one that contacted you this morning.  Welcome to the real world.”

I sat up, the room was dark and drab. 
“If this is the real world . . . then where was I before?” 

“Come with me I will explain everything to you in time.”  I stood up and followed him out the door.  “Where are we?” 

“This is my ship the Lokiren, it’s a hovercraft.”  We stepped into a large room with what I assumed was the core of the ship. There were several people in the room.  “This is the ships core it’s how we broadcast our pirate signal and hack into the Matrix.”  I looked at him confused. 

“The . . . Matrix?” 

“Yes plain and simple the matrix is what you used to consider reality.  It’s what the machines created to imprison the human race.” 

“I wanna know more about all this, how do I know you’re not some terrorist and that all this isn’t a lie?”  One of the other crewmen came up to me and looked me over. 

“We can show you everything.” 

“Brandan this is Lane, Mason is the one at the helm. That’s Thrash and he’s our operator Jameson.” Bailen introduced everyone. 

“How can you show me?”  Bailen looked at Lane. 

“Hook us up.”  Lane guided me over to a seat by the broadcasting core.  I sat down and they hooked my legs and arms up to the chair.  They sat me back in the seat.  “This is gonna feel a little strange.”  They then shoved a large needle into the hole where the connector cable was originally linked to my head.

I opened my eyes and Bailen and I were in a large white room. 

“What is this place?”  I asked looking around confused. 

“This is what we call the construct program.  It is our loading program, before we are jacked in to the matrix, this is where we go.  You can load anything you want from here.  Including weapons, clothing, and vehicles.  You name it we got it here.  This program is based on the same system as the matrix.  One system built on another.  The thing you must realize is that once inside the matrix the rules of the real world no longer apply.  The matrix is one giant computer system and like the rules on a computer the rules here can be bent or even broken.”  Bailen explained. 

“How can they be broken when everything seems so real?”  I asked trying to take in all the information. 

“All you have to do is realize one thing.”  I sat in silence waiting for him to finish.  “That none of what you see here is real.”

Bailen went on to explain to me the reason for the matrix and the rise of the machines.  I would have never believed it if he didn’t show me all of it in the construct program.  The next few days I had to undergo several intense training sessions including protocols and combat training.  They also explained to me about the agents.  It will be hard but I know that I will be able to let go of what used to be reality.  At least that was what I was told by Bailen . . . all it was, was a jump no big deal so what if I made it. I’m still only human.

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