Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 22: Classified Part 2

Chapter 22: Classified Part 2

“Just wait a second you two I’m sending the others in, then the Captain and I are gonna give you the run down,” said Parker.  Isaiah and Colin stood looking around when Tarra suddenly appeared behind them.  She looked at them and pulled down her glasses. 

“This is gonna be fun I think,” she said winking at both of them.  Isaiah smiled at her. 

“Probably more fun than we’re ready for.”  Dan appeared next to Tarra with his arms crossed and looked over at her and smiled. 

“Finally some action.”  Tarra smiled back as the Captain appeared behind Colin and Brandan.  Brandan flicked his shoulder and stretched out his jacket a little. 

“Everyone ready to go?” he asked.  Colin and the others nodded at him. 

“Ok then.”  Brandan took out his remote control and flicked a button.  The construct program loaded a meeting table with several objects on it including; a sniper rifle, a computer disk, a cell phone, and a USP link cable for a cell phone. 

Everyone took a seat at the table. 

“Ok guys, for this mission we will be dividing into two teams.  Tarra, Colin and I will take the interior, Tarra we will need your skills to hack into the system and get the drop, using this cell phone and the jack. You will then upload the drop onto that disk,” Brandan held up the cell and the computer link, “ Colin and I will be your escorts.  Isaiah you and Dan will be our distraction, also our cover.  You will take this sniper rifle and be on top of the next building over providing cover for us while Tarra completes the upload.”  Dan picked up the sniper rifle. 

“I’ll handle this.” 

“You will take the Acura, while Tarra, Colin and I take the Mustang.”  Just then all of their cell phones rang as Parker called them.  They each picked up. 

“Just to let you all know these buildings are both heavily guarded.  Isaiah you will have to be watching Dan’s back when he is snipering, you will have to deal with an onslaught of swat teams.  It won’t be easy.” 

“I think we can handle it,” said Dan confidently, smiling at Isaiah. 

“With that said guys, I bid thee luck and safe return, and call me if you need anything,” said Parker.  Each of them stood up and stepped back from the table.  The table disappeared from the area and then the system loaded the warehouse and the two vehicles placed together in front of them. 

“Ok guys,” I said opening the door to the mustang, “suit up.”  Isaiah and Dan jumped in the Acura and sped away.  “Ok Colin, you’re driving.”  Colin jumped in the driver’s seat and Tarra and I got in the car, Tarra sat in the back. 

Colin started the car and got out onto the city street.  I turned on the internal computer in the dashboard of the car and brought up the map. 

“Ok Colin this map will take you right to the place that we need to park in and we will proceed on foot from there,” said Brandan.  Colin nodded and kept driving according to the map. 

“We should be there in a few minutes, its not very far,” explained Colin.  They drove in silence for a few minutes and came to a stoplight.  Tarra looked the special cell phone over then stuffed it in her jacket. 

“This is going to be hard, are you sure three of us is enough, Captain?” she asked. 

“I’m quite confident that Colin and I will be able to handle the force.”  The car came to a red light. 

“Captain the parking spot is just around the corner,” said Colin. 

“Ok, Tarra have you got everything you need?  Make sure you don’t leave anything here.”  Tarra nodded. 

“I’ve got it all.”  Little did she notice, but the floppy disk she was to carry the drop on had fallen out of her pocket and was sitting in the seat.  They pulled up in the parking spot and got out of the car.  The Acura was parked next to them and it was empty. 

Meanwhile Isaiah and Dan had made it to the outside of the building and walked into one of the basement windows.  Isaiah went in first while Dan watched the entrance. 

“Ok, we’re clear, come on.”  Dan crept in through the window and they started up the steps, they came to a door. 

“Call Parker see if this place is clear?” said Isaiah.  Dan flipped open his phone and called Parker. 

“Hey is this door clear?” 

“Hey I did say it was heavily guarded.” 

“Do they know that we’re here yet?” 

“No but you better act quickly.”  Dan put his phone in his pocket. 

