Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Matrix FanFiction Chapter 4: A Way Out

Chapter 4: A Way Out

It had been almost an hour since we had been on the road and we should have been there by now. 

"Where is this meeting place?"  asked Isaiah. 

"I don't know we should have been there by now."  Suddenly my phone rang I picked up and Captain Bailen was on the other end. 

"What the hell are you doing?"  he said obviously angered. 

"I have to save my friend I want you guys to help me free him." 

"Oh really did you ever think that maybe going in as a group would have been a better idea.  You should have at least been decent enough to ask first.  Do you even know how to start the process?" 

"Yes, I downloaded it from the ships computer I uploaded the program into his mind all you have to do is locate him for me." 

"Go to the hotel I'm downloading it's location to you now.  We'll meet you there." 

"Ok."  I hung up my phone and slid it in my pocket.  "We're almost through this."  I smiled at Isaiah and we kept going I took the turn off and we sped up to the small run down hotel. 

"This place looks abandoned."  said Isaiah. 

"That's the idea." 

I got off the bike and went inside Isaiah followed me in. He was right it was extremely run down.  It was hard to believe that there was a working hard-line in here.  We walked into room 109 and Lane, Mason, and Bailen quickly turned pointing their guns. 

"It's me don't shoot."  I covered my face and waited for the ok. 

"Alright so this is the one we’re here to save," said Mason as he walked up to Isaiah.  "Ok come on."  Isaiah looked at me almost scared. 

"Just listen to them everything'll be fine."  Ballard walked over to me. 

"You have some explaining to do now come on.  They'll take care of him."  Suddenly the hard-line phone started to ring; Bailen picked it up and passed it to me.  "It's for you."  I took the phone and placed it to my ear. 

I opened my eyes and I was back on the Lokiren still in my chair.  Jameson disconnected me and I sat up. 

"Boy are you crazy Captain Bailen is gonna tear a strip off you when he gets out of there."  He said.  Jameson sat back down at the operator's station.  "Captain are you guys ready?"  he spoke into the headset. 

"Ready when you are.  Start the locator signal now." 

"Ok captain, starting the locator now."  The main screen changed to that of the power plant fields and was scanning through the towers.

"How long should the system take to find him?" 

"A couple of minutes if we're lucky.  If we don't locate him in enough time then we may lose him.  When we try to locate someone with our program the machines also begin to trace him and they can find him faster then we can.  So what we have to do is wake him up before they re-align his software." 

"Send me the exit," ordered Bailen, "I'll need to be there to pilot the ship."  Jameson pulled Bailen out and he opened his eyes.  I went over and disconnected him.  Ballard sat up and looked at me.

"Come with me.  I want you on the bridge."  I nodded and followed him to the bridge.

Captain Bailen sat in the pilot’s chair and I sat down next to him.  Bailen put on the headset. 

"Have you got the co-ordinates yet?" 

"Yes I'm sending them to you now." 

"Alright get everyone back and let’s get going." 

"I'm one step ahead of you.  Take us away."  The ship suddenly lifted up and we were in high-speed flight.  We flew for several minutes and then we were suddenly on the surface hovering above the wasteland. 

"Come on, come on," Bailen whispered to himself, "Have they discharged him yet?" 

"Yes but we should just be able to make it if we deploy the grapple now." 

"OK."  There was suddenly a loud noise as the grapple dropped from the ship.  "There he is." I couldn't see anything so I didn't know how he found him.  The ship stopped in mid air for several seconds then started back on course again.  "Bane come take the controls we're gonna need some fancy flying here soon I think." 

Just then the proximity alert sounded. 

"Shit, sentinels."  Lane came and took the helm.

"Mason take Turret 1 and see if you can keep'em off me until I can find a decent place to use the E.M.P."  I jumped up out of my seat and Mason took my place.  I followed Captain Bailen down the tube to the cargo bay where Isaiah was. 

"Hang on to something Captain."  I heard from the headset.  The ship took a huge turn and I almost fell.  Just then the lights turned off and everything was quiet. 

"E.M.P. armed and ready." 

"Make sure you wait for them all to be in range."  I could hear several loud clunks as the sentinels clung to the hall of the ship and began to cut away our armor. 

"Now would be good."  I said almost in a panic.  There was a strange zapping sound and everything went quiet.  The lights came back on and I walked over to Isaiah whose eyes were just opening.  "Welcome to the real world my friend."  I said smiling warmly at him. 

“Where is this?”  He said faintly. 

“We’ll explain everything to you later,” said Captain Bailen. 

I had a talk with Captain Bailen later on while he worked on getting Isaiah’s body back to normal.  As part of my punishment I would have to be the one to train Isaiah and he also punched me in the face.  That was the worse punishment; I was actually looking forward to training him.  I didn’t get to tell him that I had killed an agent.

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