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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 33: End Game (Part One)

Chapter 33: End Game (Part 1)

Brandan sat in the drivers seat of the Navras they were flying cautiously through the tunnels to find another place to sit the large vessel while they were completing there mission inside. Dan sat beside him in the pilot seat with Isaiah at the holographic's station and Colin was manning the main gun.
"Have you got anything for me Isaiah?" asked Brandan.
"Hmm, seems to me like there is a place that's about a kilometer away from our current position, take a left at this next junction," said Isaiah.
"Colin anything on the weapon scanners?"
"No sir all is clear if there is anything around us then it's just out of scanner range, so they don't know we are here either."
"Take another right up here Captain that'll pretty much place us in the spot we should be in." Brandan flew the ship around a large corner and could see the spot Isaiah was speaking of. They flew silently to the desired spot and Dan and the captain parked the vessel. Brandan looked back at the others they nodded to him and got up to head to the broadcast deck.
Isaiah and Colin walked down into the broadcast deck just as the ship landed. They could feel the jolt as it hit the ground and they could see that Parker and the others were checking out the systems running diagnostics on everything. It was 3 am and everyone still had the just woke up look on their face.
"How is everything going?" asked Colin.
"Everything is up and running smoothly the rest is up to you guys, all systems go," said Parker.
"How is everyone holding up?" asked Isaiah looking around at the others.
"Well the girls are slightly nerved up about the situation, but that's nothing different, this is a major mission." Isaiah and Colin walked over to the seats. Brandan and Dan walked down the stairs and the ship went into power save mode and everything went dark except for the code screen and the broadcast system.
"All right guys we're ready to go. We're gonna load into the construct program and our information will be uploaded and explained in detail," said Brandan.
"Have you been into contact with the other captains yet?" asked Tarra.
"I was in communication with them last night we will be givin the meeting place once we're inside and we will have to be there for 0400, so let's get in there and get started." Brandan walked over and sat down in one of the chairs, the others shortly followed and Parker went around jacking each of them into their computer.
"Alright guys good luck with the mission and call me if you need me." Parker sat down in his seat and began to type in the commands to send them into the construct.
Brandan opened his eyes and they were standing in the construct program, the others were standing around him.
"Alright guys here's the plan," said Brandan as a table appeared and they each took a seat.
"Zion's most skilled operators have been working on a top secret weapon. We have seen examples in the past of this weapon, it's a special bomb designed to disrupt the very fabric of the matrix. Doing this it will literally wipe out the fields if we do this right. There are six retrieval ships that will be put on stand by to retrieve the ones that are released. Our job is too make sure that these weapons are properly planted in the right spots so that it will effect the entire matrix as a whole. If we fail to do so then our efforts will be completely in vain. The points that these bombs must be planted at have been uploaded to you. There will be three placed. One will be placed in the main city close to the freeway, the next in little Tokyo next to the slums, and the final one will be placed in the subway system."
"Do we know who we will be assigned with yet?" asked Tarra crossing her hands on the table. Brandan nodded.
"Yes, you and Isaiah will accompany Niobe and Ghost. I will be going with Binary of the Vigilant and Tabatha and Dan. Colin, you and Saba will accompany Captain Soren, any questions?" Brandan looked around the table at his crew waiting for someone to say something. "Then I take it we are ready to go then." They each stood up and the table and chairs disappeared and the weapons table loaded up. They each walked up to the table and picked a weapon.
"Alright here we go," said Isaiah looking at the others, as they were loaded into the Matrix.
All three of the vehicles loaded up, Brandan climbed aboard the Captain's Thrown, Dan and Tarra jumped into the Acura Integra, and Colin jumped into the drivers seat of the Mustang and Isaiah, Tabatha and Saba followed him in. The engines started and began to rev as they pulled out of the warehouse and started through the city to the meeting spot. Brandan flew down the road with the two cars close beside him as they drove they were joined by Niobe and Soren's crew, Niobe in her Thunderbird and Soren in his Chrysler m300. The two other vehicles pulled up along side of Brandan, he looked at each captain and nodded as they pulled ahead of him and continued on. Brandan continued down the road and they each made their way to the sewer system where they would be meeting with the others.
Brandan and the others pulled into the parking lot and stood up next to the other two cars parking his bike alongside the others. They each walked into the sewer system and went down the stairs to see Niobe, Ghost, Soren and Binary all standing at the table.
"Captain," said Niobe nodding to him.
"Niobe," Brandan nodded back to her as they filed down the stairs.
"Alright guys," said Soren as the last of them made it down the steps, "You've all been given your orders correct?"
"Yes Captain Soren, we can leave when ever you're ready," said Colin stepping forward.
"We'll be taking the subway isn't that how it works?" asked Saba smiling and stepping up beside Colin.
