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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 31: The Exile (Part 2)

Chapter 31: The Exile (Part 2)

Brandan laid down in his chair and waited for Parker to jack him in, he looked around at the entire crew some of which this would be the first mission they would embark on. Colin was sitting next to Saba he looked over at her and she took his hand.
"Don't worry, we'll be fine," Colin whispered with a smile on his face.
"I know," she said. Parker helped Isaiah up and walked him over to his chair, then jacked him in. Tarra tapped a few buttons on the screen over her chair and then leaned back to wait.
"So the hacks will be uploaded into my database when I get in there but I need to wait for you guys to knock it out before I can try any of them," she said walking herself through the plan one last time.
"Exactly, piece of cake right," said Parker. Parker jacked her in and then followed with Dan and Tabatha.
"Alright, psych yourselves up guys we're gonna need it," said Tabatha as Parker slid in the jack. Isaiah leaned back in his chair, the pain in his stomach was still fairly prominent. He couldn't wait to jack into the matrix and the pain would be gone. Virtual reality was better than morphine could ever be, Parker pushed the jack into his neck and then into Brandan and went back to his station.
"Alright guys call me if you need me, you know the number."
"Parker you're such a fool sometimes," said Tarra, "Now send us in already." Parker typed in a few commands and sent them into the construct program.
One by one they began to appear inside the construct program. They each walked up to the weapons table and picked up their handguns.
"Alright guys were taking a little extra fire power this time," said Brandan. Just then a larger table appeared in front of them with more artillery.
"Colin take the rocket launcher, Dan you grab the two assault rifles and the sniper rifle. We are gonna go in with two groups, Tarra, Dan, Tabatha you guys are in the Acura. Colin, Saba, Isaiah you're coming with me," said Brandan. Colin looked around at the construct.
"Here we go guys, you ready?" The matrix loaded around them and they were all standing around a hard line phone on a circular table, it was ringing. Brandan picked it up and put it to his ear.
"We're in," he said, "We'll get back in touch with you when we need to find the exit." Brandan placed the phone back on the receiver. They walked down the stairs of the building and out onto the street where the cars were waiting. Tabatha, Dan and Tarra all got in the car and drove away. Colin walked to the driver's side and opened the door.
"Hey dude not this time, I need you to arm that rocket launcher," said Brandan coming up behind him.
"Aye captain." Colin hopped into the car through the sunroof and sat in the back. Isaiah got into the back seat next to Colin and Saba sat in front with Brandan. Brandan started the engine and took off.
"Saba get the radio channel open to the other car," said Brandan. Saba nodded her head and took out her cell phone. She dialed the number for the other car and hooked it up to the radio. There was a bit of static at first but it cleared up quickly. "Tarra can you guys here me?"
"Loud and clear Captain," Tarra's voice came from the car radio.
"Alright good, first things first we have to try and lure it out of hiding, park in the general area of the sighting that we had last and we will meet you."
"Ok." Brandan sped up slightly to get to the destination quickly.
They drove into a parking lot where the Acura was parked and pulled up beside it. Tarra, Dan and Tabatha were still inside. Brandan got out of the car and the others followed.
"Ok split up, we've gotta search the area when you find it call us. We're gonna go in two teams, Saba, Tabatha you come with Colin and I because of your inexperience. Isaiah go with Tarra's team," Brandan ordered. Isaiah nodded and walked over to Tarra.
"Come on you two I will show you where I found it," said Isaiah. The two teams split up and went in different directions.
Isaiah led Tarra and Dan to where he found the creature the first time.
"When you found it, you couldn't see it without focusing could you?" asked Tarra.
"Yeah it somehow blended in with the code, I don't think I even seen it until it wanted me to."
"Great." Dan checked his hand loaded his handgun and looked around at the basement surroundings. "This should be fun." The three of them looked around the room, they starred right into the code but could not see anything.
"I don't think its here, lets go," said Isaiah. They walked up a flight of stairs to the old apartment building, there was people in the building an old man walked out of one of the apartments.
"What were you doing down there?" he said sounding like his age was creeping up on him.
"Don't worry about it old man," said Dan, "We're looking for something." They walked by the old man and he grabbed Dan by the arm. Dan looked at him with a surprised look on his face and the others stopped and turned to look at him.
