Sunday, February 6, 2011

Isaiah's Love Sample #4

            Caleb opened his eyes to the sound of his alarm blaring at him.  He reached over and hit the top of the clock, stopping the sound.  Caleb sat up and looked over at the clock it read quarter to six.  Caleb stood up and stretched his arms long and high.  It was time for him to go get Jonathan and head to the gym for a bit of a strength work out like they had done every Sunday for months before practise.  Caleb heard his phone vibrate on the table reminding him about the message that Sheena had left for him.  He picked up his phone and pressed the one key to go through to his voicemail.  He pushed in his access code and put the phone to his ear after hitting the option to listen to the new message.
            “Hey Caleb, I just wanted to say I was sorry for freaking out the way I did today,” said Sheena’s voice.  Caleb almost couldn’t believe that it was her apologizing, it was the first time he could actually hear a bit of remorse in her voice.  He couldn’t help but laugh a little bit at it, she didn’t get it, it was over between them.  “I wanted to tell you that for now I am going to keep your secret,” the message continued.  Caleb suddenly felt a pit in his stomach as he could tell the message would continue as she took another breath.  “But there’s no way I’m going to keep his.  I already told Stephanie.  I’m not going to tell the guys, yet.  But you and I need to talk.”  Caleb dropped his arm to his side as he felt his anger in the pit of his stomach.  Caleb threw his phone down on the bed and quickly put his clothing on and grabbed his duffel bag then went out to the truck.  Caleb stepped outside, the morning air was cold and he could see a slight remnant of his breath as he exhaled deeply in his anger.  He pushed the button on the key chain to unlock the doors as he walked towards the truck.  As he got close enough he threw his duffel bag into the back of the truck and jumped inside.  He started the truck and turned on the heat, letting it idol for a few minutes.  Caleb worried about Isaiah knowing just how vicious she was about to become, but also knowing how it was just another way she was trying to control him.  Caleb started to drive deciding on the way that he wasn’t in the mood to deal with Jonathan’s attitude.  He knew that since he was angry he would probably not be able to hide it to Jonathan and it would probably be an argument when Jonathan started to pry.  He didn’t know what to do at this point, he didn’t want to be responsible for Isaiah getting hurt but he wasn’t about to let Sheena control him anymore. 

            Jonathan woke up and looked at his clock, it was quarter after six and Caleb would be there soon.  He got out of bed and quickly threw on his work out clothing and grabbed his duffel bag. He listened briefly and the house was totally quiet his parents were never up this early in the morning giving him more reason to enjoy it.  He headed upstairs and went outside right away he didn’t like to eat before a work out because he would feel sick to his stomach or get a cramp.  He walked outside still slightly groggy and locked the door behind him.  The cold morning air hit him snapping him out of the tired feeling quickly, giving him goose bumps on his arms.  Jonathan stood at his door jumping slightly to keep warm.  He wondered where Caleb was as he rubbed his hands up and down his arms using some of the friction to keep warm.
            “What the hell’s taking him so long?”  Jonathan looked at his watch; Caleb was usually there it was six o clock.  Jonathan took one last look around and decided to start walking.  Caleb would see him either way and he didn’t want to stand in the morning air anymore being cold.  The walk would help keep him warm.  Jonathan walked down off of the patio and trotted to the end of the driveway.  He looked up and down the road to check for any signs of Caleb not seeing anything.  Jonathan started up the road toward the school it would take him about an hour to get there if Caleb didn’t come get him and he didn’t feel like walking the whole way there.  Jonathan grabbed his cell phone out of the side pouch of his duffel bag and called Caleb’s cell phone.  “Man there’s just no way he would sleep in,” said Jonathan.  He listened into the phone it rang seven times and went to the answering machine.  “Um, hey C it’s Jonathan, just wondering where you are.  Pretty cold morning out here, I’m walking up the street right now look for me see you soon … hopefully.”  Jonathan hung up his phone and tucked it back into the duffel bag continuing on up the street.  “Man come on where are you?”  Jonathan continued on up the street on his way to school.

            Isaiah opened his eyes and sat up.  He looked around his room the curtain’s were closed and it was still dark.  He looked at his alarm clock that was showing the time in green letters as seven o clock.  Isaiah didn’t usually even wake up until seven thirty as that was what he set his alarm clock for and practise was at eight o clock every Sunday.  He usually dreaded going in at first because it was usually just him and a few of the other guys.   The coach didn’t get there until eight but Caleb had a key and would unlock the gym, he went in early every week with Jonathan to do weights.  Isaiah was excited to see Caleb again.  It had been only a little over twenty-four hours but that was too long as it was.  Isaiah wanted to call him all day the night before but didn’t want to seem to clingy right off the bat.  He had read some magazine that guys didn’t like that. Not that he invested too much thought in what a magazine might say but why risk it?  Isaiah crawled out of bed and made sure his alarm clock wouldn’t go off then walked over to his closet to get his workout clothing.  Isaiah opened the small closet and pulled out his clothing just a hoody and pair of tearaway track pants.  He slid them on over his underwear he wore to bed the night before and grabbed a change of clothes for after his workout.  Isaiah didn’t have a separate bag for the gym yet so he just emptied his back pack out onto his bed and stuffed what he would need in it every time he went.  Isaiah emptied the backpack and stuffed his clothing into it quickly he walked into the bathroom and picked up his body wash and deodorant and put it in on top of his clothing along with his towel.  Isaiah walked out into the kitchen where Carla was sitting drinking a coffee and doing a crossword still in her nightgown.  She had her morning toast sitting on a small plate beside her crossword book, she looked at the clock and then looked to Isaiah.
            “You’re up early,” she said stating the obvious.
            “Yeah I got a pretty good sleep last night, I couldn’t sleep anymore if I wanted to,” explained Isaiah.  Carla took a bit of her toast and swallowed.
            “You didn’t want me to take you in now did you?”  Carla looked up at him clearly not wanting to leave just yet.  Isaiah took the cue from her and decided to get some stretches done before going in, not wanting to disturb her.  Carla was used to having the morning to herself so Isaiah would let her have it.  Her job demanded long hours and she did it all for him so he understood why she enjoyed her downtime so much.
            “No I’m going to get some stretches before I go, just to warm up mind taking me in about a half hour though?” 
            “Of course I can.”  Carla gave Isaiah a warm smile and he smiled back at her as he went into his bedroom.  He drew the deep blue, light filtering, curtain and looked outside.  He could tell just by the way everything was standing still that it was a cool morning.  Isaiah stood in the middle of his small room and started to do the stretches he had researched online when he started his get in shape kick. 

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