"That's correct, we need to leave now, Binary go with Brandan to Little Tokyo."
"Ok no problem Captain, I'll see you when this is over. Good luck." Binary nodded to Soren as they walked by her and headed out.
"Good luck guys be safe," said Brandan.
"Isaiah I'm glad to be able to work with you once again," said Niobe walking over to him and patting him on the shoulder. Isaiah smiled at her.
"Are you ready to leave yet?" he asked. Ghost and Niobe walked over to them.
"Come on we're taking the subway system," said Ghost. Tarra and Isaiah nodded at the others and went up the stairs just as Soren's car was pulling out of the parking lot.
"Well Tab, Binary, Dan let's go," said Brandan.
"Aye, aye Captain," said Binary as they head up the stairs.
They went up stairs and had gotten outside just as Niobe's Thunderbird was pulling out of the parking lot.
"We're taking the Mustang, Dan you drive," said Brandan. They hopped in the vehicle and sped off. They pulled out of the parking lot and drove through the city to the crowded streets of Little Tokyo. They parked the car in an alleyway and went out into the street. "How close to the building are we Binary?" asked Brandan. Binary looked at her wrist watch locator tool and then looked back at him.
"Its about a quarter of a mile up the street from here, Captain," she explained.
"Ok good lets keep moving." Brandan and the other continued on pushing there way un-noticed through the mass of people. As they walked Tabatha looked around trying to see the sites that used to be some of her favorite places to go. Now all they were was just a jumble of code in a false reality that she had almost grown to despise now that she had experienced the real world andthe life it had to offer was almost hard for her to believe that there weren't more people like her and the others that were out there realizing the fakeness of their surroundings. She knew that others obviously existed but why were there only so few? They quickly came up on the building they were to enter. It didn't look like anything special on the outside, but in reality it was one of the main server points for the matrix itself. Brandan looked around and there were no guards visible on the outside. "Do you guys see anything?" he asked.
"Nothing here," said Dan.
"Yeah I don't see anything either," said Tabatha.
"What about on the inside Binary?" Binary focused and brought up a hack screen, doing a window hack so that she would be able to see inside the building.
"There's nothing that I can see on the first point but the actual server point is on the third floor, so we may not run into anything until we get there," she explained.
"Alright guys lets move in then, we don't have the time to waste," said Brandan. Brandan jumped up to a first floor window that just so happened to be hanging open, the others quickly followed.
Brandan got his feet on the floor and looked around the building focusing on the code trying to see exactly where he should set the bomb. The others got in and they walked calmly and quickly toward the stairs that would take them to the floor where they were to set the bomb. They walked up the steps and turned a corner to keep going when they heard a noise on the second floor.
"What was that?" asked Dan. Tabatha took out her gun and cocked it.
"Keep going you guys I'll secure this floor," she said as she stepped off the stair well.
"Ok good luck," said Brandan. The others kept moving while Tabatha went to look into the noise they had heard on the second floor.
Tabatha slowly opened the door and swept the room with her eyes before entering watching for any type of movement. Seeing nothing Tabatha slowly stepped into the room and looked around the corners quickly.
"Hello?" she called out hesitantly. She seen a dark figure step into view, it was one of the Merovingian's exiles. "What are you doing here?" asked Tabatha pointing her gun quickly.
"Funny I was just about to ask you the same thing little lady." The man stepped into complete view. It was Kane one of the Frenchman's head fighters. Tabatha having been informed of the Merovingian's full roster opened fire shooting the man several times not seeming to have an effect as the man approached her.
"All right I guess I will just have to do this the old fashion way." Tabatha quickly flew into him with all her might hitting him several times in the face then jumping into the air and kicking him in the face. Kane quickly recovered from her attack and bent his neck then looked at her and smiled.
"Is that the best you can do?" Kane took up a fighting stance and started to attack her quickly swinging at her Tabatha blocked most of the attacks.
"No actually it wasn't I was just seeing if I was gonna have to try to kick your ass or not fucker!" Tabatha focused and time seemed to slow down as she hit him in the stomach with her fist, then snapped him in the face with her other hand and as he bent over kneeing him in the face, she ended with a powerful kick hitting him against the wall.
"Bitch!" Kane got to his feet and took a gun from his trench coat. Tabatha's eyes widened as she saw the gun.
"Uh oh!" Kane let several bullets fly at her and she jumped in the air spinning sideways as the bullets whisked by her, noticed that the bullets were shining silver. She landed low on the ground balancing herself on one hand and jumped up grabbing the gun out of his hand and throwing him to the ground as she spun around. Tabatha pointed the gun at him and fired off a round hitting him in the arm.
"Ah damn." He jumped up and kicked her into the wall and jumped out a nearby window.
"Damn it, got away." Suddenly her phone rang and she picked up, it was the captain.
