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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 5: Coming Home

Chapter 5: Coming Home

Isaiah had just finished his training a day ago and was almost ready for his first person to person battle session. 

"Hey Brandan will I be ready to actually fight someone soon.  The construct training programs are great and all but it's just not the same," said Isaiah.  I walked over to the computer core and started to get two chairs ready. 

"It's time."  I looked at him and smiled. 

"Saddle up buddy."  Isaiah jumped into the seat and strapped himself in. 

"Are we going into the matrix or the construct program again."  I walked over to him and got his load screen ready. 

"Construct program.  Ok he's ready."  I signaled Jameson who was at the operators station to load him in.  I sat down in my chair and strapped myself in Jameson came over to me and plugged me in. 

"Ready to go?"  he asked me. 

"Just hit the button."  Jameson pushed the button and everything was ready to go.

I opened my eyes and we were in the construct program. 

"All right Jameson load the speed and agility test system."  As I spoke the program loaded and we were suddenly standing on top of a building. 

"Alright show me how fast you can go.  All you have to is get this flag," I held up a red and blue flag, "from me." 

I smiled at him and dashed into action.  I ran and jumped to the next building easily 100 feet away.  Isaiah quickly followed me, if nothing else then he was extremely fast for a quote “newbie”.  He was right behind me as I just about got out of his reach I jumped into the air and landed behind him.  I ran the other way and he quickly adjusted to follow I bounded off the building and fell toward the street.  Isaiah was reluctant to jump off the building but slowly dived.  On the way down I did several flips to help maintain my focus.  I landed on the ground in a kneeling position sending a shockwave through the ground.  I looked up and Isaiah was on his way down.  I took off running and suddenly he landed right in front of me.  I was startled and fell back dropping the flag. 

"What's wrong did I scare you?"  said Isaiah smiling at me as he picked up the flag.  "I believe this is mine, is it not?" 

"Hey man you won fair and square."  I extended my hand and he helped me to my feet. 

"Good job."  I dusted myself off. 

"Now time for the real fun stuff.  Jameson it's time for the combat simulator."  Our setting changed and we were in a room that resembled a dojo.  “Are you scared yet?”  I asked smiling. 

“I don’t think that’s what I’m feeling.”  Isaiah took up a fighting stance.  I did the same and beckoned to him with my main hand. 

“When ever you’re ready.” 

Isaiah came at me and started swinging his arms is all directions.  I blocked his attacks easily and swiftly.  I swung back just as quick and to my surprise I couldn’t hit him, I needed to go faster I focused harder and swung even faster hitting him with a full combo of attacks.  Isaiah jumped back and I followed him.  Captain Bailen told me when your training someone you can’t let up on them if they try to get back because in the Matrix they’re not going to.  I kept going and started to kick at him.  Isaiah successfully blocked all of my kicks and came close to the wall.  Isaiah jumped into the air propelled himself off the wall, much like I had done facing the agent.  He managed to kick me and knock me back several feet.  I jumped into the air and kicked several times he managed to block both of the attacks but I could tell he was at his limit with his focus.  All I would need to do was focus a little harder and I could get him. 

Time seemed to slow down as I lifted into the air, I struck him so hard that he flew into the air and slammed against the wall.  He fell to the ground and held himself on one knee. 

“Man what the hell was that?!” asked Isaiah surprised.  He was still starring at the ground.  “You’re too fast I can’t beat you.  Not with moves like that, damn.”  I walked over to him and helped him up. 

“If it makes you feel any better you did excellent, you definitely passed on technique and improvisational skills.  Man I really had to try.  You were about to kick my ass.”  He looked at me and smiled. 

“I still think you’re a better fighter than I am.”  I shrugged my shoulders. 

“Maybe but your faster than I think I could ever be when it comes to agility.”  Just then the building we were in shook.  “What was that?” 

“I don’t know whatever it was it isn’t supposed to happen.”  Jameson’s voice could suddenly be heard all around us. 

“Sorry to interrupt guys but we got company.  I’m pulling you out.”  Suddenly I opened my eyes and the ship was shaking Isaiah was sitting up looking around. 

“What’s wrong James?”  I walked over to the operator’s station and looked at the screen.  The proximity alarm was showing on the screen. 

“How many is there?”  asked Isaiah. 

“Too many.”  I went up the ladder to the main deck, where Mason, Lane, and Captain Bailen were watching the ship.  We were flying fast through the tunnels of the real.  In fact we were flying faster than we usually do running from sentinels.  “What’s the hurry?”  I asked. 

“We have to make it back to Zion to recharge we haven’t got enough power left for the E.M.P.”  Explained Bailen. 

“Then I take it we should man the gun turrets.”  Mason got up out of his seat. 

“You got it kid.  Follow me.”  Isaiah and I followed Mason to the Weapon’s level of the ship.

“Alright all we have to do is keep them off the ship for fifteen minutes then we’ll be in range of the main defense line.”  Mason armed all three turrets and jumped into number one. 

“I’ll take number two.”  Isaiah took the next one and I jumped into number three.  I sat down and opened up the triggers, looked in the screen and started firing into the bunch of sentinels that were following us.  The other two turrets were firing as well. 

“Alright come get some.”  I shot several out of the air.  Another began to close in on us. 

“Man he’s pretty fast can you get him?”  It was Mason the com system was active so we could all talk back and forth. 

“I’m trying but he is almost out of my view how about you Isaiah?” 

“I got him I got him.”  The sentinel went flying past my screen in a puff of fire and smoke. 

“Good shot kid.  Let’s try for the rest of them now.”  One by one we picked off the sentinels and more and more kept coming from nowhere. 

“Man what the hell is going on here they just keep coming!” yelled Isaiah. 

“Just shut up and keep firing!”  yelled Mason, “We’re almost home.” 

I could see the sentinels clinging to the hall and using their cutter lasers in my viewer. 

“Brandan get that thing off me man,” said Isaiah.  I hadn’t noticed that one of them had clung to Turret 2 and was beginning to cut through it. 

“I got it hang on.”  I blasted the sentinel with my main gun and it blew up into a fireball and was quickly out of site. 

“That was a close one guys keep on your feet,” said Mason. 

“There’s way too many of them.  Where are they coming from?"  said Isaiah. 

"This must have been a planned attack they must have been watching us and planning their attack," explained Mason.  Just then about twenty sentinels clung to the hall out of no-where. 

"Holy shit!"  I yelled at the sight of so many sentinels, at this point it was looking impossible when suddenly the ship shook. 

All the sentinels just suddenly went dead and everything was quiet.  We heard the voice of a woman in our headsets. 

"Welcome home Lokiren, we are glad to see you are all well."  I let out a sigh of extreme relief and my hands fell to my sides.  "That was close."  The ship was captured by the magnetic field that kept us from hitting the defensive wall of Zion.

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