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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 15: Distractions

Chapter 15: Distractions

Colin woke up to his phone ringing next to his bed, he picked up and put the receiver to his ear.  "Hello," he said.  The voice on the other line was familiar, even though he hadn't heard it in awhile he knew it was Brandan. 

"Colin the time for you to be free draws near and when the time comes it may be difficult for all of us." 

"How will I know when it is time?" 

"I will call you to warn you but if something should happen between now and then you may be contacted a lot sooner so just be ready." 

"Ok."  Colin hung up the phone, got up out of bed and wiped his eyes.  The dream he had, he thought about it as he rubbed his arm, it did feel kind of different did what he dreamt actually happen?  Colin got dressed for the day and left to go to work at the restaurant. 

I watched as Colin went to work in the code screen after my call.  They were watching him very closely; I could tell they were just waiting for us to try something.  The police were lingering in the area and there was even a sign of S.W.A.T.  activity.  I got up and walked over to my unit and sat in the chair. 

"You're not going in are you?"  asked Parker.  I shook my head. 

"No, I'm just trying to think of our next move.  He's being watched by everyone there is in there to make this that much more difficult."  Isaiah was leaning against the wall next to the operator's station. 

"We can all go in, you retrieve him the rest of us could create a few decent distractions to keep them busy," he said. 

"I'm thinking about it," I paused for a second, "How about this," as I spoke Tarra and Dan walked in, " I go straight for him while you guys attack the police station, and the city hall building."  Isaiah and Dan both smiled. 

"I'll take the police station when do we go?" asked Isaiah. 

"I think we can handle city hall," said Dan.  I walked over to the operators screen. 

"We launch at 1200, get ready to go guys."  It would only be a few hours and we would be inside the matrix taking on our biggest plan as a crew yet.  Dan and Tarra decided to kill the time in combat training and Isaiah went to his room to prepare himself mentally.

Colin looked at the clock, it read shortly after 11 a.m. that meant the lunch rush would start soon.  His co-workers were running around preparing for the rush of people that would come at 12. 

"Tabatha are you sure you're good to cut?" he asked.  Tabatha nodded her head and walked over to the cutting line with knife in hand. 

"Yeah I'm sure, don't worry," she reassured.  The first group of people walked in the door and Trish, his manager, walked out to the dressing station next to Tabatha. 

"Looks like you're on cash buddy."  Colin nodded and stepped up to the cash awaiting the first customer. 

"Trish I'm waiting for an important phone call and I may have to leave just to let you know."  Trish just shrugged her shoulders. 

"You gotta do what you gotta do."  The first few customers went through the line and several more walked in to replace them, including one of the men that had been after Isaiah.  Colin tried hard not to stare at him and the phone suddenly rang.  Colin went to the back and picked up the phone. 

"Colin it's me they have found you, you have to run to Officers Square I'll be waiting for you now go!" 

Colin took off as fast as he could out through the back door, the agent realized he had run and took off after him.  Colin ran and dashed down the alleyway shedding his apron and hat.  He came through the alley way close to the police station where there was an explosion, he seen Isaiah jump in a little red car with Tarra and Dan and speed down the road.  He heard a gun shot behind him and ran down the street on the sidewalk, the meeting place was in view and he could also see a black mustang parked close by. 

A few minutes earlier Isaiah had just gotten in through the window to the police station.  He had the bomb in his hand all he had to do was plant it and get the hell out.  He was in the main hall of the police station he could hear people talking in one of the adjacent rooms.  Isaiah walked up to the open doorway of the room and looked around the corner, there was two that he could see. 

"So you're on the late shift again tomorrow huh?" said one of them. 

"Yeah, yeah." 

Isaiah flipped passed the door swiftly and un-noticed and kept moving with his back to the wall.  He was almost where he needed to be, the main radio room.  As he got closer to the room he could hear the noise of the officers radioing in. 

"We got two unidentified persons in a red 2004 Acura Integra we need back up!" 

Isaiah quickly glanced in and pulled away again.  There were six in the room he would have to get rid of them before he could plant the bomb.   Isaiah focused and ran into the room grabbing the first from behind and breaking his neck. 

"Holy shit," said the next drawing his gun.  Isaiah quickly kicked the gun out of his hand and then kicked him in the face knocking him down.  Isaiah drew his gun and shot the next two.  Number five took a swing at him and Isaiah quickly blocked him, jabbing him in the throat and upper cutting him.  The other grabbed him from behind and held on, he elbowed him in the side and punched him in the face knocking him to the ground.  All the police were laying on the ground either dead or knocked out, Isaiah walked over to the radio equipment and planted the bomb on the front of it.  He set it for a minute and turned to run, there was an agent in the doorway.  The bomb was ticking and Isaiah seemed trapped.  He jumped in the air and attacked the agent knocking him out of the doorway focusing as hard as he could on his attacks.  Isaiah managed to slip passed the agent who was in arms reach.  He grabbed at him missing, Isaiah hurried toward the steps to the next floor to his exit and there were guns shots fired from behind.  The bomb exploded and time seemed to slow down as Isaiah ran for the large window.  He pulled out his own gun and shot the window out, running with the fire of the explosion just behind him.  He bounded out the window to the next building over and rolled to the ground, he saw Colin run by as he looked up and Tarra and Dan pulled up infront of him, he got in the car. 