"If you seek death it will surely come for you," whispered the old man, "there is something lurking in the shadows of this neighborhood, something evil." Dan pulled his arm away from the man.
"Go back in your apartment old man we will take care of it," said Dan. The old man looked at the three of them then at Isaiah.
"I watched you engage this creature last time, this time you may not be so lucky, beware." The old man went back into his apartment and slowly shut the door. Dan and Tarra looked at Isaiah, he turned and they kept walking down the hallway.
Meanwhile the others were not to far away in one of the other apartment buildings.
"You'll have to focus on the code to see it, so make sure you look carefully," said Brandan. The others nodded as they each began to scan the room.
"Whoa, this is weird," said Tabatha.
"I don't see anything," said Saba, "What about you Colin?" Colin shook his head.
"Then let's move on," said Brandan. The walked down into the basement of the apartment building, it was dark, slightly cool and damp. "The last time we encountered it Isaiah ran into it in a basement. While you two were training he told me that he kept hearing noises before he found it so it was probably hunting him or something, is what I figure." Colin noticed something on the wall as they walked by and into the center of the floor.
"Captain look at this." Colin walked over and touched the wall, it was a large claw-like indent in the wall.
"It had to have made this," said Brandan looking it over. Tabatha looked around the building at the walls, getting the slight feeling that she was being watch by something.
"I don't see anything here either, do you Saba?" she shuttered slightly as she spoke. Saba joined her looking around focusing hard on the walls around them.
"Wait." Saba caught a quick glimpse of what looked like a foot, but then it was gone.
"What is it?" asked Colin urgently.
"Nothing I thought I saw something but it was nothing."
"Are you sure?" Brandan focused as hard as he could and looked around quickly, there was nothing he could see.
"Yes I'm sure. It was nothing." Just then a middle aged man came down.
"Hey folks you guys can't be down here it's a restricted area."
"Sorry sir we were just looking for somebody," said Saba innocently.
"Well if they live in this building or any of the ones around here they won't be down here if they know me." The old man smiled and went back up the stairs they followed him shortly. On the way up the steps Brandan saw a strange shadow pass over the old man and move out the door.
"Colin," he whispered. Colin looked back at him.
"I know." Saba had seen it but for some reason it didn't engage them.
Tarra, Dan and Isaiah had taken to the roof tops in there search they were on top of one of the larger buildings and were looking over the edges and to the other buildings to see if they could see it.
"I don't see anything, do you guys?" asked Tarra.
"I think," said Dan. Tarra and Isaiah ran over and looked where he was looking the creature was slightly phased out of the code and was nothing but a blurry image.
"What's it doing?" asked Tarra.
"I don't know," said Isaiah.
"Look ahead of it a little in the alley," Dan instructed. Tarra and Isaiah did as he suggested and could see that there was a bum searching through the dumpster of the alleyway. Isaiah took out his phone and put it to his ear.
"Yeah Captain, we've found it, we're on top of the largest building in the sector looking down on it, it's in the east alleyway."
"Ok stay there do not, I repeat, do not engage it yet. We're on our way!" Brandan yelled.
"Ok." Isaiah put away his phone and looked around at the other buildings wondering which one the others would come out of. They appeared on the other side of the street that the alley was on, they looked up at them and Brandan signaled for them to get down there.
"Lets go," said Dan. Tarra and Dan headed for the door back inside.
"Isaiah what are you waiting for come on," said Tarra.
"I'll meet you down there." Isaiah jumped up on the ledge of the building in a crouching position balancing him self with one hand.
"All right!" Tarra and Dan ran down the stairs and Isaiah focused his hardest. He balanced himself on the ledge he stood up and began to run down the building, as time seemed to slow down. He ran about half way down and the creature looked up noticing him, he jumped off the building and fell towards Brandan and the others.
Brandan watched Isaiah fall toward them the creature turned its attention to them.
"Ok guys get ready." All four of them took up a fighting stance and Isaiah landed right in the middle of them shaking the ground slightly.
"Tarra and Dan will be down shortly," said Isaiah.