“Ok there is a lot of them, but they don’t know we’re here yet.”  Isaiah nodded and leaned against the door; he held up his hand in a counting position and took out his gun.  Dan nodded his head and took out his own gun.  Isaiah busted the door open and they immediately started firing at the large SWAT force that was inside.  Both Dan and Isaiah hurled themselves forward at the swat force firing their weapons rapidly; they each landed on separate sides of the room and dived behind several large crates.  They looked at each other and signaled.  Several bullets whisked by them and into the crates they hid behind.  Isaiah put away his gun and signaled to Dan to do the same.  Dan nodded at him again, and they both jumped toward each other, using their feet as footing they jumped into the bunch of them and began to attack them.  Dan, surrounded by three swat members, jumped into the air kicked the two beside him and then punched the one in front of him.  Isaiah pulled out his gun and shot several of them at close range.  One of them began to reach for his gun, Isaiah noticed just as the man pointed the gun, he bounded into the air and kicked the gun from his hand, then kicked him in the head.  Isaiah hit the ground and turned to face the three Dan had been fighting.  Dan grabbed one by the neck and threw him against the floor crushing his face.  He then tripped the other and kicked him across the floor.  Isaiah came up behind the third and broke his neck and letting him drop to the ground limp. 

“Good work, let’s keep moving,” said Isaiah.  They began to make their way through to the next floor.

Back with the others, Colin, Tarra and Brandan had found an entrance that was currently unguarded. 

“Ok, let’s move, the guard will be back around any second now,” said Tarra.  Colin broke the glass in the window and they slipped in through the window.  They walked in a formation keeping Tarra in the middle, Colin in front and Brandan bringing up the rear.  They slowly made their way through the building trying to get to the elevator, sneaking past security.  Colin peered around the corner and Tarra and Brandan leaned up against the wall. 

“Is it clear?” I asked.  Colin looked around the corner and then back to me. 

“There’s two guys over there with assault rifles.  Man these guys really mean business,” said Colin, with a worried look on his face.  We heard several pairs of footsteps start toward us, I signaled Colin with my hands and counted to three on my fingers.  On three the first of the men were spotted. 

“We’ve go two males and a female here!” yelled one just as Colin punched him in the face.  The other one raised his gun and Colin took to the air, while Tarra and I jumped out of the way.  Colin kicked the gun with one foot and then kicked him in the face knocking the man into the air.  I rolled along the ground and grabbed the assault rifle the man had dropped.  I got to my feet and emptied an entire clip on the other men around the corner.  The entire team had been taken care of and dropped to the ground dead, I threw the empty rifle to the ground and started walking. 

“Let’s go.”

They came to an elevator and hit the button. 

“We need to go to the 63rd floor,” said Brandan, “We better be on guard things are gonna get hard from here on out.  We are just about to get to the main computer lab, we’ll have to hack the system from the main operations computer, that’s where the drop is located.”  Colin and Tarra nodded, and Colin took out his gun.  “No fire arms Colin, if we make a mistake and hit the system power supply or damage the main computer, then quite frankly if that happens . . . we’re fucked simply.”  The elevator came to a stop and the door opened, they stepped in.  I took out my phone and called Parker. 


“Is there any sign of agent activity in the area yet?” 

“I’m not seeing anything yet Captain but be on your guard.” 

“Have Isaiah and Dan reached their position yet?” 

“They’re getting to the area right now actually.” 

“Ok.”  I hung up my phone and looked at the elevator reader, we were at floor 52, just about there. 

Dan had just begun to set up the sniper rifle.  Isaiah was leaning against the door with a gun in his hand. 

“Are you almost done?”  he asked. 

“It’s almost ready, just got to get it aimed right,” said Dan looking through the scope. 

“Ok good.  I think we’re clear for now, they must be regrouping.”

“Cool I got them on my scope they’re in the middle of a fight.”  Dan quickly started aiming at the cops and fired the rifle, the glass shattered as the bullets went flying. 

“Keep them covered, there is no way they can handle all of those men.”  Isaiah watched the men fall one by one as Dan got them with the rifle. 

“Ok, good to see that Dan and Isaiah are doing their job, Tarra hook up the link you have to hack into the system!” I yelled.  Tarra jumped the computer desk and sat in the chair, she took out the link and phone then proceeded to hook the link cable into the back of the computer, she started to use the phone to hack the system.  There was a loud bang every time Dan fired the rifle and a man would fall.  What Dan hadn’t been able to take care of Colin was engaging in hand to hand combat, Brandan stood and watched as Tarra hacked into the system.  Tarra tapped in several different codes as they came up, each code she tapped in sequence gave her another number in the pass code of eight digits. 

