Monday, January 24, 2011

Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 12: Teaching the New

Chapter 12: Teaching the New

Tarra and Dan had both been entirely restructured and they had completed the combat training.  Now all that was left was to show them what the world was like now.  Isaiah helped me hook them into the training program, and loaded them into the construct program, we then loaded me into the program.

"Now that you have been told what the matrix is and what its purpose is, I am going to tell you and show you what has become of the real world," I said to the two of them.  "I would also like to introduce you to the construct program.  It is our loading program we enter here before we hack into the Matrix.  From here you can get anything you want including weapons, clothing even vehicles, Dan this is where I got that car you saw me in.  But enough of that." 

I flicked a switch that I held in my hand and the construct program changed to that of the real world.  We were sitting atop a rock formation that was lodged in a cliff.  The sky was black and the air cold the wind was blowing coldly, as I started to speak. 

"This is what the surface of the earth looks like today, it is nothing but a waste land inhabited by the machines that hunt us every second we are alive in this seeming living hell.  You might ask why someone would want to leave the matrix for this, but that is not the point, the point is we may live in this world but we are free and we live under our own control we now have choice." 

Tarra looked around at the surroundings in shock at the sights. 

"This may be all that’s left but it is definitely worth fighting for freedom, god will bring humanity through this I believe," she said.  Dan looked at the sky. 

"Pretty shitty man.  That’s all I can say but where there is a will there is a way I guess." 

"What is the point of these ships, if I may ask?"  asked Tarra. 

"We are here, pretty much as Zion and humanity's last offence against the machines the more people we free the more of a force Zion has.  There are currently several plans of attack being devised and to be able to try one of them out, I need a bigger crew, you were my first choice of course Dan because of your skills behind the wheel.  Tarra you because of course you are my cousin and I love you but I also know that given time you will be one of my most valuable hackers.  We have all the information you need in the ships computer and ready to download but it takes a certain kind of person, which none of us fit."  They both smiled at me. 

"Where do I sign up?" asked Tarra. 

"Isaiah will show you whenever your ready."  Tarra snapped her fingers. 

"Bring it foo," she laughed. 

"Isaiah take her out and get her started I think I'm gonna show Danny how to make a car."  I flicked the switch and we were back in the plain white of the construct program, Tarra disappeared as she was disconnected from the program.

"Alright Dan, design your dream car," I said pulling up my chair.  Dan cracked a big smile and looked at me in my chair. 

"You know what I want," Dan turned to face away from me, "Ok Parker, give me a red 2004 Acura Integra."  The car appeared infront of him as he spoke.  "With a 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder, 16 valve DOHC and variable valve and lift electronic control system with 195 horse power and after that it doesn't matter," Dan laughed, "When do I get my test drive."  I stood up and hit a button on my switch, a vast empty highway loaded and we were ready to go. 

"Let's go."  We got in the car and Dan started the engine. 

"Alright lets see what this baby can do!"  Dan floored it and shifted from first to second and then to third in a few seconds.  The tires were squealing the entire time, Dan shifted into fourth then quickly into fifth, I looked at the speedometer and we were going at least 240 clicks the needle wasn't registering anymore, the engine was revving at 8500 rpm.  "Holy shit!"  yelled Dan as he drove.  Dan slowly lifted his foot off the gas and we began to slow down.  He shifted down as we went and we were slowly being brought to a halt. 

We got out of the car and I hit the switch returning the construct program to normal. 

"Parker take us out of here."  The car faded away as everything went black. 

I opened my eyes and Parker pulled the connector out of my neck, I sat up.  Dan was already sitting up in his chair and I got to my feet. 

"The car you just created will be saved in the ships computer so you will be able to use it in the future," I said, "as for now I think you had a long day you should go rest up for a bit.  I'm going to visit Tarra." 

"Yeah your right I do feel kinda tired," said Dan, "I'll see you guys later."  Dan went down to the bunking area to get some sleep and I went down to the information absorption area where we taught our crew everything. 

I came down the stairs and Isaiah was sitting at a counsel with Tarra hooked into the information terminal. 

"How is she coming along Isaiah?" I asked as I got to the bottom of the stairs.  Isaiah turned around kind of startled at my voice. 

"Oh, Brandan I was kinda caught up in what I was doing," he smiled, "I've given her practically all I can give her, well all we have anyway."  I smiled back. 

"Good is she ready for a test run?" 

"I don't know ask her."  Tarra's eyes opened and she sat up out of the information terminal. 

"I'm ready when you are,” she said confidently.

I sat in one of the terminals and we were loaded into the construct program in the training Dojo. 

"Show me what you've got."  We both took our fighting stances and I started toward her.  Suddenly a green hacker screen came up in front of her she tapped in a code and suddenly there were multiple images of her. I attacked several of them, they disappeared as I struck them.  Tarra bounded into the air away from me and a huge wall came up around her.  I focused my hardest and began attacking the wall viciously, after several attacks the wall began to break and then shattered unexpectedly Tarra broke through from the other side and hit me away from her.  Tarra stopped and just stood watching me in the air I whirled myself around and lunged at her from the air.  I got within a foot of her and ran into an invisible barrier.  She smiled at me and then an invisible bubble wrapped around me I couldn't move at all. 

"Had enough?"  She asked. 

"Yeah but don't get too cocky I'm not quite as much of a challenge as an agent will be when you really enter the matrix." 

"I know ,” she said, “did you need me to let you out?"  I smiled at her and broke through the bubble when focusing. 

"I think I'm good.  Isaiah get us out of here please." 

"Aye, aye captain."

We were quickly brought back into the real world and all the training was over.  Tonight we would sleep and Parker would take the nightshift as he began to prepare to free the next mind, Colin. . .

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