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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 7: Birth of Twin Element

Chapter 7: Birth of Twin Element

I entered the program and we were standing on top of a massive building.  The agent program hadn’t been loaded yet and Isaiah and I were getting ourselves ready for the fight. 

“So what kind of strategy were you thinking of?”  I asked, doing some stretches. 

“Just follow my lead ok?”  Isaiah stared straight ahead as if off in a daze.  Just then the agent program was loaded and walls formed along the edge of the building.  The agent straightened his tie and looked at us.  “Here he comes.”  Isaiah whispered as the agent jumped into a run.  The agent came within arms reach of him and Isaiah jumped into the air and jumped off the agents shoulders.  I followed him into the air and focused myself into a high jump.  Isaiah was just below me in mid air he looked up and nodded at me.

I turned to have my arms facing down and I grabbed Isaiah by the hands and grounded my feet.  I flung him at the wall as hard as I could.  Isaiah hit the wall, feet first and propelled himself off of the wall, he went flying at the agent and hit him in the chest with his hands.  The agent was being pushed toward the wall when he got his bearings and grabbed Isaiah and through him into the air.  I jumped and grabbed him with one hand, we did a couple of twists mid air then landed on our feet next to one another. 

“Was that what you were talking about?”  I asked breathing heavily. 

“Yes, last night after you fell asleep I was thinking and I think if we both focus on each other we can increase our strength as an element inside the matrix.”  Just then the agent grabbed him and he was thrown mid-air.

The agent then jumped into the air and punched him to the ground.  Isaiah got up and kicked the agent in the side then.  It easily blocked his attack and grabbing his leg and head butting him. 

“Brandan!  Help me,” he yelled.  I ran over to him and swung at the agent he ducked and hit me in the gut.  I head butted him and then uppercut him sending him through the air.  Isaiah jumped in the air following him and kicked him even higher into the air.  I jumped up using Isaiah as a wall grab to get level with the agent and hit him against the ground as hard as I could. 

“Good let’s try something else.”  Isaiah hit the ground just as I did, the agent was just starting to get up. 

“Alright you go first remember the kick I showed that time in training,” I yelled hoping he remembered. 

Isaiah took two steps up the wall and propelled himself raising his leg to kick the agent in the face.  His attack was not strong enough to knock the agent off his feet, immediately as Isaiah hit the ground I took into action doing the same thing only the blow I delivered was powerful enough to knock the agent to the ground.  The agent grabbed both of us by the coats and threw us both against the wall.  He rushed over and started punching us so fast I couldn’t even see his hands move all I knew was that I could feel the pain.  I regained my focus and grabbed the agent by the arm stopping his last punch, which would probably have been the worst.  The agent looked at me and brought the other arm over and pinned me against the wall choking me.  Isaiah regained his focus and tripped the agent so fast that before he hit the ground he was sent flying with a kick into a nearby pile of crates.  Isaiah helped me to my feet. 

“Are you ok?”  he asked. 

“I’m fine what about yourself?”  I looked at him, he was bleeding from the mouth and breathing heavily. 

“Hey man maybe we should stop, you look pretty beat up.”  Everything paused for a few minutes.  “Do you really want to keep going?”  Isaiah wiped his mouth off and looked at me realizing the pain he was in. 

“No you’re right let’s stop.”

The program ended and everything was done, Isaiah sat up and looked down at me.  He had a small amount of blood on his face. 

“You ok?”  He looked at me for a few seconds and then took a breath. 

“I’ll be ok I think.”  He suddenly had the look of someone who was emotionally defenseless. 

“Isaiah what’s wrong?”  I sat up and put my hand on his shoulder.  He looked like he was getting ready to cry. 

“I don’t know I can feel pain for some strange reason.” 

“The program is just like the matrix, it tells your mind you’re in pain and your mind makes it real, remember?” 

“Yes but the pain is different I think there is something wrong somewhere Brandan. Can you take me to the infirmary?” 

We stood up and Isaiah grabbed the back of his head and yelled out in pain.  I grabbed him to his feet and rushed him to the hospital on our level. 

“Aaahhh!”  yelled Isaiah as we walked through the door of the hospital. 

“Can I get some help here please!”  I said frustrated.  One of the nurses rushed over to us and helped me carry Isaiah. 

“What’s wrong with him?” 

“I don’t know we just got out of a battle program and he said he could feel a strange pain then when we stood up he grabbed the back of his head.”  The nurse looked at the back of his head. 

“He’s bleeding from the connector it’s been destabilized, he’ll need surgery immediately.”  Several doctors came out and helped him to the operating room. 

“Brandan don’t leave me,” he yelled back. 

“I’m not going anywhere I’ll be here.” 

There was an older man sitting in the corner of the waiting room I went and sat down a few seats away to wait for Isaiah. He mumbled something that I couldn’t really make out. 

“What was that did you say something?”  I asked as politely as possible. 

“I said you god damn pod bourns get all the attention.  The rest of us need attention too you know.  I’ve watched children cry because you guys always get treated first,” he said angrily. 

“What?”  I stood up, this was new to me, I was never warned that this type of prejudice existed.  “We’re fighting for your existence old man.  Without each other we can’t exist so get used to it.”  A large man came from the door behind the reception desk. 

“You two cut it out.”  I sat back down in my chair and glanced at the old man. 

“I’ve made my point, I’m not here to start trouble.”  The man nodded at me and smiled. 

“All right then.”  The man turned and walked back to his post.  The old man cut his eyes at me and turned away.  I sat in the waiting room for several hours watching as people came and went. 

I dozed off for a few hours and opened my eyes to see Isaiah standing at the reception desk.  His neck was bandaged and the bandage had blood spots on the back of it.  I slowly rose to my feet and walked up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder. 

“Hey are you alright now?”  I asked sounding obviously tired. 

“He’ll be fine he just has to let it heal for a few days.  When are you do back on your ship anyway?”  asked the nurse. 

“Honestly I’m not really sure we were gonna be told some time tomorrow.”

“What ship?”  The nurse looked up at me and smiled. 

“The Lokiren.”  Isaiah spoke softly.  He was still tired from the operation and the anesthetics they must have used. 

“You guys aren’t due to leave dock for another two days so you should be ready to go by then just stay unplugged for the next few days, ok?”  I put my arm around him and give him a small squeeze. 

“I’ll make sure he’s ok,” I said.  Isaiah looked at me and smiled then we walked out of the hospital. 

“Let’s get you back home.”  I helped Isaiah all the way home and we went to sleep.

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