“This isn’t very difficult for a massive computer system although it looks like it might be alternating,” said Tarra, still tapping in codes.  Just then a full regiment busted through the door and started to move in. 

“Ah, Captain I’m gonna need your help there’s getting to be too many of them!” yelled Colin as he punched a soldier right in the face.  

“Ok!”  I hopped the counter and started to help Colin deal with the force.  I swung at one of them and he ducked out the way hitting me in the side, I countered with a kick in the chest knocking him into one of the other soldiers.  Colin grabbed one of them by the face and hit him against a wall, swung him back and forth and slammed him head first into the ground. 

“Wow Colin, talk about over-doing it!” said Tarra.  I did a round house hitting one of them in head and knocking them down.  Several others went down as Dan took them out from the other building. 

“Captain I’m almost in!”

Dan had just finished helping the others clear the room of soldiers.  Isaiah could hear several swat soldiers regrouping outside the door. 

“Dan put the gun down I’m gonna need your help here, I hear them outside,” said Isaiah.  Dan put the gun down and got ready pointing his handgun at the door.  Isaiah waited against the wall for the door to open with his gun in his hand.  He could hear someone talking on the other side of the door. 

“Ok, get ready team we have no idea how many of them there may be in here use extreme force,” said the mans voice.  The door was suddenly forced open and Dan quickly opened fire on them.  Isaiah kicked the man out of the way and as they came in they shot each of them one by one.  Dan’s gun ran out and he through it down.  He jumped up to the rafter’s and grabbed hold of them, he grabbed the next closest man with his legs around his neck and twisted, there was a loud cracking noise.  He fell to the ground and punched the next one in the face knocking him over.  Isaiah took out the next one with an intense fast combo as he fought as hard as he could. 

“Where are they all coming from?”  yelled Isaiah. 

“Get them restrained as quickly as possible and with any means necessary!”  yelled the Commander.  One of the men grabbed Isaiah from behind and tried to throw him to the ground. 

“Got you now you little squirt!” 

“I don’t think so!”  One of the other men was coming toward Isaiah, he wrapped his legs around the mans neck and used him as a weight to throw the man holding him over his shoulder.  Dan grabbed a gun from one of the bodies and shot the three that were left.  Isaiah forced the door shut quickly. 

“That’s all of them for now, how are the others doing?” asked Isaiah.  Dan picked up the rifle and looked through the scope. 

“There doing pretty good there is no one in the room other than them.  Colin and Brandan took care of it.” 

“I wonder if Tarra cracked the code yet.”

“Tarra are you in yet?” I asked. 

“I’m just about there hold on,” she answered.  Tarra typed in three more quick codes and there was small ping indicating that she had made it in to the system.  “I’m in!  Now all I have to do is get the drop from the inbox of the computer, what was it entitled?” she asked. 

“It’s called “Dear Sparks” it should be in the junk mail folder on the computer.”  Tarra nodded and gained access to the junk mail folder of the computer she reached in her pocket for the disk and realized it wasn’t there. 

“Captain!”  Just then several soldiers burst through the door. 

“What is it?” shouted Brandan as he kicked a soldier so hard in the chest his foot almost went through him. 

“I left the disk in the car!”  Tarra had a look of high worry on her face. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Colin. 

“Fuck are you serious?”  Brandan was angry at the incompetence that she had shown in forgetting the disk but realized that now was not the time to react to it. 

“Where is it?” he asked hitting another soldier with his foot. 

“It must be in the back seat of the car, unless I dropped it on the way here.”  Brandan walked over to the broken window and looked down. 

“I’ll go get it, you guys hold your ground here the best you can!”  Brandan jumped out the window and took out his phone to call Isaiah. 

“What are you doing Captain?” he asked as he picked up. 

“Tarra dropped the disk we need to put the drop on, I need to go back and get it.  Give them as much cover as you can.”  Brandan did a flip in the mid air and spread his arms.  He hit the ground shortly hurting his legs, he ignored the pain and regained his focus starting his dash to the car.  Focusing as hard as he could he quickly made his way to the Mustang.  “It’s got to be here,” he said as he flung the door open to the back seat where Tarra had sat.  Sure enough the disk was there in the seat, he grabbed the disc and stood up out of the car.  He turned around and an agent was standing behind him.  “Oh shit!”  The agent fired his gun and Brandan moved to dodge, jumping to the left and taking off toward the building.  As he ran the bullets whisked buy his head he bounded into the air and pulled out his phone, calling Colin.  “Colin tell Tarra to be ready I’ve got an agent here and I don’t know if I am gonna be able to take car of him by the time I get back to you guys!” I yelled. 