"Are you ok down there?"
"I'm fine, did you expect otherwise?"
"No of course not I fully believe in your ability to take care of yourself. What was all the commotion down there?"
"It was one of the Merovingian's henchmen, I shot him and he took off out the window. I'll clear the rest of this floor and catch up with you soon."
"Ok see you soon Tab." Tabatha hung up the phone and went on to check the floor.
The others were just about to the spot they were to plant the bomb and the captain had just hung up the phone.
"What was the noise, is she ok?" asked Binary.
"Yes she's ok, apparently one of the Merovingian's men was in the area, she took care of him though," said Brandan looking around as they arrived at the place, "We're here Binary get the bomb set up but don't set the timer yet." Binary nodded and went about setting up the bomb with Dan's help.
Meanwhile at that very moment, Niobe pulled onto the freeway with Ghost in the passenger side and Tarra and Isaiah in the back seat.
"So Niobe where exactly is this place that we're looking for?" asked Tarra. Niobe looked back at her in the rearview mirror.
"It's located in a construction site just off of exit fifty five," she said, "Don't worry its not that far from here."
"I'm not worried, just wondering."
"What kind of resistance can we expect?" asked Isaiah. "That is something we won't know until we get there," said Ghost checking his gun over. They drove slowly and a cop car pulled up and passed them. Niobe took out her phone and put it to her ear.
"They haven't sent out any calls yet so I think you should be fine but make sure you get off there as quickly and quietly as you can or you could get some unwanted attention."
"Ok." Niobe quickly hung up her phone.
"Everything ok Captain?" asked Ghost.
"We're fine for now." The exit they were to turn off of quickly came up and they took it, shortly they arrived at the site. The parked the car in an inconspicuous spot and got out.
Isaiah got out of the car and looked up.
"You've got to be kidding me." The construction site was a half finished skyscraper that had already had about thirty floors onto it. "How the hell are we going to find the place to plant it with such a broad place to check?" Niobe smiled at Isaiah.
"With a little hope and help from the ones that watch over us," she took out her phone, "Sparks where is the spot and is the elevator working?"
"The utility elevator is working but they have placed armed guards, should be no problem to take down though, it's about twenty feet away from you on the other side of the building. And the spot you are looking to plant out little toy is on the seventeenth floor. Doesn't look like it's being guarded I'm not seeing any activity."
"Great." Niobe put her phone back in her jacket and started to walk. "Follow me, there is an elevator over here, Tarra we're gonna need a slight distraction there is some guards just something small so Isaiah and I can get in there and knock some heads."
"Alright," said Tarra. They followed Niobe to the corner of the building. Niobe nodded at Tarra and she pulled up her hack screen, she tapped a few buttons on her screen and the guards suddenly started to break out laughing at each other seemingly. Tarra nodded back to her and Niobe smiled at her then looked to Isaiah and they both quickly took into action moving until they were behind them un-noticed. They each grabbed one of the guards and put him in a chokehold until they shortly fell limp. They tossed the guards limp bodies to the ground and Niobe hit the button for the elevator return, and they waited for a few minutes.
"Gotta love the hasteful maintenance elevators," said Isaiah.
"Yeah really we could of ran up the building faster than this," said Ghost his arms folded. Just then there was a slight grinding of metal as the elevator came to a halt. Isaiah was the first to step in as the door opened, the others shortly followed.
"By the way Tarra what did you make them see that was so funny?" asked Niobe.
"I made them see each other naked," she answered.
"Nice," said Isaiah smiling as the door closed. Niobe looked at Tarra with a smirk on her face and hit the button to take them to the seventeenth floor. "So what now?" asked Isaiah. Niobe leaned against the wall and crossed her arms.
"We wait." Isaiah leaned against the wall and slid down to sit in wait.
"You know Isaiah we really don't know what's at the top of this elevator, you should be ready for anything," said Tarra.
"Yeah your right." Isaiah stood up and took out his gun to be ready. Tarra stood and watched the elevator go up in number as it went slowly from floor to floor, 4, 5, 6, 7. Tarra brought up her hack screen and typed in a hack to watch through the elevator door as they went up floor-by-floor 10, 11, 12, 13.
"So what do you see anything we should be worried about?" asked Niobe.
"No I don't see anything watching the doors yet." 15, 16, 17. Niobe hit the stop button.
"Are we clear?" asked Ghost. Tarra nodded and Ghost hit the button to open the door. Niobe and Isaiah jumped through and then swept the room before they quickly began to file in.
"Ok guys let's move we're clear," said Niobe urgently. With Niobe in the lead and guns drawn they quickly headed to the spot they were to set the bomb.
Captain Soren, Saba and Colin we're in the car with Soren driving slowly through the traffic of one of the busier strips of town heading to the subway.