"Alright let's go." All five of them took off at the creature. Tabatha took to the air and kicked the creature in the face landing behind it and turning around. Colin and Brandan both went into a powerful onslaught of attacks on the upper body using combo after combo. Saba slid through its legs and got behind it with Tabatha, Isaiah worked the lower body. Tabatha and Saba began to attack the creature from behind hitting it swiftly with combos of their own. Dan ran out through the door and joined Tabatha and Saba while Tarra waited for the time she would be needed. The creature seemed to be taking the abuse from the six fighters quite easily. "Come on fight harder!" yelled Brandan. The six of them began to focus in sync and they each began to push themselves to the limit.
Tabatha focused her hardest and time seemed to slow down as she land a series of ten blows in just under ten seconds.
"Ya!" she yelled as she hit one last time moving back into regular time. Saba continued attacking as best she could focusing along with the others. She began to feel a heightened sense of awareness as she fought. Her attacks seemed to be landing more and more precise each attack. Isaiah began to speed up and work as fast as he could with all the power he could muster from his body. Isaiah moved so fast that he hit the creature almost thirty times in ten seconds. Dan focused and attacked with ease, not relying on speed but accuracy and power to make his attacks matter. Brandan hit the creature several times with his fists then jumped and kicked the creature several times in the head. Colin focused as hard as he could on where his hands were hitting, his strength is what made his attacks count not his speed hitting the creature only five times the last hit he jumped into the air right after Brandan's kick and hit the creature in the face as hard as he could, almost turning its head all the way around. The creature's hand dropped to its sides and a strange shockwave knocked them all away. Tarra focused and called up her hack screen, she hits the buttons with ease and used a float hack to stop them from hitting the wall. "Holy shit!" yelled Tabatha.
They watched as the creature tilted its head to fix its neck.
"Oh god here it comes get ready!" yelled Isaiah. The creature shot at Colin like lighting and began to attack him, he successfully dodged most of its attacks. Colin moved to the left then to the right then jumped into the air and bounded off its shoulders. Brandan jumped at the creature with his fist out and time seemed to slow down as the creature swung at him with its long arm knocking him into a nearby wall.
"Ah shit!" Brandan fell to the ground and began to pull himself up. "Is that the best you got? Colin lets get this thing." Colin ran over and stood by him until he was up, the creature had taken off after Tabatha.
"Oh shit!" she said as she moved to dodge. Colin and Brandan ran at the creature together initiating their twin element. They began to attack the creature as they did last time but this time from behind. Tabatha rolled out of the way to safety.
"Tarra get ready!" yelled Dan. Tarra watched intently from a distance as Colin and Brandan jumped back from the creature. Colin put his arms out and Brandan jumped into the air using him as a propeller. Colin ran at the creature and attacked it as he had done before. Isaiah realized that he could help at this time and ran at it.
"Dan come on!" he yelled. Isaiah and Dan joined Colin in his attack to hold the creature still long enough. The three of them fought as hard as they could to keep the creature from regaining composure. Brandan suddenly fell on the creatures head only this time it didn't get driven into the ground but grabbed him by the foot and threw him at Colin then whacked Dan and Isaiah away with one fowl swipe. Saba watched as the others were thrown away and realized that she and Tabatha would have to attack it next to give them time to recover.
"Tabatha we need to help!" she yelled as she ran at the creature. Saba ran at the creature and time seemed to slow down as she jumped into the air and kicked it in the chest knocking it back slightly. Tabatha quickly joined her and swiftly tripped the creature then dropped her foot down on its neck.
"Stupid move," Tabatha said to herself as the creature grabbed her by the leg. The creature threw Tabatha and she stopped herself from hitting a wall with her hands. Saba jumped back to avoid a massive fist and the creature stood still for a second.
"Uh oh." They watched as the creature's fingers grew in to sharpened and lengthy claws.
"Oh no," said Tarra under her breath.
Tarra focused and brought up her hacking screen and used a hack to hold the creature in place.
"There guys, that should slow it down a bit, if nothing else." Just then they heard the sound of gunshots being fired and seen bullets hit the creature's chest and head. Brandan looked around.
"Who the hell?" he asked, confused. Just then three agents fell into the fighting circle.
"Oh shit, not now," said Colin.
