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Matrix Fanfiction Chapter 26: Saba's Freedom

Chapter 26: Saba's Freedom

Dan jumped into the navigation chair and Isaiah got into the holographics chair and started up the scanner.
"Alright he's out now go," said Parker over the head set, "I've sent her location to the Navigational Computer. All you gotta do is get us there in one piece." Dan hit the throttle and shoved the steering handle as far down as he could as the ship lifted off and shot down the tunnels of the real like a bullet from the barrel of a gun.
"We're almost there keep going," said Isaiah looking over the holographic projection.
"Are we still clear for sentinel activity?" asked Dan.
"Yes, we're good to go." They came to a sharp turn in the tunnels and Dan made a hard left causing the ship to rotate a full 360 degrees.
"Whoa Danny boy could you try not to do that again, there's not much to hold onto down here in the cargo bay," said Brandan over the headset.
Colin, Brandan and Tarra were all waiting in the cargo hold of the ship holding onto grip handles on the wall.
"This is one of the things that's still taking me awhile to get used to," said Tarra smiling.
"What's that?" asked Colin.
"The twists and turns of the real world." Colin smiled after all he was only moments away from getting back the one person that would make his life complete, whom he had thought about everyday since his freedom.
"We're almost there Saba hang in there."
Saba was sitting up and looking around at the fields she had just sat up from the goop that she had been laying in.
"Colin? Where am I?" she whispered to herself. Suddenly there was a loud noise as and a large machine came from nowhere and began to shine a red light in her face. Suddenly all the tubes that she had felt connected to her body flew out of the tiny holes they were plugged into and the liquid started to drain as she was seemingly flushed down a long tunnel. She hit the cold water at the bottom and there was a bright light shining in her face and suddenly the feeling of cold metal on her skin as she was hoisted up out of the water. She could feel people touching her as they lifted her to a bed or stretcher. She slowly opened her eyes to see a blurred Colin standing over her. "Colin is that you?" she reached her hand up to touch his face.
"Yes," he whispered, breaking to tears, "I'm so glad your finally safe, I was so worried. Welcome to the real world." Colin bent over her and put his arms around her laying his head next to hers.
"Let's get her to the medical bay so we can start the restructuring process," said Brandan moving to the back of the stretcher. Colin stood up and went to the front they both lifted and carried her up to the medical bay.
Tarra had gone up ahead and started to prep the medical bay for the restructuring process. She turned on the blue sterilizing light to help clean the area, then took out a metal box containing the electron needles and placed it on the rest for the main operating table. She wiped down the table with a cloth soaked in sanitizing solution and just as she finished Colin and Brandan walked in with Saba on a stretcher, which they sat next to the main operating table.
"Alright just lift her on to the table then we can get this whole process started ok," she instructed. Brandan and Colin both nodded and looked at each other placing there hands on the stretcher preparing to lift Saba.
"On three," said Colin, "One, two . . ." The two of them lifted Saba off the stretcher and placed her on the table. Tarra placed a blanket over her.
"Saba how are you feeling?" she asked.
"I feel strange," Saba answered plainly, "It's a feeling I have never had before I don't know what to think." Tarra smiled at her.
"I know that feeling, it's the feeling you get when you wake up for the first time." Tarra proceeded to hook Saba up to the monitoring machines to keep an eye on her vital signs.
"Colin you have got a few minutes go download the Restructuring Process, from the ships computer, and you can help me with this."
"Alright," said Colin heading out to go to the broadcasting room.
"Tarra I will leave this to you ok? I have some captain business to attend to, I will send Isaiah to help you." Tarra nodded and went back to prepping Saba.
"Good luck," she said.
"Yeah ditto." Brandan walked out of the medical bay and went to his room.
Brandan sat at his computer and spoke into the headset.
"Isaiah report to the medical bay and assist Colin and Tarra. Dan set us down somewhere good and quiet we don't need to be in broadcast depth, so I suggest that you take us to a nice quiet cave somewhere."
"Aye, Captain." Isaiah and Dan both answered at once. Brandan turned on the computer to discover that he had two new messages, both encrypted. He opened up the main inbox server to discover that one had came from Zion and the other had been sent by Captain Niobe of The Logos. He opened the one from Niobe and she appeared on the screen.
"Brandan, this a thank you for you and your crew in the retrieval of the broadcast drop sent by Locke, I probably would not have been able to retrieve it had it been left to us. I also need a progress report on the status of your crew; have you gotten them all yet and if you need any help in retrieving, we would be more than welcome to provide assistance. As for now good luck and I hope to see you well when we return to Zion next." The message ended and closed as she stopped speaking. Brandan had to think of his next move he would have to reply to the message later when he had decided his next course of action, now to look at the message from deadbolt. He opened the next message and Commander Locke's face appeared on the screen.