"We would make it there quicker if we parked somewhere and walked there," said Saba.
"Yeah that's what I am beginning to think," said Soren turning a corner to a back street.
"We can park back here and walk to the subway." Soren drove a short distance into the alley and parked under an emergency stairwell to one of the apartment buildings. They got out of the car and walked back toward the main street. "We're about two blocks from the subway let's go."
They made their way slowly through the crowd trying not to seem in too much of a hurry so they would blend in with the crowd. The people in the street were pushy and impatient almost running into them on several different occasions. Colin looked around at the businessmen and women in the streets these were the people that supposedly ran the world that he used to be part of, it was so weird to be an onlooker now, why couldn't they see past the lie. Soon enough . . .
As they walked Saba couldn't help but feel like she was being watched but she could figure out where the feeling was coming from even by focusing on her surroundings. She decided to dismiss the feeling as they came to the subway stairs. They headed down into it and it was surprisingly empty considering the time of day it was. Just a few loners and a bum laying in a bundle of rags in the corner.
"Where is everybody?" asked Saba.
"Good question," Soren put his phone to his ear," yeah, where is everyone?"
"Three of the main subway terminals are undergoing some heavy construction so the public bus system is now overloaded with the people that normally take the subway. There doesn't seem to be anything strange going on from what I can tell just be on guard." Soren put his phone away and they started walking.
"We'll be fine it's just slow due to some construction in the other subway stations. Come on we have to get this over with." Saba and Colin looked at each other and kept following Soren.
They reached the bottom of the steps and three exiles dropped from the ceiling.
"We don't know what you are doing here, but the boss doesn't like it so we're here to stop you," said the one in the lead in a demonic voice.
"We don't have time for this," said Soren with his arms crossed.
"Let's get'em boys," said Saba. The three of them sprang into action taking on the one that was closest to them. The leader drew a gun and Soren quickly grabbed it from him and back handing him across the face sending him to the ground. Soren jumped in the air and slammed his knee down on the mans face then kicked him off the side.
Saba began with a series of kicks hitting the man with a full four hit combo stunning him, she hit him three times in the chest then kneed him sending him into the wall with a shattering crash.
"Do you really think you can hurt us with such attacks foolish humans."
"We'll see how this goes!" said Colin. Colin quickly jumped into action attacking the third exile with a six hit combo swiftly and easily landing each blow as the exile was stunned he drew his knife and did a flip around in the air off his back then slit the exiles throat quickly the kicked him in the back sending him flying across the room.
"They aren't so tough." The exile Saba had attacked got back to his feet and came at her swinging, she blocked four of the five attacks and began to focus getting frustrated. Time seemed to slow down as Saba struck the exile several times in the face then ducked down and grabbed his foot and slammed him against the ground. Saba tilted her head and smirked at Colin.
"Good job," said Colin smiling back.
"You fool did you think I would die so easily," said The Demonic voice. The three of them turned to see the exile Soren had fought standing as though nothing had happened. They each looked at each other and took after the exile together.
Saba jumped into the air and dropped kick the man and bounced off his chest flipping backwards in the air as to get out of the others way. As he was stunned from Saba's attack Soren hit him three times in the face swirling around with his last hit putting his weight behind the final blow knocking him to the ground. Colin jumped into the air with his knife in hand and dove at the man plunging the knife into his chest.
"Good work you two," said Soren, "Now lets do what we came to do, secure the area make sure there is nothing that will stand in our way from here on."
"Alright Captain," said Colin. Colin and Saba dispersed around the area to secure it.
"Is this where we are supposed to set it?" asked Saba.
"Yes its one of the main system focal points for the matrix. If this plan goes right then it should disrupt the entire matrix."
"Oh, what happens if we get caught in it?"
"The body cannot live without the mind you know this." Saba nodded and went about scanning around the area.
"Looks like everything is clear," said Colin, "There is no further activity in the area." Soren nodded and took his phone.
"Sparks we're in position how are the others doing?"
"The others are ready when you are?" Soren took out the device and set it down on the ground getting ready to arm it.
"Get the others on the line and tell me when to arm it, I don't have to tell you if we are even a second off then our efforts will fail."
Back with Niobe's team they had made it to the proper place undisturbed. Niobe was on the phone with Sparks and Soren as she placed the bomb into position.
"Alright guys I'm ready to blow this thing when you are, just say when Sparks where is Brandan's team what is taking them so long?"
"Hold on I have an incoming call on line three. It's Brandan."
"Ok Sparks I've got this thing set just tell me when to hit the button." Brandan looked around at the floor they were on things just seemed to be going a little too easy.
"Alright everyone on three?" asked Niobe.
"On three," repeated Soren and Brandan.
"Ok . . ." said Sparks, "One two."
"Oh shit Niobe look out!" they heard Isaiah's voice yell."

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