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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 27: Crew Final Entry

Chapter 27: Crew Final Entry

It had been several weeks since Saba's freedom had been completed and she and Colin were practicing in one of the dojo training programs. The two of them were both in kimonos Colin was on the right and Saba on the left the two of them were both blind folder this was a program developed to test their awareness inside the matrix. Starting with their backs to each other they jumped away form one another and took up fighting stances, Saba flew at Colin and he bent back almost touching the floor to dodge her. They suddenly took into one another attacking with several combos and also both dodging Colin obviously taking it easy for Saba her being new. Saba threw a left, a right and an then attacked with a kick combo, Colin easily dodging.
"Your doing good Saba, keep it up. . . here we go," he spoke softly to her as he bounded away from her. Saba took up a defensive stance as Colin came back at her almost running. Colin came within reach and began to quickly attack her landing blows that were all blocked quickly by Saba. Saba began to improvise and ducked to attack from the lower quarters. She managed to almost get up under him, and hit him with an uppercut that he jumped onto the ceiling to avoid. Saba looked up at him.
"Neat trick but your not getting away quite that easy babe," she said. Saba bounded into the air and drew back her fist then throwing a punch that hit Colin in the chest sending him into the wall. Colin straightened himself out in the air and landed, looking up at her with a smile.
"Good going babe, I'm impressed," he said.
"I know you were holding back," she said walking over to him.
"Even still Saba," they heard the captain all around them. "You did well your getting the hang of it I think. But I need you guys to get out of there we are ready to start the next mission."
"Alright take us out." Colin stood up and smiled at Saba as the surroundings changed back to the construct and they were pulled out.
Colin opened his eyes to Isaiah looking down at him smiling he jumped, slightly startled.
"Why do you have to do that," he asked, slightly irritated.
"I like to see you squirm sometimes is all," Isaiah laughed along with Saba who was sitting up in her chair next to him.
"Alright guys grow up for a bit if you could," said Brandan walking over to the code screen.
"We've got a plan to get out the final member of our crew, but the problem is they know, and they are watching her," said Parker.
"Captain Niobe and Ghost are waiting on the inside to help create some distraction. Not unlike what we did with you Colin, just in a bigger area, Tabatha lives in the city so we are going to deploy everyone in different major areas to create there own little distractions." Isaiah walked over to the code screen and stood next to Brandan.
"Do I Get to blow up a police station again?"
"Maybe, but not on your own this time that much I am sure of. The city police station is way bigger than that one you were in and the staff is twice as large in quantity." Parker hit a few keys on the computer.
"They are waiting for you. I'll send you in with your instructions downloaded into your P.P.U.'s."
"Alright," Brandan walked over and sat in the chair. Saba got up and looked uncomfortably at Colin.
"Don't worry Saba, you're doing good, but your not ready yet for your first mission," Brandan warned. Saba walked over and plugged him in and followed with Tarra, Dan, Isaiah and Colin.
"Good luck," she said kissing Colin on the forehead. Colin smiled. "Whenever you're ready Parker, this isn't exactly comfortable," he said.
Isaiah pulled on the ends of his jacket and cocked his head to the side.
"Cool, Niobe and I are gonna take out an office building," he said to himself. Colin looked himself over.
"Looks like I'm taking out a police rally with you Brandan." "Hey what can I say, we make a good team." Dan stepped up beside Colin.
"Looks like I'm the getaway car with Ghost in the side seat." Tarra shrugged her shoulders.
"Well looks like I get to be the freedom fighter this time." Brandan put his glasses on and looked at them all individually.
"Alright guys we are all being sent to different places so good luck and I will see you on the other side." Everyone except for Colin and Brandan disappeared as the construct sent them to the matrix and loaded the Mustang next to them.
Brandan looked at Colin and opened the passenger seat door.
"Hop in your driving," he said sitting in the car. Colin nodded at him and got in, he started the engine and pulled out of the garage.
"Here we go." Brandan put his phone to his ear.
"Yeah Parker, send the map to the car computer so Colin can get us there."