“Ok,” acknowledged Colin from the other end.  Brandan put the phone away and kept running, he broke through the door and ran right by the front desk, the agent in hot pursuit. 

Isaiah and Dan were sitting watching for the next wave to attack the other team.  Dan watched in the scope as Colin took out his phone and looked over at them.  Isaiah’s phone rang and he picked up. 

“What is it?”  asked Isaiah. 

“Yeah we’ve got a problem guys, the captain went back to the car to get the disk, he ran in to an agent on the way there see if you can see him in the lower floor offices.”  Isaiah ran to the window and looked at the lower levels and put away his phone away. 

“There he is and the agent is closing in on him.”  Isaiah pointed to the Captain running along a hallway about a quarter of the way up the building. 

“Dan see if you can take care of the agent from here.”  Dan readjusted the sniper rifle and tried to get a lock on the agent.  He fired a few rounds off missing the agent. 

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna hit him.”  Just as Dan finished the sentence the agent caught up to him. 

Just as the agent grabbed him Brandan turned around and ran up the wall kicking him in the face.  He began the most ruthless onslaught of attacks he could muster focusing as hard as he could and pushing himself to the limit.  The agent wasn’t as thrown off as much as had been originally planned. 

“They must have been upgraded again.”  Every time an agent was killed by one of the rebels the machines upgraded the program making them stronger, faster and smarter.  The agent took a few of the blows then started to block and counter the attacks with ease.  The agent grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, he kicked and struggled as the agent threw him through the wall of an office.  “Gotta make it back to them.”  Brandan got to his feet and took out his gun, the agent came around the corner and I pointed the gun and walked toward him firing.  “I won’t let you stop me!”  Each word spewing out the same time as the bullet left the nozzle at the end of the gun.  The agent dodged the bullets as he was approached.  “You’re not gonna stop me, you bastard.” 

“You’re only human.”  The agent moved so fast that time seemed to slow down, he swung his fist and hit Brandan against the wall.

Isaiah watched through the window that Brandan was getting beaten. 

“Dan keep trying, we have to save him, if they catch him then we will have to abort the mission!”  Dan tried several times but couldn’t hit the agent.  “Damn it, to hell with this, I’ve gotta save him, he needs help.”  Isaiah focused as hard as he could and backed up against the back wall.  “I’m coming,” Isaiah whispered to himself.  He took off as fast as he could and jumped through the glass, Isaiah seemingly floated to the next building window and crashed through the window where Brandan was fighting the agent.  He went through the window and crashed into the agent feet first, knocking him into the wall.  Isaiah looked at Brandan.  “Let’s get’em!” he said.  Both of them began using there twin element attack on the agent and backing him toward the window.  The upgrade wasn’t enough to ward off them both. 

“Go, come on faster!” yelled Brandan as they attacked the agent was almost to the window.  With one last teamed kick they kicked him through the window knocking him to his death.  Brandan took one last look at the body laying next to the building on the ground.  “Thanks Isaiah, he would’ve killed me for sure back there,” said Brandan, “Now let’s get this disk back to Tarra.”  Isaiah nodded and they set back on their way. 

Meanwhile Colin and Tarra were fighting off another wave of soldiers, and were not doing to good. 

“Colin keep going!” yelled Tarra as she jumped and kicked one of the soldiers in the head. 

“I’ll be fine just take care of yourself.”  Tarra focused and brought up her hack screen, typed up a code and a blast of weird fire set the three that she had been fighting to flames.  “Whoa that was weird,” said Colin as he cracked another soldier in the face.  Colin focused and time seemed to slow almost to a halt as he tripped the soldier in front of him and then kicked him in mid air sending him into the wall leaving an indent in the wall the man sticking in it.  “We’ve got to clear them out before the captain gets here, keep fighting.”  Colin jumped in the air doing a mid air roundhouse kick breaking the neck of the soldier he had hit.  Tarra called up her hack screen again and used it to create a brick wall in front of the door so only the captain could get through easily. 