"Wait a minute." Two of the agents engaged the creature and the third walked over to Brandan. Brandan took up a fighting stance ready for anything.
"This creature is of great threat to both of our factions we have been ordered to help you destroy it, our attempts to reconnect it have failed, you must do so." The agent looked at Tarra. "She is a hacker is she not?" The agent jumped over to Tarra and she backed away.
"What do you want?" she said slightly frightened.
"We need your ability as a hacker we have developed at hack for you to use to get rid of it, now permit me to upload it to you." Tarra looked passed the agent at Brandan.
"Let him," said Brandan. The agent thrust his hand into Tarra's chest and a strange light went over her as the hack uploaded.
"Use it on my signal we will only have one chance human."
"Help them guys, I know its different but we have no real choice here." All three of the agents began to fight the creature with the help of the others. Tarra watched them fight as one of the agents was gouged by the creature and fell to the ground. They all fought hard and one of the other agents hit the creature with one final swipe knocking the creature down, everyone that was fighting dispersed away.
"Now human!" yelled the agent. Tarra focused and called up her hack screen, she tapped in the code and a strange light began to come from the creature's eyes and mouth. It got to its feet and began to thrash around as it was reconnected to The Source. The light began to completely engulf the exile when it suddenly exploded and pieces of it went everywhere.
"Fuck yeah," yelled Tabatha excited. Isaiah rushed over to Brandan.
"Captain I think we should take our leave and celebrate back home." Isaiah had a worried look on his face. Brandan looked at the agent.
"Thanks for your help, seems peace may be possible." The agent quickly turned to face him.
"Only human." The agent ran at them.
"Guys go, get back to the cars!"
"Should of known we couldn't trust'em long!" Colin yelled as he and Saba bounded into one of the windows of the apartment building. Tarra and Dan took to running down an alleyway. Brandan, Tabatha and Isaiah took off down the street and turned a corner the cars weren't that far away.
Colin and Saba crashed through the glass of the window to the vacant apartment hand in hand.
"Come on, we have to hurry the cars are on the other side of this building," said Colin getting to his feet and pulling Saba along. The two of them ran through the apartment building hearing footsteps behind them, they came to a door and Colin kicked it open and they began to run down the hallway and then down a flight of stairs finally seeing the door.
Brandan, Isaiah and Tabatha ran down the street with one of the agents close behind them.
"I hope the others get there as soon as we do, cus we won't have much time to be sitting and waiting!" yelled Tabatha. They heard gunshots behind them and felt the bullets whisk by them.
"Shit keep going," yelled Isaiah. The three of them began to run as fast as they could focusing there hardest to run from the agent. Tabatha could feel a bullet coming behind her and time seemed to slow down as she focused on her next move. She jumped at the wall and ran a few feet as bullets whisked by, she flipped off the wall and they kept going.
Tarra and Dan ran down the alleyway and could see a fence.
"Keep going right up and over!" yelled Dan. They continued to run together and jumped right over the fence landing on an old car hood. Dan landed and looked back at the agent chasing them.
"Go!" Dan pulled out his gun and fired off several shots to distract the agent then continued to run. They came to the other end of the alleyway on the other side where the cars were. Brandan, Isaiah and Tabatha came running from a different angle and Colin and Saba crashed through a window on the bottom floor of a nearby apartment building.
"Good job guys," yelled Brandan as he jumped over the mustang and hopped in the drivers side. Tabatha hopped into the drivers seat of the Acura and the others each loaded in. Isaiah hopped in through the sun roof of the mustang and Colin loaded in the back with Saba. Both cars started immediately and started down the road.
Brandan drove down the street and could hear the sirens of several cop cars coming close to them.
"Isaiah get Parker on the phone and tap him into the radio." Isaiah did as he was ordered and the frequency was opened.
"Captain I've got some bad news for you," said Parker slightly static.
"What's wrong now?" asked Brandan frustrated.
"The agents have destroyed the exit you guys are heading for I am trying to figure out another one for you guys to use right now. But it looks like your gonna have to head across the river so head for the bridge."
"Ok." Colin took out the rocket launcher they had brought with them and stood up through the sunroof.