"Aye, aye captain, done." The map came up on the computer screen in the dashboard with a small blinking light representing the rally. Colin started to drive and it wasn't long before they pulled into the rally parking lot, there was about a hundred cars in the lot. It was being held in a large hotel ballroom it would be kind of difficult to fit in long enough to get an attack pattern formed. Brandan got out of the car first, there was a few people in the parking lot having a cigarette. Colin shortly got out of the car and locked the doors. They walked toward the doors of the hotel and the people looked over at them. One of the women looked at Colin.
"Hi," she said seductively. Colin smiled at her.
"You shouldn't smoke its bad for your health," he said being cocky. They walked on passed the coat check.
"Alright all the people are in here try to blend until you get to the other side of the room I will call you and instruct you from there.
Meanwhile Dan and Tarra headed to the call center where Tabatha worked.
"Alright are you gonna be ok or do you want me to go with you?" asked Dan.
"I'll be fine you just stay in the car ok," answered Tarra. Dan nodded and they pulled up into the parking lot of the call center. "Alright just stay put I will be back soon." Tarra got out of the car and Dan laid his seat back to wait. Tarra walked up to the building and there was a card scanner for permitted entry. She called up a small hack screen and hacked it forcing it open. She walked into the building and passed the front desk. One of the guards looked at her strangely but she kept walking un-phased. Tabatha was at the back room and Parker should have been talking to her right now telling her to be ready for her.
Isaiah stood in the middle of a large parking garage where he would meet Niobe. He put his phone up and dialed her number.
"Captain Niobe." Niobe was on the other end.
"You got me kid I'm on the floor above you, I'm coming down now." Isaiah heard the engine of a Firebird rev slightly and start to get closer. He could see the purple car coming down the turn.
"Alright I see you now." He ran over to the car and jumped in the open window.
"Get us there," he said smiling.
"Alright kid hold on to your glasses here we go." Niobe stepped on the gas and they were quickly on the street. "Ok kid all I ask of you is that you listen to me and be responsible we aren't just on some big run of destruction. We're actually using a bomb that Sparks designed to slightly disrupt the matrix, so you are gonna have to be on your absolute guard at all times ok, keep your focus. Nothing unnecessary you got that?" Isaiah nodded as his face changed to a serious look once he began to realize the seriousness of the situation. He could tell that Niobe was very serious about what they were doing he couldn't mess this up.
"I'll do exactly what you tell me Captain." Niobe smirked from the corner of her face.
"That's all I ask kid." Niobe drove on down the empty street and pulled up to the office building. "Alright," Niobe shut the car off and opened the door, "You coming?" Isaiah jumped out the window.
"Coming." Niobe looked at him and smiled.
"Nimble little thing ain't'cha." With that said they walked toward the office building.
Dan waited outside for Tarra in the little red Acura Integra when his phone rang, he put it up to his ear.
"Hey yeah, Dan my man where are you guys at?" It was Ghost on the other end.
"We're over here at the call center, Tarra has gone in to get her."
"Alright I'm coming to you stay there."
"Will do." Inside Tarra had just walked on to the huge floor where all the call center worked were on the phone, she could see Tabatha and started to walk toward her. She was talking on the phone to Parker right then. Just then a call center guard walked in front of her.
"Ma'am I'm gonna need to see some id please," he said.
"Oh um, sure thing sir," said Tarra routing through her pockets. The guard crossed his arms becoming impatient. Tarra perked her eyebrow at the guard as Tabatha walked over to the guard.
"Tarra oh my god what are you doing here, its been so long?" said Tabatha to trick the guard. Tabatha hugged Tarra and smiled at her. "Don't worry about her Charlie this is my best friend she is here to pick me up from work." Tabatha grabbed her bag and put her arm through Tarra's. "Lets go." Tabatha's expression changed to serious when the guard couldn't see her face. They started to walk and two guards stepped in front of them as they got to the floor exit.
"We just got a call that your friend here is wanted for questioning by the authorities. Tarra quickly brought up a hack screen and did a basic force wave hack that sent the guards out of the way.
"Run!" said Tarra.
Colin had just reached the other side of the ballroom and picked up his phone.
"Colin are you in position?" asked Brandan.