“That should keep anymore from coming in!”  Colin sent the last of the men flying out the window with a yokowakari throw.  Colin took out his phone and called the captain. 

“Yeah Captain where are you?  We’ve cleared the room again.” 

“We’re in the hallway on our way down to you now, I can see the brick walls tell Tarra to drop the brick wall Isaiah is with me and he won’t be able to walk through it like I can.”  Colin nodded at Tarra and the wall dropped to the ground, not long after Isaiah and Brandan walked in. 

“Alright I’ve got the disk get it done,” I threw the disk to Tarra and she grabbed it as she walked to the computer. 

“Got it ok now lets get the hell outta here,” said Tarra sitting at the computer.  She slid the disc in and got back into the system.  “Alright I found it, all I have to is upload it to the disk then we’re home free.  Tarra typed in several commands and the computer began the upload.  “It should be done in a few minutes Captain.  You should call Dan and tell him to head down to the car now.”  Brandan flipped open his phone and called Dan. 

“Hello, what can I do for you?” asked Dan. 

“Head down to the car now we’re ready to go, and be careful.” 

“Ok!”  Dan hung up the phone on the other end.

Dan put his phone in his pocket and stood up from his crouching position by the gun put on his glasses and walked out the door to start on his way down the building.  He walked out of the room, the hallway was clear so he made his way to the elevator swiftly.  Dan stepped into the elevator, the door closed and he hit the down button, as the elevator started to descend he stood in wait against the front wall.  Gun in hand he waited for the door to open, thinking what was he going to do if there were fifty men at the bottom.  The doors to the elevator opened and he swiftly did a sweep keeping his gun trained toward the opening and got to the other side.  From what he could tell there was nothing there to fear.  Dan cautiously stepped out into the room and stayed against the wall moving swiftly towards the door, when he heard. 

“Get him there he is!”  After that all Dan heard was the sound of gunfire, he turned to see where it was as he focused and began to dodge the bullets flipping around and jumping off the walls.  He fired back at the six men that were behind him, hitting two of them, he would have to get rid of them before he went to the car so they wouldn’t follow him.  Dan jumped behind a pillar and checked his gun.  He did a cartwheel to the next pillar on one hand firing his gun and taking out two more of the men. 

“Get him men, extreme measures!”  Dan saw a grenade role across the ground and turned to run away from it and toward the door when the grenade exploded.  The shockwave from the explosion knocked Dan to the ground he covered his head and ducked as he realized he was out of ammunition.  Dan got to his feet and ran right at the officers.  They started firing their guns again, the bullets whipped by him as he focus and dodged the bullets, running as fast as he could.  He quickly made it over to them and jumped at one of them kicking him and knocking him to the ground, as the man fell Dan kicked him and sent him sliding across the floor tripping the other man who was left.  Dan ran over to him as he tried to get up, and Dan broke his neck the other one didn’t seem to move.  Realizing the coast was clear Dan made a break for the car.  He jumped in the driver’s seat and waited for the others quietly, he laid back in the seat to try and keep unnoticed.

The upload had just finished on the computer and Tarra slid the disk out of the machine. 

“We’re good to go Captain,” she said, smirking. 

“Isaiah, you should take the disk with you, if there is any trouble escaping you can still take off and make sure the mission is complete,” Brandan instructed.  Isaiah walked over and took the disk from Tarra.

“Let’s role,” he said walking through the door.  The others followed Isaiah out into the hall and to the elevator.  Colin brought up the rear with Isaiah and Tarra in the middle and Brandan at point, all with guns drawn. 

“Stay alert people we need to get this drop to Niobe,” said Brandan.  They walked quickly and cautiously to the elevator and stepped inside.  Brandan took out his phone and called Parker.  “Parker, is the elevator clean?”  he asked.  

“They are moving to intercept you right now, they’re getting into formation, get against the wall.  I think they’ll shoot when the doors open.”  Brandan got against the wall and signaled for the others to do the same.  “They’re also equipped for extreme force so they will probably be using grenades, that’s all I can tell you for now Captain, see you when you get back.”  Brandan put his phone back in his coat, the elevator came to a halt making a dinging noise.  The door slowly slid open and sure enough a gas grenade came flying in, Colin looked at Brandan then at the gas-spewing grenade and picked it up hurling it out into the lobby back at the forces. 