"Try to hold'er steady captain, I'll do the rest." Isaiah rolled down his window and took out his gun to wait for the cars to become visible.
"Saba call Tarra and tell them to head for the bridge." Saba nodded and took out her phone dialing the other car.
"What's the scoop?" said Tarra calmly.
"Bad news, we have to go across the river they destroyed our original escape exit," said Saba.
"Saba tell them to take a different way that way it'll split up the forces," said Brandan.
"I heard him will do, we will see you on the other side," said Tarra.
Tarra took her phone away from her ear and put it back in her belt.
"Tabatha take a turn here."
"What, why?" asked Tabatha confused.
"The captain wants us to take a separate route to split up the forces." Tabatha swung the car around and drove down the street Tarra had pointed out. Tarra brought up a map on the onboard computer with the direct path laid out for her to follow. "Use this map to guide you for now." Just then several cop cars turned the same corner while several others kept going after the other car.
"Hang on guys!" Tabatha pushed on the accelerator and the car jolted ahead as she changed gears. Tarra rolled down her window and began firing her gun on the police force. Dan was in the back seat he mounted the sniper rifle on the back dash and shot out the window.
"Tarra here use this!" Dan passed Tarra the assault rifle that he had kept after putting the other one in the mustang.
"OK." Tarra nodded and dropped her hand gun then pointed the other gun out the window. They could hear the bullets hitting the car up the side and in the trunk. Tabatha swerved to avoid traffic and weaved in and out of the traffic.
"Damn cars get off the road grandma!" she yelled. Just then one of the cop cars rammed them from behind and Tabatha twisted the wheel every which way to keep her control and sped up.
"Try to keep ahead of them at all costs," yelled Dan firing off the sniper rifle. Several of the cars began to blow up as Tarra and Dan got the final hits in on some of the cars behind them.
"Good work Tarra!" yelled Dan, "Keep it up."
Back with the other car. Colin was blowing up the cars left and right as he saw them with Saba helping him reload the launcher. Isaiah ran out of bullets in his handgun.
"Did I see Dan put that other assault rifle in here before we fought the creature?" he asked.
"Isaiah its right here," said Saba as she passed up the gun for him to use. He took and began pointing it out the window.
"Much better." Isaiah let several rounds fly.
"Agent!" he yelled.
"Colin take him out," said Brandan. Colin fired at the agent vehicle and it swerved to avoid the shot.
"Shoot." He ducked down and Saba passed him a shell to load into it.
"They dodged." He reloaded the launcher and stood back up.
"Take this you suit wearing mother fuckers." Colin fired off again this time another car had gotten in the way taking the hit. When the explosion cleared the agents were not in sight so he had successfully repelled them for now. Just then he could hear another assault rifle being fired and could see the shots moving up the back of the car. He ducked back inside to avoid being shot. "That was close." Just then a cop car came out of nowhere and rammed the front of the car from the side sending them into a spiral.
"Hang on!" Brandan slammed on the breaks and turned the wheel into the swerve getting them balanced. The car stopped spinning and there were several cop cars in front of them, they had gotten turned around.
"Damn it!" Brandan looked back and began to back up as fast as he could.
"Isaiah, Colin get out there and get rid of these fuckers!" Colin reloaded the launcher and got back into the sunroof and let the rocket fly blowing up two of the cars that were driving close together.
"Good shot Colin," said Isaiah firing at one of the other cars.
"Ok guys hang on to something." The car flew into a small opening and they all were pushed to the back of their seat as the car stopped. Brandan floored the gas pedal and the wheels squealed as they spun around a couple of times and the car jolted forward back to a high speed. Brandan drove as fast as he could without going off the road, he could see the bridge they needed to cross not to far away. They were coming up on a checkpoint as the checkered yellow and black block was lifted they seen the little red car come and whip around the corner from the right. The car sped off with several police cars behind them and Brandan drove the peddle to the floor to get caught up with them. "Come on we're almost there," said Brandan under his breath. Isaiah and Colin continued to fire at everything that they could to keep the coast clear even firing at the vehicles chasing the others.
"Man there is way too many of them I'm almost out of shells," said Colin. Saba looked at where she had been getting the shells from and then looked at Colin.
"We've only got two left."