"Yeah I'm good to go."
"Alright initiate your phase of the distraction." Colin reached into his jacket slowly and noticed that he was being watched by several of the cops in the area. Colin quickly drew his assault rifle and began to fire into the crowd. Just as he did several cops pulled out there handguns and fired at him. He moved to dodge quickly and could feel the bullets all whisk by him. Just then Brandan opened fire at the same time killing several of the patrons. Several of the police had hit the floor the ones that hadn't we're on the floor in a puddle of their own blood. Just then Colin's phone rang and he picked up.
"Agents look out get the hell outta there, now!" yelled Parker on the other end.
"Oh my god Colin run." He could here Saba in the background. Colin looked over his should and there was an agent pointing his gun at him. Colin took off in a run as the agent began to fire at him. He could feel the bullets cut through the air and move swiftly by him. Brandan was standing at the door and started to fire his gun at the agent.
"Hurry up Colin!" Brandan fired at the agent missing of course, but succeeding in slowing him down. Colin dove for the door and hit the ground in a roll Brandan quickly went through and closed the door. The two of them began to run as Colin quickly got to his feet and headed out the door. They ran and jumped into the Mustang as there were more gunshots fired. Colin started the car and pulled away quickly.
Meanwhile, Niobe and Isaiah had just made it to the top floor of the office building. They were on the roof, security was pretty thin in the building so the machines' obviously hadn't detect what they had been planning to do.
"Are you ready to run kid?" asked Niobe.
"It's kinda sad, but running is one of the things I am known for," said Isaiah with a smirk on his face, "I just hope you can keep up." Niobe laughed out loud and looked at him sideways.
"You know what Isaiah, I like you." Niobe had just began to set up the bomb. "No but seriously I hope we get enough time because this bomb will disrupt your residual self image. It might do some real mental damage to you in the real world."
"Really, wow Sparks must be really good huh?"
"Well yeah when he isn't bitching about something." Niobe hit the last button to start the countdown.
"Alright lets go." Niobe stood up and there was an agent right behind Isaiah. "Duck!" she yelled pulling out her gun and fired at him.
"Oh no." Isaiah jumped out of the way and rolled to the ground. Niobe took up a fighting stance.
"Isaiah go, I will distract him!"
"Niobe I can't leave you here are you crazy?"
"What was the only thing I asked of you!" Isaiah looked at her with a desperate look on his face.
"But . . ."
"Now go." Isaiah nodded and took off out of site.
"Good kid." Niobe attacked the agent ruthlessly giving it all she could muster throwing all the most powerful combos' she could think of. The agent attacked her and hit her with a three hit combo and sent Niobe hurling into the wall. Niobe quickly got to her feet and ran up the wall propelling herself off of it into a kick, hitting the agent in the face and knocking him down. Niobe kicked the agent in the side sending him sliding several feet across the floor away from the way Isaiah had ran. She turned to run and heard gunshots begin to fire off behind her. The bomb they had planted exploded sending a strange shockwave out over the area. Time seemed to slow down as Niobe joined Isaiah and they ran together. Niobe grabbed him by the hand and jumped into the air the shockwave right behind them. The shockwave seemed to dissolve everything it touched including the agent. They crashed through the fourth floor window and were falling toward the ground where the car had been parked, the building was starting to collapse when they hit the ground. "Hurry!" yelled Niobe getting in the car. Isaiah quickly jumped over the car and into the other seat, Niobe started the engine and took off.
Meanwhile Dan was still waiting with Ghost in the side seat, his phone rang.
"Yeah Dan, it's Brandan is she out yet?"
"No she hasn't come out yet are you guys alright?"
"We are in one piece and we are heading in your direction, we will be there shortly." Ghost looked over at Dan.
"The Captains on his way huh?" Dan nodded at him. Ghost jumped in the back seat as he noticed Tarra and Tabatha come running out of the building with a couple of guards trailing them. Ghost shot the guards in the forehead and the girls were quickly in the car.
"Tarra call the Captain, tell him we are on our way to the spot, he can meet us there," Dan instructed. Tarra quickly took out her phone and called Brandan and Colin as Dan sped away from the call center.