"This an emergency message to you Captain Brandan. There has been reports as to the sighting of a strange new exile in the slums district we here at headquarters have decided it best that we investigate this strange sighting with caution. And we are giving this task to you, investigate at your own discrepancy." The message ended and the screen shut off. He didn't know what to think of this message although it did say at his own discrepancy, he would most likely wait until he had freed the final member of his crew, Tabatha.
Meanwhile Tarra, Colin and Isaiah had started the restructuring process on Saba. Isaiah was monitoring her life signs on the computer to make sure she stayed stable, while Colin and Tarra worked on the placing of the needles. Colin was up by her head and Tarra took the feet, Saba was lying with her eyes squinting against the blue cover light.
"How do you feel?" asked Colin as he placed the needles in her face.
"I don't know Colin, its really hard to see you, why?" Tarra was bent over Saba's leg placing in the needles and watching closely.
"That's what happens when you've never used them," she said.
"Colin what is going on, what is this place?"
"I said to you earlier, this is the real world we freed you." Saba closed her eyes as the light became to much.
"Freed me from what?" Colin looked at Tarra not sure if it would be ok for him to tell her or if it was better left for the captain. Tarra nodded to him.
"It can't hurt, can it?" she said quietly. Colin went back to what he was doing as he talked.
"We freed you from the virtual world we know as the matrix. I will let Brandan tell you more he can make it easier on you. Just don't worry about anything right now."
"Isaiah how are the vitals?" Tarra looked up from what she was doing.
"They are a little fluxxy but nothing out of the ordinary parameters," said Isaiah hitting a few buttons on the panel.
Colin carefully placed the last of the needles in her face and moved on to her neck and chest.
"What's Parker doing wouldn't this go faster with the three of us working and him monitoring?" he asked.
"I don't know where he is actually, Isaiah give Parker a shout he should be down here getting this over with if he has nothing better to do," said Tarra. Isaiah nodded and walked over to the wall-mounted communicator and pressed the activation switch.
"Parker if you're not busy could you report to the medical bay please?" Isaiah took his hand away from the button and the speaker activated from the other end.
"Give me five minutes and I will be down to help," said Parkers voice somewhat staticy. Isaiah walked back over to the monitoring station.
"There you have it."
In the meantime Dan had dropped out of broadcast depth and was slowly cruising through the stone tunnels of the real. The ship was starting to respond less quickly to the navigation stick but it was probably due to the lack of routine maintenance, they had been gone for almost a month from Zion. He kept an eye on the holographic scanner as he guided the ship, he was looking for a cubby whole in the stone walls to get the ship hidden for a bit so he could take care of some of the maintenance work. He flew for several more minutes when he found the perfect spot. He slowed the ship down and slowly maneuvered his way into the spot.
"Captain," Dan spoke into his head set, "I've got us parked and I am going outside to do some maintenance on the engines."
"Alright Dan report in every hour," Brandan answered.
"Will do." Dan un-strapped himself and went down to the cargo bay where he would exit the ship. He grabbed an EMP rifle and his maintenance kit and then went outside to start his work on the ship.
Parker had been watching Tabatha, the next person they were to free, to try to get an idea of her schedule and routine. She apparently worked at a call center now and that meant it would be easy to get her on the phone and she was a regular bus traveler all they would have to do is intercept her on the bus, he had it all planned out in his head how they were going to do this. All he needed was confirmation from the captain. He would have to wait anyway he had just been called to the medical bay to help with the restructuring of Saba's body. He got up and headed to the medical bay to help the others.
Colin put was still working on the needles in Saba's chest and stomach when Parker walked into the door.
"You guys seem to be doing pretty well for yourselves. I'll take the arms guys," he said upon arrival. Parker picked up the needles and began to carefully place several in Saba's arms. With Parker there the conversation seemed to halt and the procedure went several times faster than normal.
"Wow things got real quiet suddenly," said Isaiah breaking the hour-long silence.
"Needs to be quiet so you can concentrate, it's a delicate procedure," said Parker placing the last few needles in her arms, "See how easy that was?" Parker smiled.
"Yeah and how many times have you done this?" asked Tarra.
"A few."
"Hundred," said Isaiah finishing his sentence for him. Parker walked over to the computer Isaiah was standing at.
"Alright guys come out of there so I can start the electro trans dermal nerve stimulation.
Parker typed in a few commands as they walked out of the safe zone.
"Testing the connections. . . all good. Starting the generator now." There was a slight buzzing noise as the machinery activated. They stood back and watched as the lights came on and the process was started. They could see the blue electricity moving from needle to needle as it revived the nerves in her body.
"Does she feel any of this?" asked Colin.
"No she can't feel anything until you take the needles out." Colin nodded his head and leaned back against the wall to wait.

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