"Save them we might need them!" Brandan swerved to avoid the cop car that had just taken a ram at them. Colin put down the rocket launcher and took out his handgun keeping in the roof as he opened fire.
"Tarra call Parker we need to get to the exit quick," said Dan. Tarra took out her phone and called.
"Operator," said Parker.
"Yeah Parker can you tell us where the exit is yet?" asked Tarra keeping her calm.
"I am going to send you guys to a different exit then the others if you go to the same one. There will not be enough time to get you all out before you get caught. Head for the corner of Smith and Robins street!" Tabatha looked in her mirror and could see the mustang catching up to them. Tarra put away her phone and began to fire back at the approaching cars.
"Tabatha head for the corner of Smith and Robins once we are off the bridge." Tabatha nodded and kept driving.
Back in the mustang Brandan had gotten on the phone with Parker as he was driving.
"Captain I am gonna send you to a different exit than the others."
"Why?" Brandan asked.
"If you guys were to all go to the same one then you might not all be out by the time your pursuers caught up to you. I want you guys to head to the church its not that far from the bridge but you need to move faster."
"Alright." Brandan put his phone away and sped up and went right passed the other car, they stayed fairly close and then came to the end of the bridge. The Acura took a hard left and the Mustang took an even harder right as the car was temporarily up on the two side wheels. It dropped back down and they could see the massive church in the distance.
"That's our exit guys we're almost home," said Brandan.
Tabatha pushed the little car as hard as she could and they were coming up on their exit. Tarra's phone rang and she picked up.
"Your exit is in the fourth apartment building on the third floor, in apartment number 308, good luck." Tarra put her phone away and Tabatha swerved the car to a halt as they hit the corner of the two streets. The three of them jumped out of the car.
"Its in that building on the third floor apartment 308. Let's go!" yelled Tarra as her feet hit the ground. The three of them took off into the building as fast as they could running by several of the locals. The agents quickly pursued as they pulled up outside. "Hurry!" All three of them got into the elevator and Tabatha hit the door close button and then the up button. As the door to the elevator closed they seen the agents come in the door down the hall.
"Whew," said Tabatha relieved.
"Its not over yet," said Dan.
"I know." Tabatha leaned against the wall as the elevator moved into the third floor.
"Alright get ready." The doors opened and all three of them took off with Tabatha in the front. They could hear the hard line ringing as they came closer to apartment 308. They quickly came to it and Tabatha kicked the door open and they went in.
"You first Tab." Tabatha picked up the phone and vanished. Dan quickly put it back on the hook and it began ringing again. "You next Tarra." Tarra quickly grabbed the phone and put it to her ear vanishing. Dan pointed his gun at the door and put the phone on the hook. Just as the phone rang an agent came through the door and he opened fire as he picked the phone up and put it to his ear. The agent walked over and grabbed the phone just as Dan vanished and threw it against the wall.
The other car had just pulled into the church parking lot along with several cop cars. They all hopped out of the car and the police cars swung into position. The cops got out of their cars and took out their guns pointing them at the car.
"Come out with your hands in the air!" One of the cops spoke through a megaphone.
"What do we do captain?" asked Saba. Brandan opened the door and looked back at the others.
"Get out of the car, follow my lead." The others opened their doors and they each stepped out of the car slowly.
"NICE AND EASY!" yelled the cops. Isaiah was the last to get out of the car.
"Drop your weapons," they heard from the megaphone. Colin heard several guns hit the pavement as the others dropped the gun he followed. As the guns dropped several of the officers began to approach them with their guns still trained on them.
"They won't shoot there own," whispered Brandan. The four approaching officers had just gotten into arms reach. "Go!" yelled Brandan. The four of them each grabbed the policeman closest to them and disarmed them. They each grabbed an officer and held a gun to there heads. All four of them began to back into the church in a back to back formation pointing there guns everywhere when suddenly the cops they were holding began to turn into agents.
"Shit!" said Colin pulling the trigger stopping the transformation as the others did. The only problem was now they had no cover.
"Open fire!" They heard one of the men yell. Gunshots began to fire off and they each moved to dodge.