This sent everyone into action Isaiah ran out and headed for the door while Brandan, Tarra and Colin jumped out into the lobby with their guns hurling bullets. 

“Get them extreme measures team!” yelled the Commander.  One of the soldiers attempted to block Isaiah’s exit route, Isaiah ran at the man as fast as he could in mid focus and jumped kicked the man in the head, breaking his neck and flying right over him.  Isaiah made a quick exit leaving the others behind.  Brandan rolled on the ground and watched as Isaiah flew out the door. 

“Good boy,” he whispered.  Suddenly one of the men ran up to him and through a punch.  Brandan grabbed his hand and smiled.  “Good try.”  With that said Brandan wrapped the mans arm around his head and pulled it so hard that it broke. 

Colin dodged a bullet and ran at the man who fired it.  Colin grabbed him and bashed his head off the wall and dropped him to the ground.  Tarra brought up her code screen and used her most difficult hack she had learned turning all the men to stone. 

“Whoa,” said Colin just as he punched one shattering his head. 

“Good work Tarra.  Come on guys we got to get to the car and get the hell outta here.”   The others took off running on the way to the car.

Isaiah had just got to the cars, Dan sat up at the sound of someone coming. 

“Did they get the drop?” he asked.  Isaiah took out the disk. 

“It’s right here.”  Isaiah got in the car and took out his phone and called Parker. 


“Yeah Parker are they ok back there?” 

“They’re on there way to the car right now they should be there in a few seconds.”  Just then they heard the engine to the Mustang start up and looked over Colin was sitting in the drivers seat.  He looked over at them and gave them a stupid smile as the captain and Tarra jumped in. 

“All right guys try to stay together, Parker is gonna send you the directions to where we need to be once you get on the highway,” said Brandan.  Dan started the engine. 

“Good luck we’re headin onto the main highway.”

Both cars pulled out and sped down the city streets all around them was silent for now but they knew it wouldn’t be like this for long.  Colin looked at Brandan unsure. 

“We’re going to the highway, the stuff I’ve read says. . .” 

“Yes I know but don’t worry we’ll make it.”  We pulled into the highway with Dan right behind us. 

“Let him get in front of you, he needs to get away.”  I hooked my phone into the car radio so we could be directly linked to Parker. 

“Colin I’m sending you the location now,” said Parker.  Colin nodded and kept focusing on his driving.  Dan pulled up passed us and waved as he went by.  “Captain I’m reading several agents in the area, be ready.”  The highway was extremely crowded with other vehicles, trucks, cars, SUV’s, and transport trucks were as far as the eye could see.  We could here sirens coming from a distance. 

“Ok guys we’re gonna have to get the top off the car.  Tarra you take the back clamp and Colin and I will take the two up here.”  Colin and I both put our hand on the clamps and Tarra got ready to release the back clamp.  “On my mark guys. . . 1,2,3, go!”  In sync all three of us hit the clamps releasing the roof and sending it flying off.  I hopped in the back seat and took the large box off the bottom of the floor.  “Colin you just drive leave the rest to us ok.”  I opened the box to reveal two large mountable assault rifles.  “Grab one,” I said looking at Tarra as I took one out and began to mount it.  Tarra grabbed one quickly lifted to the side and mounted it to the back of the mustang like I had just done.  I made sure I had complete control of the gun being able to turn it both ways easily and Tarra did the same.  It hadn’t been a few seconds later and we could see about seven cops cars pulling up on us, they had began shooting at us.  Tarra and I began shooting at them back.  “Tarra try and aim for the tires it’ll take them out quicker.”  Tarra nodded looking back into the scope and opening fire.  I kept firing and shortly there were several explosions as the cop cars crashed.  Just then an agents car came into site with two agents.  “We’ve got agents incoming guys keep sharp!”  The agents weaved there way through traffic and quickly caught up to us.  Tarra and I both fired at the car, they fired back leaving holes all up the side of the car.  We fired but the car wouldn’t seem to blow up it was full of bullet holes.  We came to a tunnel and everything was slightly darker, making it almost hard to see.  One of the agents got out of the car and got on top of the roof. 