During that time Tarra and Dan had just pulled up infront of City Hall. 

"Ok, you ready babe?" asked Dan.  Tarra smiled and nodded as they both got out of the car and went in the front door.  Tarra walked up to the receptionist. 

"Um excuse me Maam could you tell where I can go to use a computer in the building?  I need to look up some information on the city for a University professor." 

"Yes you could go to room sixteen."  Tarra walked on and Dan followed her down the hall, they went up some steps.  They walked into the room labeled 16 and luckily there was no one in the room, Dan closed the door behind them.  Tarra sat down at one of the computers. 

"Ok, all I have to do is get into the main server for the building."  Tarra typed in a few commands and a computer list came up for the entire building.  She clicked into the building power controller and hacked the server, she was now inside the main system.  "Here goes." 

She continued typing and got into the building systems setting off all the alarms and knocking out the main computer destroying all the vital information about the town.  The alarm sounding several armed guards busted in through the door.  Dan took out his gun and shot them upon entry. 

"OK LET'S GO!" he yelled.  Tarra got up out of her seat and they both ran down the hall.  Gunshots came from behind and Tarra called up her hacker screen creating another wall behind them.  They ran out the front door and jumped into the car.  Dan started the engine and squealed out of the parking lot just as the Police Station exploded.  He drove quickly around front just as Isaiah hit the ground and stopped the car.  Isaiah jumped in the car and they sped down the street to officer's square.

Colin jumped over the fence that surrounded Officer Square and ran over to where Brandan was standing.  Dan and Tarra pulled up and waved to us. 

"Come on let's get out of here!"  Dan yelled.  I looked at Colin. 

"Come on, run to the black Mustang!"  I took off running with Colin close behind me and jumped in the drivers seat of the converted Mustang. Colin bounded into the back and I started the engine and led the way to the highway.  I could here the sirens of multiple police cars behind us.  I called Dan on my phone. 

"Yeah!"  He said as he picked up. 

"I assume we got everybody!" 

"Ah huh were good to go." 

"Good just make sure you guys can keep those pigs off me ok I haven't got an extra man to fire." 

"Ok see you at the hotel." 

I put away my phone as we hit the highway.  I began to speed up and pass by the traffic, which now zipped by me. 

"Man what the hell is happening here?" 

"We're freeing you today, it was a lot sooner than I had planned.  I'll explain everything later."  I could here the bullets hitting the car as I drove when suddenly a cop car exploded a distance behind us.  "Good job guys."  I said as I forced the pedal to the metal.  The needle on the car was in the 300 range we were quickly loosing the police force. 

Meanwhile back with Isaiah they weren't having as good of luck.  There were police cars on either side of them.  Tarra pulled out her handgun and was firing at the one on her side while Isaiah hung out the sunroof with an assault rifle firing at the others.  Two cars exploded on the side and behind them. 

"Good shooting keep it up man!"  Isaiah reloaded his gun and began firing again. 

"You need to speed up the mustang isn't even in sight anymore.  Hurry up and loose these guys like we know you can do it, Dan." 

Dan focused on his driving and then everything around them seemed to slow down as they whipped by them at an incredible speed.  Isaiah blew up several of the cop cars by shooting at them with his rifle; they kept going and made it passed most of the police force. 

Colin and I had just pulled up to the hotel and gone in.  The air around us was silent all there was to be heard was the ticking of the car's engine after working so hard. 

"Come on," I said as we walked into room 109.  I gave him the red pill, him already having made the choice to be free and we went into the adjoining room.  I guided him to the seat not saying a word, I took out the debugging program and stuck it to his arm. 

"Hold still a second."  I pulled the trigger and the bug they had placed in his arm was pulled out through his skin and quickly healed.  The bug was safely contained in a glass casing, I emptied it on the ground and then stepped on it.  I made sure Colin was securely hooked in and then went to the consol.  My phone rang and I picked up. 

"What is it Parker?" 

"Captain, you can't start the trace program yet, you have to wait till the others get there." 

"Where are they?  Are they ok?" 

"They're actually in pretty good shape, they are just turning off the highway now, they should be along in a few minutes." 

"Ok, as soon as they pull in the yard start the trace program, contact them and tell them what is going on." 

"Ok."  I hung up my phone and sat in wait.

Dan's phone rang and he picked up. 

"Talk to me!" he said into the phone. 

"Yeah just to let you know the captain is waiting for you, we need you all there to start the tracing program so get your ass in gear!" 

"Gotcha."  Dan sped up slightly they were practically in the yard of the hotel already.  They drove for another short distance and pulled into the driveway of the hotel. 

"Ok, come on the Captain is waiting."  They jumped out of the car and went into the building. 

I had already started the tracing process as the others walked in. 

"Glad you guys could make it," I said on sight. 

"Hey it wasn't that long," said Tarra.  The hard-line on the table began to ring. 

"That's for you Dan, we need you out to pilot the ship after we get him.  Hey Parker did you get him yet?" 

"Got him!"  Colin and Dan both disappeared and the phone began to ring again, Tarra smiled and picked up the phone. 

"Ok Isaiah your next."  The phone rang again and I picked up and passed the phone to him.  The phone began to ring again.  "Your quick at least."  I picked up and put the phone to my ear. 

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