Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Un-edited Sample From Isaiah's Love

Isaiah couldn’t believe that they had talked on the phone all night as he sat on the edge of his bed running his hands through his hair.  He had learned a lot about Caleb from their conversation, his favourite colour, his favourite food, that he played an instrument.  The fact that Caleb was quite skilled in the acoustic guitar was something Isaiah had a hard time wrapping his head around.  Apparently his grandfather had taught him before he passed.  Isaiah took a deep breath and shut off his alarm before it sounded, he could hear his mother moving around in the kitchen.  She would probably be coming in soon just to make sure that he was awake.  His eyes were already starting to feel heavy and he wasn’t sure how he was going to make it through any of his classes today let alone the Tuesday practice that he had to attend tonight. 
            “Are you awake, sweetheart?” Carla called from the kitchen.
            “Yeah, I’m up mom,” he answered.  Isaiah shook his head and took another deep breath trying to wake himself up a bit then went to his drawer to get out a his clothing for the day.  He quickly grabbed a tee shirt and pants combo then went into the bathroom to start his shower hoping that the water would wake him up a bit.  He decided not to take his usual hot shower thinking that if he got to relaxed he would end up asleep on the bathroom floor. 
            “I’m leaving I will see you tonight, don’t forget to lock the door behind you!” called Carla.
            “I won’t!”  Isaiah could hear the kitchen door open and shut as his mother left and he turned on the shower and stripped down.  He got in the shower quickly not giving the water time to get warm giving himself a jolt and goose bumps from the cold feeling against his skin.  The water slowly went from seemingly almost freezing to bearable and Isaiah began his shower routine.  Holding his head under the water and watching it run down the drain.  He lathered up his body with his body-wash not bothering to wash his hair since he would be showering again after the practice, he didn’t see the point.  Not giving himself any time to relax Isaiah rinsed the soap off and jumped out of the shower turning off the water.  He quickly towelled off and got dressed, he walked out into the kitchen and looked at the clock, he still had about twenty minutes before Caleb would be there to pick him up.  Isaiah decided that it wouldn’t hurt for him to use a small pick me up to help stay awake for the morning.  He walked over to the counter and filled a mug with some water then put it in the microwave and set the time for 3 minutes.  He looked outside it looked like it was going to be a sunny day which was always good for practice.  Isaiah stared out into the back yard through the kitchen making the three minutes pass quickly.  The microwave beeped letting him know it was ready and he grabbed a teabag from off the counter as he walked over to it.  He opened the door and took the mug out by the handle being careful not to burn himself and dropped the teabag in.  Isaiah wasn’t a huge fan of hot drinks in general only ever drinking his herbal green tea.  He found that it helped him wake up and it made him feel like he was doing something for his body.  Isaiah put the cup to his mouth and breathed in the aroma of the tea steeping the drink still far too hot for him to be able to drink it.  He sat down at the table and sat his drink down waiting for it to cool. 

            Caleb pulled into Isaiah’s yard and looked around not seeing him anywhere outside.  He decided he’d wait for a few minutes to give Isaiah a chance to come outside.  Caleb sat in the truck staring at the house for what felt like an eternity.  He knew that the day was going to be painfully long, it had been a long time since he had pulled an all-nighter.  He didn’t like doing it for a few reasons, the main one being because he hated the feeling of wanting to close his eyes all the time but otherwise it was just bad for your body and he sometimes could have his father’s temper and it was harder to control when he was overtired.  Caleb looked at the truck clock, the face read seven forty five, he had been waiting for ten minutes.  He honked his horn slightly and waited a minute still getting no response.  Caleb shut the truck off and got out to go see what was taking him so long already expecting to find that Isaiah had gone to sleep on him.  He walked up the stairs of the patio and put his hand on the doorknob.  He looked in the door window and could see Isaiah slouched over on the chair by the sliding doors that led out onto the deck.  Caleb tried to turn the doorknob and it wasn’t locked so he walked into the house.  He smiled at Isaiah as he stepped through the door and into the house.  Not bothering to take his sneakers off, Caleb walked over and knelt down on his knee in front of Isaiah.  Caleb smiled up at Isaiah hating to wake him but knowing that he had to.  Caleb put his hands on Isaiah’s face and kissed him rubbing his cheek with his thumb.  Isaiah slowly came to and brought his hands up to Caleb’s face and started to kiss him back.  Caleb pulled back still smiling softly at him.
            “Good morning,” he whispered.  Isaiah stayed silent and rubbed Caleb’s face with the back of his hand smiling back at him.  “Come on we have to go.”  Isaiah nodded as Caleb stood up in front of him and pulled him to his feet.  Isaiah walked into his bedroom and came back with his back pack that he had loosely packed while they were on the phone, over his shoulder.  He walked over and slipped on his sneakers and the two of them went out to the truck.  Caleb got in the truck and turned the key as Isaiah got up in the passenger’s seat.  “Today is going to suck so bad,” laughed Caleb.
            “Tell me about it,” Isaiah laughed with him.  “Have you thought about how we’re going to survive that biology class this morning?”  Caleb just looked over at him with an eyebrow raised.  He didn’t tend to find it easy to keep his eyes open in the class when he wasn’t tired let alone when he was running on no sleep. 
            “Yeah all I can say is, not likely.” 

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