Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Matrix FanFiction Chapter 3: Stand Off

As I post this I know it's not my best work under any circumstances but as most of my readers have come to see, as this particular story progresses my writing style changes and the story gets better.  Promise ;). 
Chapter 3: Stand Off

“They’re gonna be here any minute,” I said. 

I could here the police cars sirens off in the distance getting closer. Hopefully they wouldn’t send in any of the agents for a while, I know I could handle the police but the agents were definitely a different story. 

“What do you want me to do?”  asked Isaiah.  I looked at him for a few seconds, I pulled the gun out of my holster and passed it to him. 

“Here take this and hide if they find you then don’t hesitate to shoot ok.”  Isaiah nodded and ran behind a pile of crates as he ducked down I could hear the police pulling up. This was it my first real battle. . . 

I took up a position at the door and waited for them to enter.  As far as I knew there were only regular cops and no S.W.A.T. member so they probably wouldn’t use any gas.  The door opened and they rushed in the warehouse, they didn’t even see me; this was gonna be easy, all I would need to do was focus.

“Hey guy’s I’m over here,” I said. 

One of them turned to face me.  Before he could react to me I propelled myself off the wall and delivered a kick to send him whirling through the air.  I landed on my feet and tripped the one ahead of me and punched him sending him into the wall.  To the left off me one of them had a gun pointed at me. 

“Don’t move or I’ll shoot!”

I jumped into the air and kicked the gun knocking it out of his hand. I grabbed the gun off the ground and shot its owner.  There was only two left now I jumped into the air and landed on the ground behind him. I delivered a round-house kick combo and he was swiftly dealt with.  The last one fired off several rounds I ran up the wall to dodge and jumped into mid air.  I now floated above him and quickly pulled out the gun I had acquired earlier and shot the man in the back. 

I landed on the ground and looked around at the dealt with police force. This wasn’t gonna be it but for now we were safe.

“Whew,” I said as I realized that I had worked up a sweat.  Isaiah came out of his hiding place and ran over to me. 

“Are you ok?”  he asked, “You were insane back there how did you do that?”

“I’m ok I’ll explain everything to you later.”  I sat down on a near by crate and Isaiah sat down next to me.

“What are we waiting for?” 

“I’m waiting for some one to wake up?”  I realized after I got back here that we were completely trapped here until someone outside the matrix woke up and realized what was happening to get me out.

“So we just sit here and wait.”  I nodded at Isaiah. 

“Yup.”  I had just remembered that I brought something for Isaiah. “Come here for a second.”  I got up and walked over to the pack I brought with me.  Isaiah followed me over to it and I reached into it and pulled out some rebel clothing, glasses included. “Here put this on.” I threw him the clothing. Isaiah went behind the crates to change.  The clothing I gave him was just a regular leather jacket with a red dress shirt and black pants. 

“What are these for?” 

“Just so you’ll fit in is all.”  Just then I heard another vehicle pull up outside. 

“What was that?” asked Isaiah.

“Just hide and be quiet I’ll take care of it.”

I stood up and walked over to the door and ducked down beside it.  This time it was probably agents I put my head back and closed my eyes trying to psych myself out for what was about to happen. 

“Come on all you have to do is focus,” I said to myself, “You can do this.” 

There was suddenly a loud crashing noise and an agent busted through the wall on the other side of me.  I jumped to my feet and jumped to a reasonable distance. 

“I’ve never seen you before,” said the Agent, “Who are you?” 

“Does it matter who I am?  All that matters right now is the fact that I’m gonna kick your ass!” 

“Fool you are still only human.”

I shot into the air as quick as possible and kicked the agent in the chest knocking him into the air.  He landed on his feet and ran at me swinging his fists.  He caught me in the side then in the face I managed to block a few of the face shots. I swung at him several times hitting him in the face then the chest and finally the head again.  All was going good until he delivered an uppercut and flung me whirling into the air. I managed to land before I hit the wall.  He came running at me again and I propelled myself off the wall delivering a blow to the head and knocking him into the wall opposite end of the warehouse. 

How did you like that?  Ain't so tough now."  The agent stood up and looked at me as he cracked his neck. 

"You are more trouble than I thought."  Suddenly the agent blasted at me at an incredible speed knocking me into the air. Before I could regain my composure in mid air he jumped up and hit me against a wall. 

"Ah damn!"  I let out a cry of pain as I quickly hit the ground with a loud thump. 

"Brandan NO!"  Isaiah jumped out from in behind the crates with my gun in his hand.  "Take this you scum!"  Shouted Isaiah as he fired the gun.  The agent began dodging the bullets swiftly and easily until the clip was empty.  The agent started to slowly walk towards Isaiah; he backed off to keep a distance between them at all times.  "Brandan help me please."  I stood up and focused as hard as I could to regain my composure.  I slid off my jacket to make myself that much looser for movement.  

"Isaiah run!"  I yelled as I dashed at the agent.

I jumped and kicked the agent in the center of the back knocking him on the ground and seemingly breaking his neck.  I stayed out of reach of the agent staring at it, waiting for it to move.  Suddenly there was a flash of light and the agent turned into a S.W.A.T. member. 

"That was close," said Isaiah.  I still stared at the agent almost waiting for it to move. 

"I did it. . .  I did it," I whispered in amazement.  NO one from the Lokiren had ever killed an agent before except Captain Bailen. 

"We have to leave, now."  I grabbed my coat off the ground and slid it back on.  I hopped on the bike and started the engine.  "Get on."  Isaiah hopped on back and we sped off out of the warehouse.

"Where are we going now?"  He asked. 

"We're going to try a different location.  We shouldn't stay in one spot for too long." 

We were gonna go to the meeting place on the edge of the sewer system.

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