"Yeah Brandan we are on our way out of here we got her just meet us at the spot." Tarra hung up her phone and nodded to Dan. Just then several police cars pulled on to the road.
"Hey Ghost looks like we are going to need some of that fancy shooting I have heard so much about." Ghost readied his assault rifle.
"You just keep it on the road Dan I can do the rest."
The car sped down the street following the map that Parker and Sparks had provided with several cars behind them. Ghost fired continuously at them with his assault rifle blowing several of the cars sky high.
"Tarra if you want to lend me a hand here it would be nice," said Ghost reloading the assault rifle.
"Alright I am going to do a shield hack," said Tarra bringing up the hack screen. She tapped in the code and blue shield came up around the car.
"Alright that should help a bit, I have manipulated the code so that it will stop the bullets from going through on our end but you will still be able to shoot them." Ghost opened fire on the cop cars once again hitting each of them with ease now that he didn't have to worry about being shot. It wasn't very long before Niobe's Firebird, the crew Mustang became visible and pulled up beside them. The cop cars were still firing on them, Brandan was on his cell phone.
"Ok Niobe were almost out of here let's just help ghost get the rest of those bastards." The other two cars fell behind to take care if the police cars. Tarra watched as the mustang rammed into one of the police cars pushing it into a road divider to one of the exits, smashing the front end. Isaiah hung out of the Firebird and fired his handgun at the drivers of several of the vehicles making them crash. The three methods were quickly taking out what was left of the police force. When an agent vehicle became visible.
Dan's phone rang and he picked up.
"Dan get out of here as fast as you can take it out we are gonna handle the agents," said Niobe.
"Ok." Dan put the peddle to the metal sending the car into the two hundred and sixty range speeding down the highway.
"Holy shit!" said Tabatha holding onto the seat.
Meanwhile Niobe was quickly devising a plan to rid them of the agent.
"Alright Isaiah we have to get rid of them so that they can get Tabatha out at all costs," she said sternly.
"Ok," he said, "I'm ready." Isaiah climbed out through the car window and jumped onto the roof and pulled out his gun. Colin climbed out through the window of the mustang and Brandan took the wheel. The agents began to fire at them with their handguns; there were two of them in the car. Brandan and Niobe attempted to block them in with the cars as to keep them from getting passed while Colin and Isaiah shot at the cars tires.
"Colin look out." One of the agents was climbing onto the roof, he faced Colin and fixed his tie, Colin readied himself. The agent squatted to jump but instead of jumping at Colin it jumped backwards and knocked Isaiah off of the Firebird.
"Isaiah!" yelled Colin. Isaiah had grabbed a hold of a passing tractor-trailer carrying cars and was dangling from the vehicle.
"Hang on I'll come get you." Isaiah held on as tight as he could, trying to regain his focus, but he couldn't he was too scarred of falling.
"Colin help me!" The agent jumped up on the trailer and pulled out his gun after balancing himself on rafters of the trailer and pointed it at Isaiah. Colin focused his hardest and jumped at the agent kicking him away from Isaiah and quickly grabbing for his hand. Isaiah reached for his hand and the agent came out of nowhere hitting Colin in the side and almost knocking him off the trailer. Colin grabbed the edge and jumped back up on the rafter the agent was on.
"Alright dude, you asked for it! Isaiah get the hell up you need to focus!" Colin took up his fighting stance as best he could maintaining his balance. The agent came at him quicker then he could of ever imagined, they must have upgraded them again. Colin blocked what he could and sent back his own attack that was easily blocked by the agent. Colin focused his hardest ignoring the pain of the blows to the face and hit the agent in the quickest most powerful combo he could muster. Isaiah climbed up the side as Colin fought his hardest and just as he was ready to uppercut the agent Isaiah tripped him and sent him flying into the air for Colin to uppercut. Colin's blow sent the agent flying to the road and off into the distance.
"Good work Isaiah thanks, that was way to close," said Colin as he turned to look for Brandan and Niobe in the cars. The truck they were on had been going a lot slower than the cars were and neither of them were anywhere to be found. "Shit where are they?" asked Colin.
