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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 24: The New Addition

This Chapter had to be recovered from another website so the formatting is different then the previous chapters. 

Chapter 24: The New Addition

I sat in front of the code screen starring at Saba with Colin by my side. We had been watching her for awhile, trying to figure out what was the best way to get her out of the matrix. Colin suggested that we use the direct approach, go in and free her immediately tearing her from the matrix quickly with no process.
"But what if you go in and she doesn't believe the story, then the agents take over her and we loose her forever?" Colin shook his head in agreement.
"Good point, very good point," he said.
"I'm thinking that next time she is at her computer we send her a message, you can do it." Colin nodded his head and sat down at the computer. "Captain if you don't mind I would like to watch her alone."
"I understand." I walked away knowing how much Colin loved her and also knowing how hard it was for him being away from her. I left the broadcast zone and headed upstairs to the navigation deck. Dan was sitting in the pilot chair and we were flying through one of the ducts just to stay away from the patrol units.
Saba had just gotten out of the shower with a towel around her. She put on a pair of jeans and a sports bra and sat in front of her mirror. The sun was shining through her bedroom window; it was warm on her skin. She dried her hair and began to run a comb through it, her computer desk was visible in the mirror and she noticed the screen turn on. She turned to look at the screen to be sure she wasn't seeing things.
"What the heck?" she said to herself. She stood up and walked over to her desk shutting off the screen. She went back to her mirror and her hair, she put on a shirt and buttoned it up the front, the computer turned on again as she walked by it. Writing began to show up acrossed the screen. Saba, this is Colin and no you are not dreaming. I miss you a great deal, and I know you feel the same for me, but I am in a very different world now, the real world. Have you ever felt like you were dreaming when you were wide awake? If you let me and trust me like I know you do I can bring you into this world as well but you must trust me. . . Saba looked at the screen one last time and walked from the room with tears in her eyes, she was on her way to work at the art gallery and she was sitting in her car with her mother, Maboobay.
"What's wrong you look troubled today Saba?" she asked.
"I'm alright just a little tired. I had another dream about Colin." Maboobay shook her head slightly.
"Ah yes that was a great tragedy that he went missing, we all miss him. But no one as much as you. . ." They drove the rest of the way into town in silence.
Colin watched Saba look out the car window for the rest of the drive with tears in her eyes and started to well up slightly.
"Don't worry Saba, it won't be long now," he said to himself. She got out of the car and walked into the art gallery, when Colin got up and went to the navigation deck to discuss a strategy on how to get her out. He walked onto the deck and Isaiah was in the navigators chair with Brandan next to him.
"So Colin what's the word, have you decided what you think would be the best course of action?" asked Brandan.
"Honestly Captain, I think we should go straight for it and just extract her quickly no visits. I go in and get her, administer the firewall and take her to the motel, and you guys can take it from there . . . how does that sound?" explained Colin.
"I trust your judgment and if you think that is the best course of action then lets go for it. When do you want to do it Colin?" There was a short silence as Colin contemplated.
"The sooner the better is all I can say, you set the time though Captain it is your decision after all." Brandan looked at Isaiah.
"Set down in the nearest broadcast point and then head down to get the equipment calibrated." Isaiah nodded and Brandan got up and walked out of the navigation deck.
Colin got up and went back down to the broadcast room. Parker was already there and sitting at the operators screen.
"The Captain just called me, the others will be here shortly, are you ready? I guess that the captain is just gonna send you and Isaiah to retrieve her, I've already told her to go to the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel. She seemed convinced that it was you talking to her so she went pretty easily." Colin nodded.
"I'm as ready as I'll ever be." Colin walked over and began to set the computer system to the right broadcast frequency. Isaiah and Brandan walked through the door of the room and walked over to start setting the computer system.
"Colin the only thing I have to say to you is, be prepared for anything. Every time we go on a mission like this we never know what is going to happen because we never know who or what is watching us," said Brandan.
"Captain don't worry I am completely aware of what is going on around me inside the matrix my mind and body are one. . ." Colin hit the last few buttons on the terminal he was working on and it was completely configured. "Alright Captain I'm ready.
Colin sat in the chair and Tarra walked over to him to hook him in, Isaiah sat in the terminal next to him and Brandan hooked him up.