Isaiah bounded out of the way and did a cartwheel as time seemed to slow down and the bullets whisked by him. One going between his legs and the other between his arms he landed out of the way of the bullets. Brandan jumped into the air toward the church and timed seemed to slow down as the bullets flew up by up him one almost hitting him but missing just as he did a mid air flip. He landed in the church through one of the windows. Saba flipped forward toward her destination as the bullets whisked by her so close she could feel the air displacement caused by them. She dodged until she made it to the church door and kicked it open. Time slowed down and Colin could see the bullets heading for him as he focused on what was going on around him. Colin dodge the bullet by moving to the side then laying almost on the ground as the next flew by him. Colin did several back flips as he dodged his way to the door which Saba had just kicked open. Colin backed through the door and kicked it shut as he landed on his feet.
Saba could hear a phone ringing but could not see Isaiah or the captain.
"Colin come on!" Saba ran at the sound, which was behind the minister's podium in the office. They both ran and made it into the room of the phone as bullets blasted into the door. They ran in the room and over to the phone.
"Saba you first." Saba quickly picked up the phone upon arriving and put it to her ear returning to the safety of the ship. Colin quickly put the phone back and it rang again. He put it to his ear reaching safety.
Colin opened his eyes as Tarra pulled the jack from his neck and he sat up.
"Where are the others?" he asked jumping up and heading over to the screen.
"The captain is one floor above where he needs to be and Isaiah isn't even inside yet," said Parker answering him.
Isaiah was hidden behind a statue and was scanning the area for another way into the church that wouldn't be so obvious. He took out his phone and called Parker.
"Parker is there another way in that's not so obvious?" he asked.
"Hold on . . . there is another entrance but it leads to the basement its quite a distance from the hard-line. It's on the left side of the building you will have to go all the way around to get to it."
"Holy shit." Isaiah sighed and shook his head as he put his phone away and started around as quickly and un noticeable as he could be.
Meanwhile Brandan had made it all the way to the balcony overlooking the church seating area he could see where the hard-line was located and it was still clear. None of the others were in sight. Brandan took out his phone as he walked closer to the phone from the area above.
"Parker did everyone make it out so far?"
"Everyone is out but you and Isaiah, who is on his way now." Brandan looked down at the exit. The cops still hadn't entered the building.
"Is the exit clean?"
"Clean as you could ever hope for."
"Ok." Brandan put his phone in the pocket of his jacket, he jumped down over the balcony and landed in front of the door, he kicked it open and walked in to a ringing phone. "Good luck Isaiah." Brandan picked up the phone and put it to his ear.
Meanwhile Isaiah was ducked down running along the side of the building that he was supposed to be on, from here on he knew he would have to hurry to make it in before the officers started to flood the building because once that happened he would have to find another exit. He came to the window to the basement and quickly slid through. He found himself in a dusty basement filled with several religious relics. He ran passed them and up some steps that led him to a wooden door. He walked through and a bullet hit the door as he realized there were agents in the doorway to the church. Isaiah began to focus as hard as he could as he ran and time seemed to slow down. A barrage of bullets whisked by him as he ran at the door that led to the hard line. Isaiah bounded into the air up and over the flights of stairs that led up to the podium. Bullets continued to whisk by him as he took to the wall, the door had been left open so he ran right in and stayed on the wall. He jumped off the wall toward the ringing phone and grabbed the phone in mid air and put it to his ear vanishing just before he would have hit the wall.
As the jack was pulled from Isaiah's neck he sat up and gasped for air.
"We did it," he gasped.
"Good job team," said Brandan, "You all deserve a bit of a break, I have to contact Commander Locke about our next mission." Brandan walked out of the broadcast zone and walked up to the Captain's Quarters to speak with Locke. He sat down at his computer and turned on the screen and dialed a direct link to Zion. He put on a headset as the commanders face appeared on the screen.
"Good evening Captain Brandan I assume you are calling me to report on the new exile that we had discovered."
"Yes commander, I am pleased to report that we have successfully eliminated the new threat and we won't have to deal with it again."
"Glad to hear it, I knew that you and your crew would not let me down. I will be assigning you all the mission we talked about soon, you are currently on stand-by I will contact you in one day, until then rest as I suspect you and your crew well need it," said Locke.

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