"They must be really far ahead of us we aren't going as fast as they were," said Isaiah pulling out his phone. Isaiah dialed to Parker.
"Hey Parker, how far up are the others?" "Too far you guys might as well just find a way off the road and get to a different exit. . . or steal a car from that truck." Isaiah looked at Colin.
"We'll take option number two. I'll need an upload to hotwire a car though."
"Done and done. Good luck guys." Colin looked at Isaiah expectantly.
"So what do we do now?" Isaiah dropped down and ran to the back of the trailer to where there was a two door Cavalier.
"Lets go!" he yelled as he opened the door and hopped into the front seat.
"Gotcha!" said Colin as he followed. Colin walked over to the small car and shot off the chains that were holding it in place. "Alright I'm driving." The car was started and Colin walked over to the drivers side, Isaiah slid over and Colin got in.
Colin started to slowly back the car up luckily there was nothing coming behind them. Colin hit the gas one last time and the car flew off of the back end of the truck and as they hit the ground the car began to drive forward as Colin had shifted to forward in mid air.
"Nice driving, now come on we got to catch them," said Isaiah. The drove on and saw the agents car crashed on the side of the wall spewing black smoke.
"Looks like they took care of the agent," said Colin.
"Just because the agent isn't anywhere to be found doesn't mean they took him out," said Isaiah. Colin nodded in agreement.
"Right, right." Colin drove faster and faster and Isaiah called Parker again.
"Parker how much farther ahead are they, and is the agent gone?"
"The agent is gone and you should be seeing the Mustang any minute now, the don't have the Firebird anymore, it was sacrificed. Just head to the spot Dan has already gotten there and they are ready to free Tabatha," said Parker.
"Alright thanks." Isaiah put his phone away.
"Hey there is the Mustang." Colin pointed to the car, it was a little beat up but Niobe and Brandan were fine, they waved as Colin drove up beside them, Brandan smiled and Niobe nodded to them.
Back with Tarra and Dan they had administered the red pill to Tabatha and were eagerly awaiting the others, Ghost had already been sent back to the Logos.
"So what is the real world like? Is it better than this one?" asked Tabatha. Dan kind of looked at Tabatha funny then at Tarra.
"Its better if you're a free mind and you like to have control over your destiny," Tarra explained.
"Awesome can't wait to see it." Just then they heard the two cars pull in the yard outside.
"That must be them, get ready," said Dan. Dan took out his phone and dialed Parker. "Parker start the trace and take me out of here." The phone on the table began to ring and Dan picked up and disappeared.
"Holy shit, where'd he go?" asked Tabatha shocked.
Niobe, Brandan, Colin and Isaiah walked in the door and Niobe went right to the phone and took out her cell phone.
"Alright Sparks I'm just waiting on you to get me outta here," she said. As soon as she hung up the phone the phone rang and she picked up and put it to her ear, sure enough she vanished into thin air.
"Good to see you Captain, Parker has already started the trace program and Dan is on the helm on stand by," said Tarra explaining the situation.
"Alright Colin, Isaiah you guys need to get back to the ship, go now and Tarra and I will be along shortly. Parker you heard me now come on." The phone started to ring and Isaiah and Colin walked over to the phone, Colin urged Isaiah.
"You first little guy." Colin gently hit Isaiah's arm, "You had a rough go this time dude." Isaiah picked up the phone and smiled at Colin as he vanished. The phone dropped to the table and Colin put it on the hook.
"Alright. Goin home."
"Colin when you get in get the gun turrets ready we may need to fight our way around a bit." Colin nodded as the phone started to ring, he picked it up and put it to his ear, vanishing.
"I've got her traced already Captain hit the switch to disconnect her," said Parker over the computer radio.
"Send Tarra and I the signal to get out and I will hit the button before I leave."
"Ok." The phone rang and Tarra quickly picked up.
"See ya!" Tarra vanished and the phone fell the length of the cord. Brandan put it back on the hook and it started to ring, he picked up and held it in his hand.
"Tabatha don't be scarred when you wake up we will be there to get you shortly." Brandan hit the trace button and put the phone to his ear as Tabatha disappeared.

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