"Remember Colin, make sure she takes the pill before you give her the reason your there, Parker thinks that she is being monitored by the machines so she can't be told anything until she has the firewall in her software," explained Brandan. Colin nodded his head and Tarra shoved the jack into his neck. Colin opened his eyes and he was inside the construct program, Isaiah shortly appeared beside him.
"Ok guys," they could here Parkers voice all around them, "The time is about 8 p.m. inside the city and the room you are looking for in the hotel is on the main floor . . . oh ha! It's the girls bathroom so try not to be too noticeable." Isaiah rolled his eyes.
"Where are we gonna be loaded to?" he asked. "I'm sending you guys to the Scotia Bank entrance of Kings Place Mall. Good luck." Just then they were loaded into the bank standing in front of the bank machine.
"Alright here goes," said Colin as they walked out the door un-noticed. They walked out and there was very few people on the street and a few cars on the road at the stop light.
"Good, things look pretty quiet, shouldn't be any trouble at all," said Isaiah as they crossed the street.
"Let's walk down queen it'll be quieter I think," said Colin as they headed toward the royal bank. Isaiah and Colin walked on for several minutes passing several pedestrians, it was mid-November so the weather was fairly cold and the sky was dark. They walked under the streetlights, which provided the only light in the street other than the headlights of passing cars on the one-way street. They could see the hotel and Colin could feel himself getting anxious, in just a few hours he would be able to hold Saba again and feel her lips pressed against his, just then his phone rang and he quickly picked up.
"Yeah," he said being short and caught off guard.
"You guys need to hurry something is wrong."
"What the hell happened!" said Colin.
"Some of the Merovingians men have captured Saba, they are taking her out of the building now." Colin could see several men walking out of the building he could see Saba in one of there arms.
Isaiah took out his gun and looked at Colin, who had just put his phone in his pocket.
"Let's get'em!" He shouted as they took off as fast as they could to get to them. Colin ran up to the one holding her and as he got close he realized who it was.
"Caleb! What are you doing?" he shouted. The person holding Saba was Colin's former best friend and biggest competition, Caleb.
"I work for the Merovingian I don't know why but I have been ordered to take her to him." Isaiah took into a few of the others quickly striking them with a few focused attacks.
"Well, if that's the way it is then so be it, but you'll have to get through me first!" yelled Colin full of rage. Colin swiftly took out his gun and fired at Caleb. Time seemed to slow down as he fired the gun seeing the bullets whip through the air in a circular pattern. The bullet collided with him and Caleb suddenly turned to nothing but a ghostly image as the bullet passed right through him. "What the?" said Colin confused.
"The Merovingian also gave me a few specials powers to combat people like you with."
"Let her GO!" Colin rushed at him when suddenly some of the other men got between them and Caleb jumped in an SUV with Saba.
"Colin help me," yelled Saba as they pulled away in the SUV. "Saba!" Colin began to focus his hardest and knocked the two men away from him and into a wall and ran after the vehicle. Isaiah knew that Colin wouldn't be able to catch the vehicle if they got to the main road just down the street so he began to focus his hardest and took off after the vehicle.
"Colin I'll try to slow them down. Try to keep up." Isaiah passed Colin and ran up behind the vehicle and jumped on the roof.
Thinking quickly, Isaiah took out his gun and began to shoot into the drivers seat, it didn't seem to affect the SUV's speed. Isaiah had emptied his clip into the roof of it. As he got the last bullet off the car swerved sending him flying into a brick wall and turning onto the main road.
"Damnit!" yelled Colin. He ran over to Isaiah as he looked around noticing that they had made a lot of commotion. Colin was holding back the tears as he helped Isaiah to his feet.
"Come on we better get to the exit before any agents come." Colin took out his phone and put it to his ear.
"Yeah Parker, where is the nearest exit to here."
"It's in the Beaverbrook the payphone that is in the lobby by the bathrooms, but be careful you guys have drawn a lot of negative attention, there's a bit of activity in the area."
"OK." Colin put the phone away and put Isaiah's arm over his shoulder to help him to the hotel that was now a few meters down the street. "Come on dude, you've gotta focus, we're almost home." Isaiah started to get his focus back to himself and started walking on his own.
"I'm ok now let's go." They walked the rest of the way to the hotel. As they entered they could here a cop car pull up and also here the phone ringing.
"Isaiah go!" Isaiah ran to the phone and picked it up placing it at his ear, he looked back at Colin and disappeared. Colin walked over to it cautiously and placed it back on the hook keeping his gun pointed down the hall. The phone began to ring and Colin quickly picked up and put it to his ear, vanishing.

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