“He’s gonna jump over here!” yelled Colin.  I stood up balancing myself on the back of Colin’s chair.  The agent jumped toward the car and I jumped into the air, time seemed to slow down as I twirled around in the air, the agent came close and my foot hit him in the chest and sent him flying into a wall, soon he was out of site. 

I got back down into the chair and took my gun back in hand.  Colin started to drive faster and began to weave through the traffic, the agents and police weren’t far behind. 

“Can you guys get them off me?” asked Colin, sounding nervous. 

“We’re trying, it’s not that easy,” said Tarra.  Just then a cop car attempted to ram them off the road, Colin turned the wheel hard right to compensate and push against them, both Brandan and Tarra focused their gun fire on the cop car.  Another one tried to block them off from the front.  Colin swerved to avoid them and went even faster getting passed them just as the car that rammed them from the side exploded. 

“Colin just keep away from them, go as fast as you need to!”  Colin hit the accelerator as hard as he could and the car jolted forward as the speedometer began to move up faster. 

Dan looked into his rear view mirror and could see that the others were having trouble, but he new that there was nothing he could do so he just sped up. 

“I hope they make it out ok,” said Isaiah. 

“They will, don’t worry, I know they will,” said Dan confidently.  Isaiah looked out the window and noticed a driver in one of the other cars turned into an agent. 

“Holy shit!”  Isaiah took out his gun and started firing at the agent, the agent dodged the bullets and climbed on top of the roof of the car.  “Oh no, he’s gonna jump over here.” 

“Isaiah, you have to get out of here!  I’ll handle the agent,” A transport truck pulled up beside them, “Jump onto that truck.”  Just then the agent jumped and landed on the hood of the car.  Isaiah focused as hard as he could, jumped out the window and ran up the trailer of the huge transport.  Isaiah watched as Dan swerved and the agent fell off loosing his balance on the hood. 

“Whew,” Isaiah wiped his forehead in relief.  He turned to walk the other way but fell over as he walked right into an agent that was right in front of him.  “Oh no.”  The agent gave him an evil grin and stepped toward him. 

“I believe you have something we want,” said the agent, “Give it to me now and you will live, we can spare your friends as well.  All you have to do is hand me that little package.”  Isaiah got to his feet and looked at the agent with his head cocked to the side, he cracked a smile. 

“You know I really get a kick out of you agents.  You come after us seemingly appearing out of nowhere and just expect us to give in to you simply because almost every rebel who has ever fought an agent has died,” Isaiah gestured with his hands, “But about ninety-five percent of us live when we run!”  Isaiah quickly bounded to the next car and then to another, the agent close behind.  Isaiah focused as hard as he could and ran along the top of several cars and trucks.  Dan sped up beside him in the car and he jumped in the side window.  “Go get away from him, before he jumps on the car again!”  Isaiah started shooting at the agent as Dan sped away.  Suddenly the agent got shot from a different angle and fell into the traffic, Isaiah looked behind him and the mustang pulled up beside them.  Colin, Brandan and Tarra waved at them and they both pulled into the exit.  Isaiah took out his phone.  “Parker is the exit clean?” he asked.

“You’re all good to go Isaiah.  You’re almost home,” said Parker over the radio.  Both of the cars pulled into an empty parking lot where the exit was located, a pay phone in the lot. 

“Ok guys lets go,” said Brandan as the phone started ringing.  They all walked up to the phone still keeping watch for anything suspicious around them.  “Isaiah you first.”  Isaiah smiled and nodded at the rest of them as he picked up the phone, Isaiah vanished as he put the phone to his ear.  Brandan nodded at Tarra as he put the phone back on the hook.  Tarra walked over and the phone started to ring again, she picked up and put it to her ear vanishing.  Brandan hung up the phone again and nodded to Colin. 

“Your turn, you did good man, great first performance.”  Colin waited for the phone to ring and picked up putting it to his ear.  As he disappeared Dan walked up next assuming and put the phone back on the hook.  “By all means.”  Dan smiled and picked up the phone as it rang.  Brandan put the phone back on the hook and waited for it to ring.  It rang and as he picked up he took one last look around and put the phone to his ear.  An agent vehicle pulls up and two get out of the car. 

“We were too late,” said one in a deep voice. 

“Send in the sentinels, they will take care of them,” said the other putting a hand up to his ear-piece. 

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